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For the village.

Kakashi understood this and pulled Sasuke to the ground covering him with his body. When Kakahsi didn't feel any pain he looked up to see Obito. "Kakashi I thought you would listen to your student." he smirked and deactivated the barrier he had created. "Kakashi she did it!" Obito yelled pointing at Sakura.

Sakura smirked, "They might not be friends of my clan but they have agreed to help for their village." she snapped getting to her feet. "Be warned their strength is not as it used to be."

"She's right. I feel stronger suddenly. Hey Sasuke are you all right?" Obito asked. Sasuke was trembling as he looked at the two men guarding Sakura.

"Father... Itachi..." he whispered softly. "What the hell is going on?" he screamed. Obito shut Sasuke up.

Obito was holding Sasuke's mouth shut, "All right Kakashi didn't you teach him to keep his mouth shut if he's the target that's trying to be hided?"

Orochimaru began to laugh, "Child you think you can control Itachi? You are wrong and you know it." He hissed.

Itachi bowed, "Orochimaru I'm under Shiryou-sama's directions. She is stronger then to be expected and she has done something that would bless the world. Like she said I'm here to protect my village." Itachi took out a katana. "Do as she says." he snapped.

When Orochimaru didn't move Itachi charged with full force and struck him in the gut. With that Kabuto and Orochimaru left. Sasuke finally settled got to his feet and ran over to Sakura and his two family members.

He stopped in front of his father who only smiled at him. Sakura smiled again, "Are you guys ready to go back?" she asked. Both elder Uchihas nodded. "Obito are you?"

Obito shock his head and but his hands behind his head. "I'll stick around for a while. But I'm not the Shiryou so do whatever. I can just annoy you later." he said waving her off, earning a smile. Sakura releaced the jutsue and they were all gone.

Sakura's eyes darkened to the normal green as she began to wobble on her feet. Seeing this both Kakashi and Sasuke caught her before she hurt herself in the fall. She fell to her knees. "It hurts Kakashi-sensei." she whispered holding her stomach.

When her arm lifted up it was covered in blood. Tsunade arrived right there to see the blood on Sakura's arm and stomach. "SAKURA-CHAN! What happened?" Naruto yelled running to her side.

Tsunade noticed the glowing pendant and how Sasuke was acting. "Shiryou-sama please don't tell me that you used that kinjutsu." she whispered.

Sakura tried to sit up but fell back down. "I had no choice. The only one that was hurt was me and Orochimaru anyway. I can heal quickly but they could not heal. Its my duty Hokage-sama!" she snapped back.

"Baka don't be so stubborn!" she snapped. "You could have lost your life with that attack he gave you! Just like all the others were." Tsunade screamed with tears in her eyes. "At least let me heal you from what you were delt."

Sakura smiled, "I guess if its not to much trouble for you?" she whispered trying to get to her feet. Kakashi, Naruto, and Tsunade pushed her down making her rest in Kakashi's and Naruto's arms. With that Tsunade did her work on healing Sakura's wounds.

She wasn't even hit. At least not from what I saw. Maybe... Kakahsi kept thinking of reasons why Sakura would be bleeding. If only I had chose quicker she wouldn't have been hurt. Kakashi hated the feeling of being guilty, "Sakura could you tell us why this happened?" he asked.


The man looked up, "You can see me? Damn you must be a Shiryou. I thought we killed you all off." he snapped darting at her with a kunai. She knew he was dead but somehow the kunai cut her inside insted of the outside.

She dubbled over and held her gut holding back her tears. Even after being a ninja it still hurt to be stabbed there. She fell to her knees trembling from the blow. Slowly she stombled to her feet.

"You'll die from that wound. Just like all the others." the man snapped. Sakura just did a couple hand signs and then kicked him knowing that now he could feel it. "You're a strong one compaired to the others." he mumbled whiping the blood from his mouth.


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