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Sakura moaned deeply as his hand slide further up her thigh. Pressing her back against the faded blue painted wall, he kissed down the slender neck exposed to him, collar of shirt pulled away as far as it could go.

Hands gripped dark locks as the owner of the hands squealed, the mouth of the man's, who was currently sucking on her neck, hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Orochimaru ground his hips against her, letting her feel how excited he was. The hand not on her thigh slipped up her shirt, pulling the garment away from her and showing off more flesh for his light colored eyes to feast on.

Growling from deep within when she bucked her lower half against his, the gorgeous man pinning her to the wall with his muscular body and bit her neck, hard enough to draw blood from the wound.

Screaming in pain, or was it pleasure, the young women squeezed her eyes tightly closed, subconsciously whispering for more.

He granted her this wish, by unzipping her pants and yanking them from her form.

And suddenly, with the removal of her panties, this lucky girl had another thing to scream about, and it was called: His fingers.

The long, slender digits poked and prodded, eliciting a whimper from her delicate throat.

A strangled mumble of how unfair it was to have her almost naked, but him fully clothed passed by her sweet colored lips.

Smirking at her, Orochimaru slide his hand away from her bodice, the only thing holding her up was his waist pressed so tightly against hers.

The same fingers that had been delivering such painful pleasure only a moment before, now worked diligently to pry off the gray hoodie, sleek muscles popping out with every movement.

Then back to her body they went. After lifting her away from the wall, he walked the two down the hall, kicking open the bedroom door.

Slamming her onto the white-sheeted bed, he ripped the bra off of her chest, the center tearing from the force.

Sakura gasped, not having expected it. With trembling hands, her fingers undid the button to his loose blue, jeans; fingers slipping under the boxer band as well before sliding them off.

Her bright, green eyes widened as she fully took in what was in front of her. So many words could describe it: Huge, amazing, wow, magnificent, gargantuan. But only one stood out from the rest: Mine.

He knew this was her first time, and also knew that it would hurt her like nothing she's ever felt before, so, being the kind, gentle, caring, man he was, he kissed her passionately, taking her mind away from what was about to happen.

Sliding her hands over his shoulders to lay on the beck of his neck, Sakura kissed him back, tongues running wild in a fit of fervor.

He spread her legs and kneeled in between them, the kiss still raging on. Once he was sure she had forgotten about it, he pushed his lower half forward, hard.

The high-pitched scream she made flew from her mouth, only to be swallowed by his.

A few tears slide down her porcelain face, mixing with her hair, draped over the cotton pillow.

Orochimaru muttered encouraging words against her lips, keeping completely still.

Soon, though, the horrible pain that her body had been in dissipated for pleasure, one that she wanted more of, and now. Lifting her hips up slightly, he took that was the go-ahead and continued his assault on her, lower half moving with Sakura's as his lips trailed wet, burning kisses down to her chest.

Moans, whimpers, and grunts filled the air as the two made love, all through the night and into the morning of the next day.

When they finished, the male laid beside his beauty, arms encircled around her waist from behind protectively, his chin resting on the top of her head.

And as they whispered, I love you to each other, the couple drifted off to sleep, content in each other's arms.