I'm sorry this is not a new chapter I was going through this chapter again and realized I missed adding an entire scene I'd already written! Its not a very big scene or very important- but it's still a part of my story. Its the Daisy/Rose part after Dumbledore see's Lily. Sorry Again guys.

The door of Godric's Hollow opened to reveal two grinning faces; the shorter of the two held up a flower and put on a fake French accent,

"A lily for a Lily."

Laughing delightedly, Lily bent to take the offered flower and kiss the bearer on the cheek.

"Thank you Leo." she ruffled the 14 year old's hair as she stood, and smiled to the second visitor.

"Remus, you're right on time, I was just about to prepare lunch."

Lupin smiled softly as Lily attempted to usher him into the house, "I'm sorry Lily, I can't stay long today. Just came to drop off Leo."

Lily opened her mouth to respond when the said boy piped up from where he was hanging up his jacket. "Is Rose here? I've got loads to tell her!"

"Rose went over to a friends house today," Lily responded regretfully, "She's not going to floo back in until tonight." At Leo's crestfallen look she added, "But I would love to hear all about your summer, plus Daisy's still here."

A look of displeasure crossed the younger boys face at the mention of her youngest daughter and Lily shared a glance with Remus.

"Uncle Remus!" Daisy's excited voice travelled down the stairs. Her small frame followed, toting a book half her size. "Uncle Rem-" she skid to a stop midway through the stairs when she noticed the third member of the room.

Lily watched wearily as her daughter tried to balance both herself and her 10 pound book, and not doing a good job. She swayed and Lily ran forward but Leo was closer, catching both Daisy and her book as they fell.

Daisy flushed red as she stepped our of his arms and to Lily's amusement still managed in a cool tone, "Black, you're here as well."

Lily cut in before Leo could respond with what she knew would be a scathing comment. "Daisy, no-one will do anything to your book, there's no need to lug it everywhere your go. You could have been hurt if Leo hadn't caught you."

"It was only two steps. " Daisy muttered sullenly.

Lily reared, fully intending to lecture her youngest on the importance of thinking before acting, when Remus cut in.

"Now Lily, she must have had a good reason for bringing it down."

Encouraged now, Daisy skipped towards her old professor with a wide smile. Lily noticed Leo's exaggerated eye-roll.

"I've been reading it all summer, I'm almost done, too." She exclaimed as Remus flipped through the books contents, balancing it on his knee. "It's just so interesting, I can't put it down!"

"Obviously." Leo muttered darkly, not bothering to lower his voice. Lily hid another smile as Daisy pointedly ignored him, speaking louder she asked.

"Have you read it Uncle Remus?"

"Yes, if I remember correctly I did in 6th year. This is very advanced, good for you, Daisy!" She beamed at the compliment.

With another roll of his eyes, Leo turned to her, "Aunt Lily, Uncle James said you bought cool movies for the telefision. Can I watch some?"

"Of course dear, and that's teli-vi-sion, dear." James might have pronounced it wrong for the past two decades, but she would at least have the children properly educated in her muggle heritage.

She turned to her daughter, still basking in the glow of her pseudo godfather's praise. "Daisy, could you show Leo where the movies are?"

Hazel eyes blinked up at her from behind their lenses, " But - but, he could find them himself - and I wanted - with Uncle Remus -"

Lupin bent to hand her back the book, "When you finish reading it, I promise to come over, and I'll be more than happy to discuss it with you."

For a moment it looked as though she would dispute, and Lily prepared herself for the usual argument. Then, with a nod and a smile, she straightened her back regally and walked back to the stairs. Calling out as she did, "Come along then."

Leo's nose scrunched as though he'd smelt a foul oder, and- with a last helpless look at them- followed.

Lily exchanged another glance with Remus, eyes full of laughter.


"I take it nothing has changed?" He asked, Lily grinned in response.

Shaking her head she asked, "Can you stay for a cuppa?"

He looked down at his watch, "I have a bit of time before my meeting, why not?" He followed her into the kitchen.

"James not home yet? Neither is Sirius." Remus commented as he sat.

Lily snorted as she filled a vase with water. "When you put it that way Reem, it sounds as though you and Sirius are a married couple."

Lupin gasped in mock offence. "I don't know what you're insinuating Mrs. Potter. We are only two grown men living under the same roof with a child "

She snorted again, "I'm insinuating that it's about time you got a girlfriend."

Remus smiled softly, "But how can I break a poor girl's heart when you are the only one for me?"

Lily grinned. "That excuse won't work again, you can only stoke my ego to a point." She dropped the flower into the vase, continuing, "I'm not James."

Remus tried again, this time putting on the same fake French accent as Leo had earlier on, "But it is I who wrote ze line 'A lily for a Lily' "

Lily gave an unimpressed eye-roll, a smile tugging on her lips.

"Non? Would you prefer zat I quote Shakesz-peare?"

"Oh, be serious Remus!" She placed a cup in front of him before sitting across the table with her own, "Isn't it time for you to find a nice girl and settle down? What are you thinking now?"

'That I shouldn't have stayed for a cuppa with a side of interrogation.' Remus thought dryly.

She cut him off before he could voice his thoughts, "And don't tell me that it's your Lycanthrope holding you back because I know plenty of women who would marry you regardless -"

Remus choked on his tea, "God, Lily! Don't tell me you've been asking around!"

Lily took a slow slip of her drink, "No, I haven't." Remus let out a sigh of relief, "But I will if you don't get your act together. I want to see you engaged by year end."

Lupin snorted softly. That was about as likely as the Wizengmot suddenly declaring him Minister of Magic.

"Marriage is not looking too good right now," He said. "Didn't you hear about the Lestranges? I hear it was a terrible break-up."

Lily pursed her lips; Remus could see her mind work furiously on continuing the subject. But with a dejected sigh she leaned back into chair, "Fine." she huffed.

Feeling slightly sorry for her, Remus decided to humor her "Would you let me off it I told you there's someone that I'm interested in." He laughed when Lily instantly perked back up. "She's very beautiful - when she tries - a bit younger..." he trailed off purposely. Taking a slow slip of tea.

Lily was hanging onto every word, "What's her name? How did you meet her? What type of person is she? Where does she work - no where does she live?"

Remus blinked at the rapid fire of questions, lips twitching he asked "Why? Are you going to a track her down, Lily, and ask her to marry me?"

Lily let out a gasp, covering her chest, with a soft, "Oh! You've thought of marriage with her!" Remus was beginning to regret saying anything. "Come on, what else? Tell me more about her!"

"I think I've already said too much."

"Remus!" She leaned forward, and in a conspiratory tone asked, "Did you tell James?"

He leaned forward as well, replying in the same hushed whisper, "Yes, because he can keep a secret from his wife."

"He didn't tell me about your little Maurauder's thing until we got engaged." she pointed.

Remus shook his head, "Sorry." He attempted to keep a straight face, she was full on pouting now.

"And you got all my hopes up. That was cruel, Remus."

He went on the defensive, "Well, who told you to be dreaming up weddings and babies? All I'd said was I'd met a girl."

He looked up from his cup to see Lily frowning into hers. Expecting her to continue to press him, he was surprised when she suddenly said,"Remus, remember the Order meeting that you missed last week because you were out of town?"She didn't pause for an answer, "What did you hear about it?"

Remus set his tea down slowly. "Is this about that boy?" At her surprised look, he supplied, " Sirius told me"

Lily rolled her eyes. "He probably made it sound as though I was obsessed." she muttered bitterly, then winced at her choice of words. "Well…now that I come to think of it."

Lupin waited a beat. "Do you want to talk about i- one sec'." He pulled out what looked like an ordinary quill from his pocket. It was however, vibrating, and when he released it, it wrote MEETING!MEETING!MEETING! in the air. Remus snatched the alarm charm quill and deactivated it. "I'm sorry."

Lily stood and collected his cup as well as hers, before turning to put them both in the sink. "No, I'm sorry Remus. I've kept you from your appointment. You should get going."

Remus stood, hesitating "Are you certain, because if you still want to talk I could be little late -"

"You'll do no such thing!" She shoved him lightly towards to the front door.

He stopped, hesitating again, "I have about 5 more min-"

"Remus it's alright! It's not that important, we'll continue another time. I'll tell you everything." When he still stood she said, "We'll even braid each other's hair and everything!"

She managed to startle a laugh from him, and so Remus finally said his goodbyes and walked the path that led out of the wards of Godric's Hollow.


Contrary to the relaxed atmosphere of the two old friends in the kitchen, in the living room, the second generation were the exact opposite.

"So...how was your summer?"


"Good! That's...good." he faltered.

Daisy peeked at his from the top of her book; she had already given him the movies, why did he insist on trying to make conversation? Didn't he get the point that she didn't want to talk to him?

Though he is kinda cute when he's being an idiot.

Daisy felt her cheeks heat and she ducked back under the cover of her book, cursing herself for perhaps the thousandth time internally, for thinking foolish thoughts.

This was all that Romlida Vane's fault; she had been the one to first mention how popular Leo had gotten with the girls. Naturally, this led Daisy to asses his others features, like how tall he'd gotten, and how attractive his smile was. Which had led to...well this.

Before, Daisy had never given him a second thought. He was just - there, almost always here, and so considered part of the family. They had gotten along, somewhat - almost, maybe. But she used to be able to hold her head up in from of him (nose almost always pointed upwards), and look him straight in the eye when she insulted him.

And now she was reduced to this blubbering, blushing idiot.

Not so much blubbering, as not her usual witty, sardonic self. So Daisy, being the bright witch she was, passed off her new thing-that-must-not-be-named, as constant anger and aggravation. Something only achieved in the past when spending more than a few days within his company, not a few minutes.

Because of this logic, when Leo finally asked her, "Don't you want to know how my summer was?"

She responded, "Not particularly."

It was simple self-preservation you see. She had to be distant; if she wasn't, it would get worse.

He was talking. "Look I don't know what I did to piss you off already, but how bout if we try and get along this year. I mean -"

Daisy ignored him - well she tried. Flipping a page in her book and even mouthing a few words aloud, irritated that she could probably read through a Hippogriff herd yet this - this boy had the ability to distract her.

Even more irritating, was that a part of her was pleased that he was trying so hard to talk to her, because even if they were locked together for a hundred years, Leo would never look at her twice.

She had gotten (what she considered) the worst genes from both parents. Her father's bad eyesight and Potter mane; her mother's hair color and matching temper.

So involved in her thoughts, Daisy wasn't prepared when her book was suddenly snatched away and let out a sound of indignation.

The culprit didn't look to pleased at her, his mouth in a thin line and silvery greyeyes hard. "Will you stop bloody ignoring me?"

Daisy blinked up at him, realizing she was staring and had yet to say anything back, the now familiar blush arose. Quickly she stood and crossed her arms over her chest. "Give-me-back-my-book." She bit out the words.

Leo smirked evilly; it was times like this when she could see why he was related to the Malfoy's. All he needed was the blonde hair. He backed up behind the center table, "Why don't you try and get it from me?"

She snorted, like she was even going to try that! It would just cause him to lift the book up, then she'd try to jump for it, then he'd trip backwards and she would land on top of him. A position that would do nothing for her already frazzled nerves. She wasn't going to chance a scene like that happening, it almost always did in every romance novel she'd borrowed from Rose.

Daisy, if possible, turned redder at the direction of her thoughts.

Leo's smirk widened, he dangled the book (she'd almost forgotten getting it back was the whole point), and said "It's not healthy to keep all that anger inside, your head looks as though its about to explode."

And trust stupid Leo to point out how unattractive it was when her face was the same shade as her hair. Unbidden tears sprung to her eyes.

His smile dropped, "Bloody hell Dais, you don't have to cry." He placed the book onto the table.

She lunged.

Leo's eyes widened as he realized his slip. He grabbed for the book, hands wrapping around it the same time as Daisy's.

There was a brief struggle, Leo may have been stronger but Daisy had the advantage of being on the table and holding 3/4 of the book. Sure enough, with another tug she exclaimed as Leo's fingers slipped and he flew backwards.

Clutching the book to her chest, she peeked over the edge of the table, swallowing back the words 'Are you okay?' After all, he had started it; he deserved to be on the floor groaning.

"I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking." he rubbed the back of his head. "Merlin, you're a conniving bi-" he cut his sentence short, lucky for him.

Cute or not she would punch him.

Daisy saw him stick his whole head under the table. "Hey! There's something under here."

She rolled her eyes as she stepped back onto the floor, circling around the table to his side, making sure to keep distance between them. "Sure there is."

"There really is!" His body was halfway under the table by now. "It looks like a chain, or a necklace"

Curiosity getting the better of her, Daisy bent to see under her living room table, she had a moment to register a shiny object, before jumping back as Leo stood back up.

He rolled his eyes. "I'm just going to lift the table." Daisy narrowed her eyes as she caught him say under his breath "Don't get your knickers in a twist." He heaved the table up and leaned it on its side.

Daisy gasped, forgetting momentarily to keep her distance, she moved forward. "It's a locket! Oh! It's beautiful!"

"Told you!" Leo said smugly. Daisy continued to finger the locket in awe; it was heavy gold with a familiar looking ornate serpentine 'S' on each side. "How do you suppose it got in there?"

At Leo's question, she examined carefully the edge of the chain that seemed embedded in the bottom of the table. "It looks like it fell through when the table was broken, then got stuck when it was repaired."

"Makes sense." Leo moved to tug the chain out and Daisy grabbed his arm in horror.

"What do you think you're doing? If you try and pull it out, you might break it!"

Leo was saying something, but Daisy had frozen, snatching back her traitorous hand and shoving it behind the book clutched to her chest. She spun as she felt her face heat up again, and silently cursing again, she purposely walked out the door, ignoring Leo's calls of "I said I wouldn't pull it out!"

Yes, it was getting much, much worse.


Albus Dumbledore had vast power over the Ministry of Magic. Friends, Order members, acquaintances and even those who simply looked up to him were scattered in every corner of the compound. He had such great influence that some whispered, should he wish, he could easily take over in an instant.

But Dumbledore had never wished so, and in fact never thought to use his influence in the ministry for many years. That is, until now.

"And so you're saying that the MPD was caused by a malfunction of the medical enchantments on the equipment used in the U-Ward?" The broad square-jawed witch inquired.

"That is correct, Madam Bones, to be more specific, they malfunctioned inside room number 27." Dumbledore replied.

The head of the Department of Magical Law Reinforcement, and the Wizengmot nodded as she flipped to the back of the folder. "That collaborates with head Medi-witch of the ward's statements, she is quoted as saying the enchantments 'Melded into each other, then exploded outwards.' She was apparently in the room at the time but managed to get out before the explosion. And somehow, through the entire thing, the patient in room number 27 at the time was unharmed. Is that all correct?"

Unsurprised, Dumbledore nodded. "That is correct, though the patient was not exactly unharmed through it all, but was in fact screaming to point where we had to restrain him, as you probably read from Healer Nora's testimony."

She nodded her head, watching him carefully, "It must have been a frightening situation for him to wake up to."

Dumbledore smiled. "So you see, there would be no need to send in Aurors to question him. He has already gone through such a terrible ordeal."

The last part is at least true, Albus thought to himself.

She lifted a thick eyebrow. "And that's why you are giving your testimony on behalf of him. Because the patient cannot bear to speak the horribly frightening Auror members?"

Ignoring her sarcasm, he smiled and replied, "That is correct."

She adjusted her monocle to peer at him. "Are you hiding something from me, Albus?"

Dumbledore felt his smile widen. "Whatever gave you that impression, Amelia?"

With a resigned sigh, the former Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher closed the folder and stamped the cover with a 'Case Closed'.

First order of business taken care of.

"Your lucky they handed this case over to my division because of the suspected dark activity." She was saying. "How is the search for a DADA professor going?"

"Not well." Dumbledore replied.

Her mouth twitched with suppressed laughter. It was a source of humour at the ministry of who would be asked next to teach the subject at Hogwarts. Madam Bones herself had taught it just the year before.

"Any suggestions?" he asked her.

"There's Kingsley, no wait, he can't this year. How about a few of our top Aurors? Have you tried Sirius Black?"

"I have, many years ago. He said teaching is not his thing."

She let out a rare snort, "Yes he would say something like that." A knock on the door revealed a nervous looking secretary, and Dumbledore took his cue to leave.

He briefly considered stopping by James' office but decided against it. He would tell the man in a more private setting; Albus could at least do that for him. He felt the little piece of parchment in his cloak. Such a tiny scrap that held what he knew must have been a large decision.

'I'll meet them.'


At the call of his name, Albus turned to see Remus Lupin, another previous Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, join him in front of the lift.

"Remus, I feel as though I haven't seen you in ages."

The werewolf smiled softly. "Yes, as everyone has been saying. I miss the one meeting where something interesting actually happens." He blinked at his choice of worlds, "No offense Dumbledore"

"None taken. Yes, I remember now - you had something important to do. How is your campaign?" He replied, wanting to move the subject off of Harry.

"Well the petition was a success, I got close to 2000 signatures and I'm actually here today for a preliminary meeting before the bill is put up to vote, and if it's passed…" he took a breath to continue.

"If the bill is passed, that will allow werewolves almost equal privilege as full wizards. We can vote, be named godparents, be reliable witnesses!" His eyes shown with excitement, and Albus felt a swell of pride towards his former pupil.

"Good work Remus, good work. You will of course have my vote and full support."

A ding sounded as the lift arrived, opening its doors to release its passengers. Many nodded to Dumbledore as they passed.

He turned to Remus as he suddenly remembered, "By the way, I meant to owl you last week when you were out of town, but I received a letter from an old friend of mine. He is holding a dinner party Tuesday, with very many open minded influential wizards - or so he informed me - and would love for you to attend."

Remus eyes bugged. "Really?"

Dumbledore nodded. "It's a bit late notice, but he is still waiting for a response."

The younger man grinned. "Thank you Dumbledore, I don't know how you managed to get me an invitation but thank you."

"I merely sent him a copy of your first book, you did all the talking."

Remus paused, his lips twitching. "You seem to have merely sent my books to a lot people Dumbledore"

They entered the lift that had finally cleared, and Albus blinked innocently. "I find it makes a wonderful present for all occasions."

The younger man looked incredulous. "You sent a copy of each to Fleur Weasley for her baby shower!"

Dumbledore shrugged unapologetically as the lift began to close, "She'll be needing something to read for 9 months."


Lily sat on the other side of the table, watching as Leo ate the dinner she had made.

When Sirius had first brought him home, Lily had been ecstatic. He'd reminded her so much of Harry when he was a baby, all chubby with messy black hair.

But soon Lily had made the difference, while Harry had been a quiet docile baby. Leo has screamed so often his father turned into his animagus form and refused to turn back. Harry had had her eyes, dark green and full of laughter.

They'd realized early on Leo's eyes were not the only thing he'd inherited from his ancestors.

It had been years since she'd thought of Harry when she had looked at Leo. Why was she doing so now?

"You're staring, Aunt Lily."

Lily blinked. "Sorry."

Beside her, Daisy pushed her plate away. "I'm done. Don't let me get in your way." Lily whipped at her retreating bottom with the dishtowel but Daisy had skipped out of reach.

Leo had asked for seconds, and her youngest wrinkled her nose at him from the doorway. "I can't believe you're going to eat that."

It was a rather large helping, Lily noted, but he was a growing boy.

In response to Daisy's comment, Leo proceeded to shove spoonful after spoonful in his mouth and chew rather loudly. Daisy made a disgusted sound as she left.

Lily sighed, thinking that this was somehow her fault. She had doted on Leo as a child, so much so that Daisy - who had been the same age - grew jealous. And on his 6th birthday, she had pushed in the sand box and dumped a bucket of sand on him...without the bucket.

They had never gotten along since.

Lily had thought they would have grown out of it as they matured, but obviously not. On the plus side, their instant dislike of each other shattered James and Sirius' foolish notions of 'Merging the Families'.

Lily went back to staring at Leo, purposefully this time, watching with growing amusement as he flamed redder and redder. Until finally…

"You're staring again."

She grinned, "It's because I love you." her smile widened, as he turned redder.

"I'm serious, Aunt Lily!"

She reared up and clutched her chest in mock hurt. "Is it because I'm too old?"

She couldn't help but burst into laughter at the mortified expression on the younger boys face.

The doorbell rang, and a still chuckling Lily left to open the door.

"Dumbledore!" she exclaimed, wiping the remaining of her tears. "What a pleasant surprise."

The headmaster blinked at her. "Are you alright?"

Lily wiped at her eyes and grinned. "Just playing a prank on Leo." The said boy walked up behind her, hands still wet from washing them.

He looked surprised to see the headmaster. "Hello, Professor Dumbledore."

"Hello Mr. Black, I trust you had a good summer?"

Leo nodded, "It was good, our leader at Camp W.I.T, Barty Crouch Jr., taught us loads of things."

Lily shared a smile with Dumbledore at the mention of the younger Crouch. Another person saved, just barely. Almost put into Azkaban for being in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd. Had he been sentenced, Lily didn't want to think about what would have happened to the extraordinary intelligent man she knew now. Probably would have gone insane.

"Very good, I hope you are prepared for the coming school year?"

Leo nodded and Lily noticed he was wiping his wet hands on his jeans. "Leo, we have hand cloths for that!" She scolded.

He froze, then with a quick, "Bye professor!" bolted up the stairs. Lily crossed her hands, another Marauder she would have to teach a lesson.


"Oh! Of course! How could I have forgotten, you're here about the Defence Against the Dark Arts position -"

"Well -"

"I'm so sorry Dumbledore, I can't accept it. I simply wouldn't be comfortable teaching a subject I'm not that strong in, and after having Remus and Madam Bones the kids would simply hate -"

"Yes, yes I understand Lily. I would not have asked in the first place had my original candidate not had to leave the country"

Lily bit her lip guiltily. "Well, I suppose - if you can't find anyone else, then I'll -"

"That's quite alright, Lily. I knew you were not going to accept when I first asked."

She blinked. "You did?"

"Yes, and as a matter of fact, that is not why I am here today."

Her heart skipped a beat. "It isn't?"

Dumbledore paused. "You might wish to have a more private setting to hear this."

Lily nodded mutely, leading them back into the kitchen before closing the door and placing a silencing spell on it.

"James?" Dumbledore asked, as he sat in the chair Leo had vacated moments before, gesturing for Lily to sit across from him.

"Still at work." She did so, barely sitting on the chair, back erect.

It was about the boy, she knew it.

"I'm not sure where to begin…"


Roseline struggled to pull the mattress through the doorway of her sisters room. Managing less than an inch before pausing to catch her breath.

"And here I thought 14 years of Quiditch practice would have at least gained you some muscles." Daisy said dryly from her perch above her own bed.

Rose paused, pushing her hair out of her face. "I don't understand how people are under the impression that being a Seeker is a workout. All I do is sit on my ass on a broom all day. The only muscles constantly being-" she had started to pull at the pad again, "exercised, is my neck and- oh!"

The mattress was suddenly pulled from her by an invisible grip and levitated fully into the room, where it dropped soundlessly next to Daisy's bed.

Rose gaped for a few seconds before turning to find her sister holding up a wand and smirking.

"Nicked it from mum" she explained.

Rose rolled her eyes, "Watch me get blamed for that again." She lifted the sheets that had fallen to the floor. "Your the oldest you should know better, you know how she watches you." She mimicked, spreading the linens onto the mattress. "Honestly if I had half as much control over you as they think I do."

Daisy grinned, passing a pillow down to her. "She was kind of out of sorts, I just lifted it off the kitchen counter."

Her smirk widened, "She didn't even do her whole- saying goodbye to Leo as though he was going off to war- thing she always does. And could you believe he was actually upset, even though all he does is complain when she does do it."

Roseline smiled slowly. Happy that Daisy had given her the opening. "Leo huh?" She placed the pillow on her lap and leaned into it, "How did it go?"

The flash of regret that crossed her sisters features only served to widen her smile. Daisy instantly stiffened, "Like usual- night" she settled down and borrowed deep into her sheets.

Fully grinning now, Rose roughly pulled the sheets away. "Oh come on! I didn't drag my ass all the way over here to watch you sleep. How did it go?"

Daisy sat up and crossed her arms, "How do you think it went? We still can't be in the same room together for more than a minute without biting each others heads off! That's how it went. He still hates me and more importantly I still hate him"

Rose rolled her eyes, "Right, he probably hates you just about as much as you him. Did you try what I told you to do?"

Daisy snorted, "Right, be nice. I can't be nice. It's not me. I'm not a nice person. I might as well coo and giggle while I rub his arm and tell him what a big strapping man he is."

Rose laughed aloud as Daisy continued with growing frustration, "Honestly, the boys head is so inflated I'm surprised he could get his broom in the air!"

Roseline rolled her eyes again, " Come on Dais. Didn't we make a pact this summer to go after our love conquests."

"It's different." She replied.

"How? I chose Colin, you choose Leo." Rose countered.

"Wrong, you choose Colin yes. I don't remember being asked if I wanted to like Black. i', pretty certain I would have screamed No!"

"On the bright side, at least were past the denial stage." Rose said dryly. "Now lets work on the blushing."

"I don't blush" Came the curt response.

Roseline found herself rolling her eyes for the third time that night. "Imagine Leo wisking you off your feet and snogging you senseless."

Daisy flushed.

"Case closed."

"It was because of implied imagery not the person!" Daisy defended primly, turning to face the other side of her bed with crossed arms.

Rose deepened her voice. "Bloody hell Dais. Don't get angry."

He sister snapped he head to the doorway of her room. Turning red once more when she realized it had just been Roseline and not Leo.

Rose grinned. "Was it the implied tone of voice this time?" She asked.

" The first step is to admit you have a prob-"

Daisy had used the wand again, this time on her as Rose was moving her lips but no sound was coming out.

Daisy giggled as her sister snatched the wand from her and undid the silencing spell.

"I'm going to put this back in mums room before she notices, then I'm going to get a glass of water. And when I come back, be prepared to be undergoing some serious blush therapy."

With that she turned and walked out of the room.


It was the sound of a foot slipping,then a 'Omph' Of contact, followed by an 'Ow!', that snapped Lily out of her thoughts.

"How many times I told you not to run down the stairs?" It came out automatically, with no real trace of scolding behind it.

"Believe me I wish I'd listened to you now mum, " Her daughter grumbled, limping and rubbing her sore behind as she made her way into the kitchen, "Bugger I think I hit the corner."

A thought suddenly registered to Lily, "When did you get here?".

Roseline took a cup out of one of the shelves, "2 hours ago." She paused her movements at her mothers blank stare. "Don't you remember? I flood in and the first thing you told me to do was to make sure the front door was locked, then..."

Had she? Lily's mind wandered, why would the front door be unlocked? Then she remembered, she had not locked it after Dumbledore had left. Dumbledore who had told her Harry was alive. Alive and grown. Her baby was alive.

"...put the present Leo brought for me in my room, and are you listening to a word I'm saying! Mum!"

Lily blinked out of her daze, feeling a sudden flush of guilt. "I'm sorry honey, I just have a lot on my mind."

She ran a hand through her hair and rested her head on the kitchen table with an exhausted sigh. Feeling as though it was the first time she'd moved in hours. She heard the chair in front of her pushed back as her daughter sat down. Another sound as something was slid across the table, and Lily looked up to see a glass of water in front of her. She smiled tiredly.

"Thank you sweetie"

Rose tilted her head, "Something been bothering you lately. Come on, spill. I'm sitting on a bruised bottom for you here"

Lily gave a little laugh, "You call that a sacrifice? Do you know how long I was in labour with you?"

"Please spare me the details, " She pursed her lips. "Are you pregnant?"

Lily gagged on the water she had been in the process of drinking, "No! Why would you think that?"

Rose shrugged, "Well your waiting up for dad with what Sirius calls something face. plus, you were all quiet and withdrawn with Daisy's pregnancy too."

"And how would you know? You could barely crawl at the time"

Rose shrugged again."Dad told me." She drank down the last of the water from her own glass and stood to put it back into the sink. "I'm sleeping in Dais' room tonight."

Lily nodded in acknowledgment as her daughter limped lightly to the door. Pausing to suddenly turn back and kiss her on the cheek.

"Good night mum, I love you"

Lily blinked rapidly, feeling the tears come none the less, and glad Rose was already heading up the stairs. She could not tell her daughters anything because Lily hadn't told neither of them about Harry.

At first it was because they were too young, now however it was simply because she couldn't get herself to talk about her first born. Never could sit them down and tell them they once had an older brother.

The clock on the kitchen wall struck midnight, Lily hardly noticed.

An unbidden thought caused more tears to spring to her eyes. Would Harry have poured her water? Told her he loved her? Kissed her Goodnight?.

The front door opened, and Lily jumped in her seat, glad to be pulled from her thoughts. She rubbed her eyes and walked to the doorway between the kitchen and the hallway connecting to the living room. Pausing at the threshold to watch as her husband slowly took off his cloak, groaning loudly.

"Rough day?" She asked softly.

"Haven't done stake-out duty in a while. I swear Kingsley choose the smallest bush for us to camp in because of Sirius." He groaned again as he slowly made his way up the steps.

Lily turned off all the lights and hung up the cloak James had flung on the couch before following. She paused again at the bedroom door, watching the open washroom door wearily.

How would she approach the subject. James we have to talk? I have something important to tell you? There's something I need to tell you?

Lily pulled lightly on her hair nervously. How would she tell him?

James came out of the washroom and flopped face down on top of the covers, clothing and all.

Lily wrung her fingers, stalling. "Your not going to change?"

"No point," came the muffled response, "I have to get up at 5"

Lily's mind worked furiously in the short amount of time it took her to turn off the washroom light and close the door. She took a deep breath, braced herself and turned, words on the tip of her tongue.

Her words jumped back down her throat and Lily's shoulders fell. Staring dejectedly at her husband.

She would not be able to tell him now. Not when he was already physically exhausted. Not even bothering to take off his glasses. With a crestfallen sigh she pulled them gently off his face, pausing to brush back his hair.

The boy- no Harry, my Harry my baby, had looked just like him. Down to the glasses. Lily found herself wondering if he would grow up to look even more like James.

"Lily" she blinked at the soft call of her name to find James had opened his eyes. His brows furrowed, "Are you alright?"

She quickly placed the glasses on the side table, moving to her side of the bed. "I'm fine go to sleep."

Instead, he propped himself onto his elbows and stared at her, "Did you want to tell me something? Is that why you waited up?"

"Don't be silly, I always wait up for you. Go to sleep."

He was silent for another moment, and just when Lily thought he'd given up asked, "Are you pregnant?"

She gaped. "No!"

"Are you sure? Because you were just like this with dais-"

"I know! And I'm sure! Honestly, both you and Rose now." She grabbed her wand from the side table, (hadn't it been on the kitchen counter?), and turned off her lamp.

"You know you could tell me anything right?" Even in the half lighting she felt his earnest gaze.

I do know she wanted to shout, and I do want to tell you. She just couldn't, not now.

And so Lily said, "Dumbledore offered me the Defence Against the Dark Arts position."

His eyes widened, "Really? Do you wan't to do it?"

"I don't know, and that's what I wanted to ask you." She lied.

He nodded in understanding, well he tried, his head gave a sort of jerk that resembled a nod. "Because of Snape right?" She hadn't even thought of that. "Plus it's not exactly your favourite subject now is it?"

"You right, " She agreed hastily, wanting to wrap up the conversation. The man looked as though he would drop at any moment, "I'll tell Dumbledore tomorrow"

She has a sudden idea, "Tomorrow night! I'll tell him tomorrow night. Can you come with me? I don't want to face Dumbledore alone."

It was an outright exaggeration, and had James been in his right mind he would have seen right through it.

Be there as it was, he simple said. "Splendid! See that wasn't so hard"

He slumped back down and Lily knew she had to tell him before tomorrow night, "Promise?" She pressed.

"Promise." He nodded off mumbling the occasional words, not, so, and hard.

If only it wasn't. She lifted her wand to turn off the other lamp. Staring into the darkness Lily knew she wouldn't get any sleep this night.


He knew who it was before the soft footsteps reached the top of the steps and the man appeared at the entrance. For a brief moment, Harry wondered how the headmaster knew where he always, then figured the portraits must have had something to do with it.

He stood on one side of the Astronomy tower, Dumbledore stood a few steps away.

"I see you decided to study up here." Dumbledore commented, gesturing to the books and parchments spread out behind them.

"Yeah, I'm taking a break" Harry responded, continuing the bland conversation. He leaned forward slightly over the edge of the rampart as he looked into the distance.

The lake drew his attention, a ripple as a merman dove back into it's depth.

A question suddenly formed. "Where did you learn to speak Mermish?"

Dumbledore raised a brow at the inquiry. "Self taught. When I was younger, I knew my goal was to be a teacher hear at Hogwarts. And while not required, I found it was a fascinating skill I wished to have. Months I spent, simply watching them and eventually I learned." He smiled at the memory, "Though I am not fluent, I can get by well enough. It was much simpler to learn than French"

Harry grinned. "Do you know any other languages?"

"I'm decent in Giant" The headmaster turned to look at him, "Anything else you wished to know?"

"Well...there is something I wanted to ask you last night." At Dumbledore's nod he continued. " How did Snape-"

"Professor Snape Harry"

Harry paused, a smile tugged at his lips.

"May I as what you found amusing?" Dumbledore asked when he didn't continue.

"It's just that, I'd forgotten how the you- the other you, always corrected me like that."

"Yes, well. Unfortunately some biases are inherited."

Harry felt his smile grow wider, "He said that too."

"Not surprising as we are the same people simply shaped by different circumstances." He gave Harry an amused smile. "You ask the strangest of questions. Any particular reason?"

Harry shrugged, "I guess I've always wanted to know but..." he trailed off, but Dumbledore completed his sentence.

"But you never got the chance to ask?" It was more of a question than a statement.

Harry didn't respond.

Dumbledore let out a tired sigh, "I wish you would talk to me Harry." He shifted, leaning slightly against the rampart. Harry, with a flash of guilt turned to give him some sort of explanation. Some form of a proper response. He faced the older man and froze as a memory hit.

In his minds eyes he didn't see the man in front of him. But another, at another time. With the same face-but no this face was drawn- tired. Saw him slide down the rampart as his strength failed him. Saw Malfoy pointing his wand, then the death eaters- Greyback- then Snape. Face twisted, wand raising-


He snapped back to reality. Breathing heavily. Dumbledore stared at him. Dumbledore, healthy- alive- frowning- worried.

Harry turned away. His breath was still coming out short and he clutched the edge of the rampart tightly. More so to stop his hands from shaking.

Where the hell had that come from?

He hadn't even realised this was the same tower. The same one they had been on that last night. The same tower Dumbledore had fallen down. How had he completely overlooked that? He had purposely avoided the tower during the last weeks of school before the funeral.

Had he been so desperate to study elsewhere, avoiding both the library (as it brought too many memories), and his room (as it brought out the ghost Harry was certain was evil).

His older companion said nothing for what seemed like the longest time. Finally he said. "I believe it may be my turn to ask strange questions."

Harry tensed.

"Do you want to change your name?"

The question caught Harry off guard. "What? Why?"

"As this is not your world, you do not necessarily have to keep your name." Dumbledore responded."You can be anyone you wish- within reason of course. I can easily change your identity completely."

"You can do that?" It was a rhetorical question.

Harry furrowed his brows as he considered the question. He could not deny that the idea did appeal to him. In his deepest moments of self-pity he'd wished for nothing more than to be someone -anyone ­else but himself.

But that was then, and this was now. His frown deepened. Yes, now was different. Ever since he'd arrived in this world he felt as though his name was the only thing keeping him together- keeping him sane. The only constant was who he was. He knew- even if nobody else did, that he was Harry James Potter. He didn't want to change that.

"Can't I be just... Harry?"

"Of course"Dumbledore smiled softly.

"Next question, did you wish to change your Hogwarts house?" At Harry's frown he added, "You will not have to go through the sorting hat again if you do not want to."

Harry blinked, "How did you-"

"Many do not wish to go through that process again."

Harry nodded in agreement, the sorting hat had originally wanted to put him in Slytherin after all.

But Harry saw no appeal in entering a House in which Snape was the head. Even this worlds nice version. And while he was certain not all Slytherin's were evil, (only about 75), he figured he would not be able to stand any version of Malfoy.And while his worth ethic was good now, he would not keep it up. And so the Ravenclaw's would know by the first week he didn't belong in their house.

Harry wouldn't have minded going into Hufflepuff. He even liked most of its members. But they had a tendency to want to know anything and everything about their members.

Gryffindor it was then, Harry decided. On the bright side, at least he would be in a house that he was proud of, with its familiar occupants.

He froze, its occupants.


"I take it by your silence you wish to remain in Gryffindor?" Dumbledore was saying. "Minerva will be pleased."

Harry nodded dumbly, his mind working furiously.

Another thing he had overlooked. He would be seeing even more familiar faces, even more strangers. How had he completely overlooked that fact for 2-days?

The answer came immediately. Because you've been obsessing about your pare-

A musical cry far above them distracted Harry from his train of thought. Both him and Dumbledore looked up to see Fawkes turning in circles in the air.

The bird suddenly dove straight down to the grounds below. Harry blinked, surprised by the action. Even more so when the phoenix reappeared moments later, carrying an object in its clutches.

Harry squinted to make out the object in the dark lighting, and saw it move.

He drew back, gaping. Swivelling his head in rapid succession from Dumbledore's amused expression to Fawkes holding its prey.

"Is that-? Did he just-?"

"Did you think he ate love and drank goodness?" Dumbledore let out a light laugh. "Yes I too was under that impression. Alas Fawkes is but an animal which requires sustenance."

Harry stared at the bird as it flew away with its food, bright tail all that was visible in the night sky. Another question formed in his mind, as Harry recalled his earlier use of the phoenix.

"About the note- I mean, did you already- "

"Did I tell Lily and James about you?" He seemed to not be able to complete any of his sentences today without Dumbledore assistance.


"I have informed Lily and I am certain she will in turn tell James. I got the notion she had previously suspected something."

Harry frowned, absorbing every word. How could she had suspected anything? He was certain she had not seen him on his broom.

A look of dawning crossed the headmasters face. "Ah! Of course you would not remember. Your first grand entrance into our world was right through the living room table in the Potter household."

Harry eyes widened, "In Godric's Hollow?"

"Yes in Godric's Hollow." Dumbledore peered at him carefully. "Do you remember how you got to be there?"

It is time I finished what I began here 16 years past. Fitting isn't it?

The memory of the high chilling voice flashed, but Harry shoved it into the recesses of him mind before it could fully form.

Harry looked away. "No, I don't remember."

He heard a defeated sigh from the headmaster, and felt another flash of guilt.

"I'll tell you one day- everything. I promise. Just...not now." He didn't face the older man as he spoke. "Please."

"Very well." The headmaster replied softly.

Harry changed the subject, "How did she react to it then?"

Dumbledore picked up his cue, "She was shocked at first, of course. And after we ran through your details for the 10'th time, she was excited."

"Excited?" This had not been one of the reactions Harry had expected. Shocked, yes. Apprehensive, unbelieving, these were what he had been expecting.

"Yes, she was anxious to meet you. I managed to deter her from following me tonight however I will not be able to stop her from coming tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Harry repeated, suddenly weighed down by a terrible sense of inevitability. He would meet them tomorrow.

"I'm sorry Harry, but I could not find the heart to refuse her."

Both parties stayed mute for a few moments, each deep into their own thoughts.

The clock stuck midnight, jolting them both.

"I bid you goodnight then harry. And good luck for tomorrow."

Again, Harry understood the double meaning to the headmasters words and nodded. Watching his back retreat down the stairs of the Astronomy tower.

He turned to look at the review work spread out behind him and sighed. Harry knew he would not get any sleep this night.

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