Summary: What happens when the titans past comes into the present? Why is Slade back and so confident Raven will soon willingly go to him? Will the titans remember their eal lives and friendships? Will they find a way to make everything go back tonormal? The titans were friends in their past lives but were some of them more than friends, too? What were they all in the past? Why does Trigon live in their past lives and NOT destroy all mortals? Why do Raven and Trigon have a different relationship (maybe better than presently) ?

Mostly Raven x Beast Boy

Some Star x Rob

Chapter 1

The Beast

Raven listened quietly and waited in her room inside the castle.

THUMP! "DAMNIT! WHO THE HELL PUT THAT THERE!" Trigon's voice was heard in the hallway.

The dark girl smiled but the picked up her book and put on a straight face.

The door creaked open, "Raven," he said frustrated.

"What?" She asked innocently. "Is it dark yet?" The book was placed on her lap.

He stared at her.

"Hello," she waved her hand in front of his face.

Trigon grabbed her arm and squeezed, "Don't do that!"

Rae squinted in pain but smirked, "You can't tell me what to do!"

"Shut up!" He twisted her arm but she didn't give in.

"What the hell do you want! I'm not going to wait all day for you!" She growled with red eyes.

"It so happens it's dark, so go eat your damn meal! And come to the prison when you're done!" He threw her against the wall and left, slamming the door. She needs to learn her place!

Raven dusted herself off and hissed at him, her vampire fangs showing. Wonder what he wants this time? She frowned but then smirked. I can't believe he actually fell for my trap! He never learns! The teen walked out into the hall, down the stairs, and to the door that led out of the castle. "I'm going to go eat," she told the guards, knowing they wouldn't let her out for anything else.

They nodded and opened the doors.

She walked out into the forest. "I wonder if they have any new chickens at that farm," she thought out loud. She never did enjoy sucking blood from humans so animals was something she did instead. After traveling to the farm and finding no new chickens or animals she could feast upon for survival she sighed and continued walking. A rustling in the bushes around her caught her off guard and she stopped. Then noticed a dead pig but it obviously hadn't been dead for long. "It must be my lucky night," she picked up the pig and suddenly she was forced to the ground.

"Dude, it's just a girl," a black man in silver armor said.

"How do we know she's not a spy?" The white skinny boy asked.

Raven knew the man in armor was a knight but as for the other she hadn't a clue, "And who would I be a spy for?"

Robin frowned at her, "Who are you!"

She stayed silent.

"If you don't feel like talking now then we'll tie you up to a tree!"

"Oh, help me I'm so scared," she mocked him.

"Cyborg, tie her to the tree!"



Cy got some rope and started tying her to the tree. "Sorry."

"I have nothing better to do," she shrugged and he looked at her weirdly.

When he was done he stood beside his friend.

"Is that it?" She asked.

Rob frowned, "Just tell us where Starfire is!"

"Star-who?" She asked confused.

"Starfire!" He shouted angrily.

"Sorry, never heard of her."

"You lie!"

"Maybe she really doesn't know…"

A growl was heard from the forest as something came toward them.

"Well just let the beast eat you then." Robin smirked.

"Dude! We are so not leaving her for..."

"Ok," she yawned.

"Do you really think that beast won't hurt you?" The black haired boy asked frustrated.

"I really don't know, to tell you the truth but I'll take my chances."

A green beast (Beast Boy as the Beast) jumped out and growled at them.

Robin and the knight attacked it.

The beast easily knocked them both out. Then it walked toward Raven.

Raven stayed completely still.

It sniffed her and watched as she made no move to harm him but then noticed the ropes. It slashed with its claws and cut the ropes.

The girl moved her body, "Thanks."

He stared at her. She does not try to harm me. I will treat her same. It thought as it understood her words.

"So what's your name?"

It titled its head. Name?

"I can read your mind so just think it." She tried again.

He was just confused now. This was the first person who had every been kind to him. Then he collapsed. And slowly changed into (Beast Boy!).

Raven picked him up and leaned him against the tree she had been tied to, "I guess you have the same kinda problem as me then since you can't control it." She helped him as thanks for saving her even though she could've done it herself at any time. However she did tie Robin to a tree. As she waited she sank her teeth into the pig.


Robin opened his eyes to find himself tied to a tree. He saw Raven's fangs, "You're a vampire!"

She looked over at him and shrugged, "Tell me something I don't know."

Cy stirred and saw Raven with the green boy behind her, "What happened?"

"You got knocked out and the so called 'beast," she pointed at the boy behind her, "fainted."

"That's the beast?" Cy asked.

"Cyborg! Get me out of this! Kill her! She's a vampire!" The angered boy shouted.

"Is he always looking for a fight and ordering you around?" Raven asked.

"You're a … Yeah he's always like that," the knight stood up.

"Yes, I am a vampire but that doesn't mean I'm going to suck your blood. I find that completely disgusting and unnecessary so thus the reason you two found me picking up the pig." She put it down since she was finished.

"So just animals?" He asked.

She nodded.

The green boy behind her groaned and Raven quickly went over to him.

"Do you really think it's wise to…"

"Kill the beast!" Robin shouted but no one paid any attention.

"Where am I," he blinked and saw the purple haired girl. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember a god damn thing, do you?" She asked.

"No, why?"

"And you wanted to kill him," she glared at the boy tied to the tree.

This confused BB.

Rob stayed quiet with a frown.

"You tried to kill those two," she pointed at the guys.

He looked at them seriously, "I am so sorry. I didn't have any control at all. I didn't mean it. I'm Beast Boy, by the way."

"Will someone untie me!" Robin shouted.

"No," Raven smirked. "I'd hate to leave without repaying you for being so kind to me." She stood up and noticed it was almost sunrise. "I have to go," she turned to Cy. "I will see if I find anyone by the name Starfire." Then she started running back to the castle.

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