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Chapter One: Return of the Uchiha!

-Ten years after he left the village-

?'s PoV

It had been so long, and I have finally come back.. As I look at the gate, it gave me both fond and sad memories from long ago. Beside me, a little boy around the age of five stood. His black hair matched my own, but his onyx eyes showed innocent when mine showed betrayal. Now that I think about it, he looks alot like me. "Dad, where are we?" the boy asked quietly, looking up at me. I looked into his eyes. "We're in a place where I grew up." I answered, then averted my eyes back to the gate. The child, he was too innocent to know what had happened long ago. "Dad, are we going to stay here forever?" The young one asked. I stayed quiet for a minute, then finally answered. "I don't know if I'll be welcome here.. I know I won't be welcomed with open arms.." I muttered the last part to myself. 'I'll more likely be welcomed with kunais and shurikens...' I thought lazily to myself. "Why wouldn't you be welcome here Dad?" I winced at his question. Children, they were too curious for their ages... "Well," I started, "it's a long story." The little boy stared at him. "Dad, I have time." "Not right now Daisuke... I have to face my past.." I said, sighing. I knocked on the beautiful gates of Konoha.

Hokage's PoV

"Hokage-sama?" I yawned, looking at my wife. "Yes TenTen? Please call me by name.." "Yes Hoka- Neji-kun." I looked at her lazily. "So?" "Well..." She heistated. "Sasuke Uchiha has been seen at the gates." "WHAT?" I shouted, enraged. He left Konoha ten years ago... Why did he have to come back? Didn't he hurt her enough? "Yes Neji-kun.. He's back.." she said, worried for her own friend's safety. "Tell the Anbu to bring him..." "Yes Neji-kun."

Daisuke's PoV

Dad really seemed nervous about coming back to a place he dearly loved... I wonder whats wrong... I looked at my surroundings. Trees, trees, grass, a girl in a Sakura tree... Wait, thats not normal... Isn't it? "Dad," I said, tugging on my dad's sleeve, "whose that woman in the pink tree?" His face paled. I wonder if he knows her.. "I.. I..." he stuttered, staring and the woman. When I looked more closely at the girl, it seemed she didn't have any hair. I then realized that her hair was pink! What a strange color.. "Dad?" "Y-yes Daisuke?" "Why does she have pink hair?" I asked innocently, pointing at the woman. "It's not polite to stare..." "Then why are you staring at her Dad?" "..." he didn't answer me. Suddenly, I felt a strong source of chakra beside me. When I looked up to my left, I saw a tall man with a fox mask on. "So, come to break her heart again Sasuke?" the man literaly hissed my dad's name. My dad didn't answer... "Uhm.. Sir?" I asked politely to the masked-man. "Yes?" "How do you know Daddy?" It was a perfectly simple question, but I don't know why the fox-faced man glared angerly with blue eyes at my dad.

Sasuke's PoV

Crud, I was found out. Well, I wasn't surprised.. I knew it would come to this... I didn't answer the Anbu's member's question, but his voice was familiar... "So?" He asked harshly, blue eyes glaring with an intensity that could match my own. "No, I'm just visit-" I could finish my sentence, for the man I once knew had struck me with several senbons into my neck, knocking me unconcious.

Daisuke's PoV

I gasped, they killed my dad! THEY WILL PAY! "You. Killed. My. DAD!" I managed to spit out, glaring at the fox masked man. I shrieked and turned to the man, beating my fists against his legs. I winced as I felt a strong pain in my neck. When I opened my eyes, I saw black marks covering half my body. I felt something I had not yet experienced, power.

?'s PoV

Heh, so his son did inherit the curse.. The curse of the Uchiha I like to call it... My brother will be supprised to find his son like this... Kekekekeke...

Fox-Masked Man's PoV

I stared at the little boy with amazement. I remembered those marks like it was yesturday... Sasuke had been bitten by Orichimaru, and has had a curse ever since then... I swiftly knocked the boy unconcious, and placed him by his dad. I looked over to the pink-haired friend of mine, trying to find the emotion I so longed to see upon her face. None came, she sat there in her tree staring emotionlessly as ever at Sasuke.

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