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World of Nightmares

Raven of Azerath and BB


Chapter 10

The Invisible Tower & Missing Memory

Raven explained to everyone how it was all fake and this wasn't their real lives. She told them how Slade said it was her fault and that they had to figure out how to change everything back.

Robin was so serious about the whole thing. "So first we need to figure out why Raven's powers created this and then we should be able to change everything back to normal."

"Well the last thing I remember before all this was I wanted to escape." The goth frowned. "I wanted to get away because of Slade."

"So if we get rid of Slade.." The Boy Wonder started.

"We can't. It's my fear of him and in this reality we don't have even the slightest chance of defeating him.

The titans tried to think of someway to get rid of Raven's fear of Slade and so far zip.

Beast Boy stayed with her at night, "Raven, don't be afraid. I'll protect you." He brushed a strand of purple hair behind her ear.

Rae blushed, "Thanks Beast Boy but even as much as I would like to believe that, he's more powerful than all of you." She lowered her gaze and fell asleep.


"You want to know how to undo this," Slade asked her.

"Slade," Raven growled angrily. "Why would you help?"

"Now dear Raven, I want things to go back as much as you do." He spoke seriously. "All you have to do is go back to the tower."

"Huh?" She looked confused. "But it's not in this reality."

Slade chuckled, "This reality hasn't been in existence long enough to get rid of the famous Titans Tower. You just need to go where it all started- your room. Then the spell will reverse."


"On the island of course. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there."

Raven frowned.

Slade chuckled evilly, "I hope you remember everything really well."

End Dream

Rae sat up in the bed and saw BB had fallen asleep in the chair beside her. She sighed and ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before getting up and sneaking out to the Forbidden Island. She tried to use her powers to find the door but she basically had to walk around until she walked into it. When she finally got in she felt around the buttons for the numbers which she was glad now that Cyborg had installed physical numbers they'd be able to feel if the lights went out. She felt her way around the main room and went into the hallway, feeling along the wall.

With BB

Beast Boy yawned and was about to get up for a midnight snack when he saw the bed was empty. "Raven!" He freaked out and turned into a dog, tracking her scent up to the ocean. He transformed back and stared at the island. "Slade," he growled as he flew off toward the island.

With Raven

She finally made it to her room. "Okay, now what?"

Suddenly the floor stared trembling beneath her.

With Beast Boy

He sniffed his way and found the invisible door but was now stuck as the ground shook. "RAE!"

A dark power exploded from Raven's room outward as everyone blacked out.


Raven opened her eyes and ran felt her communicator ring as she opened it.

"Is everyone alright?" Robin asked on the screen.

Everyone nodded.

"Dude, what happened?" Beast Boy's voice was heard.

"I don't know. The last thing I remember was fighting Slade," Rob answered. "Maybe he has something to do with this?"

"I do not think so friend Robin," Star spoke.

"Yeah, man I mean, aside from everyone being split up nothing happened," Cy added.

Rae sighed. They don't remember anything…But I guess it's all for the best. Maybe it was just in that reality that Beast Boy loved me.

The day pasted and everything seemed back to normal.

Beast Boy went to his room and slipped under the cover. "Hm, why do I get the feeling, something's missing?" He shrugged as he closed his eyes.

Later that night Raven walked out of her room and into the changeling's. She stared at him as he slept peacefully like the night she left to change things back to normal. Carefully she bent over and gave him a small kiss on his cheek as thunder cracked outside. She let a small sad smile come onto her lips as she stopped at the door on her way out. "I still love you Beast Boy," she whispered softly as she walked out.

She didn't notice BB's ears twitch as his eyes opened tiredly, "I love you too Rae," he spoke as he rolled over, thinking it had been a dream.

THE END! Just so you know this story took place between the episodes Birthmark and the Prophecy. Sad, but I think it'd be great to imagine this happened around then. BB and Rae did get together but Slade knew they wouldn't remember. Plus since Raven made up the whole reality, she thought she may have made up the part of him loving her.

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