hehehe new story hehehe. My friend got me hocked on this show called 'Ghost Whisper' and I really like it so this idea came up. By the way this is Raye not Richy. Richy is still in the hospital but I foundthis story. I read it and its really kawaii

Summary: Her bloodline was hidden until the day she turned 14. Now Kura must bare the gift that her dead clan left her. But theres someone there to help her, a friend that she met with her gift. Whats this? She's found a way to bring back the Uchiha clan?


Couples: I'm going to try and make it a SasuSaku but I'm going to put in all the other couples like NejiTen, ShikaIno, NaruHina everyone!

Her powers

"NO! Please you cant do this!" a woman screamed as she held her child. "I wont let her have to live with it. Please cant you just do something about it?" the woman cried while screaming cluching her child with worry.

A woman and a man on the thrown watched the woman cry. "We cant do anything San you know that. We all were born with it and your child is no different." The man snapped trying to be kind.

"Please Taro-sama! I wish not for this child to deal with that pain! She doesnt desurve this." San cried trying to convince the elders of what she wanted them to believe.

Taro looked away, "We cant do anything San. Your daughter is born of this clan and she has the same skills as do we all. If we take away her powers then our clan will surly die away." he snapped.

"Taro-kun, give San a break. She only wishes the best for her daughter." the woman whispered. Her voice was beautiful and kind even when not trying to be. "Lets talk with Haru and see what he wishes. If he wishes the same we can make a compramise." she whispered making her husband mad.

A man walked in. His red hair and dark eyes looked around to see his white haired wife. "You wished for my presance Keiko-sama?" he whispered with a bow.

"Haru what do you wish for your daughter. About her bloodline limit, its your choice." Keiko whispered with a bow of her head.

Haru didnt know what to do, "Prolong the effects. She needs to learn what her clan gifted powers are but I wish not for her to have a bad childhood. If thats possible." he whispered earning a nod from the elders.

"San bring your child here!" Taro demanded. San hesitated but did as she was told. Taro outstreached his hand to grab the child but something stopped him. "Keiko-chan you may do this. I dont want this child to have nightmares about it."

Keiko was known for her painless jutsues and her smiles but she didnt know if this could ever become painless. "San since both you and Haru are not alowed to live outside of this clan village I'll send this child to a trusted friend. Tsunade can watch over this child like her own. But before I do that I wanted you to name her." she whispered softly knowing the heart of a mother.

San smiled as she ran her fingers through the baby's already pink hair, "Sakura and if I could for a last name use Haruno."

Keiko smiled, "The child of the spring feild flowers." With that known she looked down into the child's glowling green eyes. "You picked a perfect name San. I'll make sure that young Haruno Sakura lives up to her pure name. Please bring in Tsunade."

A blonde woman walked into the thrown room and hugged San. "San-chan please dont cry. I'll make sure your daughter becomes strong and beautiful." she whispered. She bowed before the clan leaders and whispered, "May I see the child?"

Keiko nodded as Tsunade picked up the young girl who started to laugh, "She's a very sweet girl. I'm sorry you should do what you wish." she whispered giving the child back to Keiko.

"Dear Haruno Sakura. I'm sorry that you will never know your clan but I wanted to give you this gift. Both your mother and I loved it so." she held out a necklace with a flower. "Mixed with your blood it will turn black if you die. But since you are alive and well it is a pastel pink like your hair." Tears came to Keiko's eyes when she knew the child was going to be hurt. "Now child. When you turn 14 your powers will return. Dont be alarmed by it but be strong and control them."

Keiko's index and middle finger lit up with chakra and her eyes focused on the child in her hands. Sakura giggled and said, "miss you obaa-san." with that tears came from Keiko's eyes as she hid the bloodline that she and her grandaughter shared.Sakura let out a scream from pain but soon fell into the darkness of her mind.

San fell to the ground crying hearing the child scream. "Okaa-san why did you hurt her! Sakura didnt need it!" she whispered. Keiko was crying aswell and Tsunade had tears in her eyes.

"San, my daughter I'm sorry but you were the one that wished for this. You of all people knew it was going to hurt her. Tsunade my grandaughter Haruno Sakura is now in your care. Keep her safe and make sure that she has you at her side when she's 14."

Tsunade took the child in her arms with a smile, "Sakura-chan you'll be a good medic when you get older." she whispered as she walked out.

"Okaa-san why did you keep Sakura alive if the Uchiha clan will just kill her later. We know the main house is going to kill us anytime soon and when Itachi gets older he will go after Sakura." San screamed knowing Tsunade was gone.

"Sakura is our last hope. Tsunade is strong and she'll teach Sakura how to survive. No Uchiha will be able to hurt her." Taro snapped. "Now you both may leave. Haru keep San safe for a while."


A pink haired girl walked up to the bridge she always she skipped along until someone yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA-CHAN!" in the loudest voice in the world. She smiled and waved to him.

"Thanks Naruto!" she said happily. Suddenly something stopped her. There was someone standing behind Naruto. He had blonde hair that was spicked. He wore a white coat that had fire rising from the bottom. "Naruto who's behind you?" she asked pointing to the man.

Naruto turned around and turned abck to her, "Sakura-chan there's no one behind me. Are you ok?" he asked seeing that she didnt seem normal.

Sakura just schok her head, "I'm sorry Naruto. I think I'm fine now." she whispered walking down the bridge and sitting agenst the rail.

A raven haired boy looked at her in confusion, She's not acting normal. She's not telling us something.

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