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Limit Break

Chapter One: Next Contestant

"Danny? Danny!" Danny's Fenton's head jerked up upon hearing Tucker yelling at him. He and Sam were looking at their friend worriedly. Nearly sixteen-year-old Danny straightened up, moving his head fully from where it had been on his folded arms atop the lunch table. His blinked sleepily a few times.


"I asked you if you needed help with your homework about five times!" Tucker exclaimed. Danny blinked, yawning.

"Tuck, you're a god-send, I swear." He mumbled out in thanks to his dark-skinned friend.

Over the past two years, the trio had changed some, and looks did change for Tucker and Sam. Danny's clothes were pretty much the same, as if he was too tiered to care. The only difference was his shirt was completely white, and with slightly longer sleeves.

Sam had ditched the skirt, feeling like something different. She still wore her boots, but now wore black, hip-hugger jeans. She still wore the black-and-purple tank-top, but now she had purple fishnet sleeves, that had holed on the ends to loop her fingers through in a gloves-like manor. Her hair was almost the same, but now she had it all pulled back in a ponytail, showing the several ear-pierceings in each ear.

Tucker still wore his odd hat, but had gotten thin-frame glasses, so they weren't as goofy-looking. His pants were pale blue, with only a few pockets, not as many as before. He too was wearing black boots, but only the bottoms were visible. His shirt was long-sleeves, but was now an earthy tone to it, sort of matching his deep brown eyes.

The biggest thing that had happened to them was Danny and Sam started dating. It wasn't a huge thing off the bat, more a slow thing. Often they still went out, all three of them, but Danny and Sam may hold hands sometimes, a few times kisses being exchanged that with short and swift when Tucker wasn't looking. It was progressing though. However, with Sam's new look, despite her being an outcast, did draw attention. Oddly from Dash Baxter and the jocks. No doubt they were just trying to show how smooth they were. Danny could be seen –by Tucker- with his eyes flickering green a moment as such things occurred.

Danny himself seemed more and more at times, tense. And withdrawn. He talked to his two friends, but they could tell there was most likely things they weren't being told. His sister, Jazz, could tell this as well. Both of his parents, mainly his mother, would try talking to him, but he would always say he was fine. Sam and Tucker found another big tip-off was that Danny, usually who had a hard time with gym from being tiered with ghost hunting, threw himself into the classes. This, coupled with fighting ghosts that started to show up a little less, his began to become stronger. Sam sometimes wondered if ghosts started popping up less, because they were afraid of Danny.

They were outside now, and because of the good spring weather, some of the gym equipment had been moved outside. Tucker was buried in his PDA, Sam sitting on a picnic table near the exercise equipment as Danny took full advantage of the objects before them. He was standing, using one of the pulley systems to lift more weight then Sam had seen him use before. Her eyes flickered to his arms, at the muscle that seemed to have rapidly developed there. She had to admit, he did look a lot better, but in another way it was a bit, unsettling, how much he pushed himself.

"Well, well, hello Gothica." Sam sighed. Dash hadn't changed much. The jock still bothered them, and lately, Sam more so. And through this, unknown to them, Danny. Sam really wanted to tell them calling a girl Gothica wouldn't make them happy, but didn't. She turned her head to see Dash, his eyes flickering over her before back to her face. Nobody saw Danny began to work the pulleys harder.

Tucker glanced up as he heard Dash trying to convince Sam about a sweet party coming up, to go with him. That was a little new, but he knew it'd be coming. Dash seemed to have taken a liking to Sam- or just her look. He didn't know why, but the dark-skinned boy looked over at Danny. His eyes widened as he saw how much weight was being used now, and glanced at his friend's face. He was looking ahead, not at the others, face hard. His blue eyes flickered green, before going back to blue.

"Dash, you really are blind." Sam snorted, rolling her eyes. She sat so she was on the top of the picnic table, her feet where you would usually sit. "I'm with Danny. I think there was a huge thing in the school when we started going out last year."

"Fenton? Pfft…" Without warning Dash grabbed Danny's shoulder and dragged him away from what he was doing –the weights falling into place with a slight clang- and shoving him down onto the ground. "Ha! Seems like the usual weakling to me." Nobody beyond Sam and Tucker had really noticed how Danny had thrown himself into P.E classes, and the amount of time he would be practicing for ghost fighting. Danny slowly stood, dusting himself off.

"You should really stay down Fenton- thought you would've learned." Dash snorted. Sam suddenly tensed, finding Dash draping an arm over her shoulders. "You see, this is why this puny kid is not worth your time!" In this moment, he had taken his eyes off of Danny.

Big mistake.

A sudden crack rang out, and Dash stumbled back, letting go of Sam, as a hard fist connected with his jaw. He rightened himself, bringing a hand to the sore part of his jaw. He was surprised to find Danny standing there calmly, hands at his sides, fingers curled into fists. He was looking at the slightly taller jock head on, frowning.

"You are so dead for that." Dash growled, hoisting Danny up by the collar of his shirt. "Once I pound you, I think I'll take your little girlfriend off your mangled hands." Danny didn't blink, just stared coldly back at Dash, which was starting to bother him. He lifted his other hand, ready to pound it into Danny's face.

Danny had lifted one hand, catching the fist. Dash let him go, and Danny stayed standing, hand still around Dash's fist. He began to squeeze. Dash flinched at the sudden pressure. He swung the other fist, having it blocked the same way.

Without warning, Danny suddenly jumped slightly, both hands around Dash's fists still, and slammed his feet into his opponent's chest while finally letting go, so Dash went stumbling and slamming to the ground. Danny completed the motion through a back flip, landing with one hand for support as well as his feet, before standing up.

Dash got up, wincing. How did he get so much punch into his kick! Was what ran through his mind. He growled, eyes narrowing. People were starting to slowly gather around them. Danny had resumed staring blankly at Dash. Sam was standing now, unsure of what to do. She had never seen Danny like this, and it all seemed to start because Dash had pushed him too far. Suddenly Dash smirked, grabbing Sam's arm.

"You upset 'cause I touched your 'girlfriend' Fenton?" Sam's eyes widened as she saw a strangely cold look grow in Danny's eyes.

Danny moved forwards, silently, and jumped. Dash watched in shock as he somehow passed over his head, twisting around as he did so, so his elbow connected with his shoulder. Dash yelped, letting Sam go, who moved back a few steps. Tucker was beside her, making sure she wasn't hurt. Danny had now landed, but continued to drop down, one hand for support, as his foot swept out while Dash was turning, taking the taller teen's feet out from under him. Danny darted back while standing with a strange grace as Dash fell.

No mistaking it now, all eyes were staring in shock at Danny and Dash. Dash got back up, then suddenly lunged for Danny. Danny was moving to one side as this happened, so Dash's hand that had attempted to close on Danny's collar, got his sleeve instead. Not realizing this right away, Danny had kept moving to the side as Dash tried to toss the shorter one to the ground. A rip filled the air as part of Danny's shirt ripped, leaving one shoulder fully exposed and some of the fabric slumping down so part of his back and chest were visible.

Sam, despite the seriousness of the moment, bristled slightly as a few appreciative looks were cast Danny's way. Dash looked from the part of Danny's shirt he held in his hand to Danny himself. It was now visible the scar on Danny's right shoulder, that went from his left elbow to the left shoulder blade, in an almost twisting pattern, the edges jagged.

Danny was standing so he faced Dash sideways, his blue eyes locked on the blond, frowning slightly. Dash snorted, tossing the scrap of fabric aside. Alright, the twerp had a weird-looking scar. Dash lunged for him again, snarling. Danny sidestepped ever-so-slightly, so Dash missed him. It seemed to go in slow-mo a moment, as Dash turned his head slightly to look at Danny as he missed and started to fall. Danny's face was blank, eyes hooded slightly by his eyelids. A sudden flash seemed to go through them.

Danny's hands grabbed Dash's shoulder before he hit the ground. Bracing his feet and with a faint grunt, he turned on the spot to send Dash sprawling onto the hard ground. Getting back up, but with more difficulty, another lunge led to Dash hitting the picnic table, whacking his head. Dash didn't lunge again, and as he stood used the table for support, one hand on his chest where it was throbbing, glaring to Danny. Danny glared back this time, frowning again.

Moving forwards sharply, Danny was the one who grabbed Dash's collar, hauling him up so he could look at his eyes better. Dash's eyes widened in shock as the blue gaze on him flickered green for the briefest of moments.

"Touch Sam again, and next time, I won't hold back." Dash's eyes widened at the cold tone, and their words. He had been holding back! Letting him go, Danny began to walk away as Mr. Lancer pushed his way through the students.

"By Bridget Jones' Diary! Mr. Fenton! Come back here!" Danny paused one, turning his head to look back, before turning around fully. He tilted his head to one side, as if considering. Suddenly he lifted his hand, his right one, with his pointer and middle finger together and gave a sort of salute from his forehead, a small smirk showing. Somehow, Sam knew what he was about to do.

"Danny! NO!"

It was in that moment Sam realized something inside Danny had changed. It had been building for a long time, and finally, he had been pushed to his limit in anger over what Dash had attempted to pull on her. No, he hadn't gone to his limit…

He had broken it.

Danny Fenton suddenly vanished. Screams and gasps went up, as only Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley knew what happened to their best friend. Sam knew Danny had been working on invisibility in his human form, but didn't realize he had finally perfected it. She dropped to her knees, barely aware of Tucker's hand on her shoulder.

"Danny…" She whispered.

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