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Epilogue: On the Way Down

Almost year after Sam had changed that one line…

Danny, Tucker, Sam: Ages: Nearly 16.

"Danny? Danny!" Danny's Fenton's head jerked up upon hearing Tucker yelling at him. He and Sam were looking at their friend in amusement. Nearly sixteen-year-old Danny straightened up, moving his head fully from where it had been with one chin resting in his hand, staring off into space. He blinked a few times.


"I asked if you were day-dreaming about your girlfriend again." Tucker snickered. Danny blinked, then blushed a little.

"Maybe." Tucker laughed, only to have Sam slug him in the arm.

"Come on Danny, let's go outside." Danny let Sam lead him outside, where the two sat under a tree. Sam leaned her head on his shoulder, pushing the sleeve on the left side of his shirt, using one finger to trace the pattern of the jagged scar she could see there. Over the past while, after that day…. Sam sighed, drawing Danny's attention.

"You okay Sam?"

Sam looked from Danny's muscling arm to his face, smiling. She nodded. She remembered after speaking to Danny, asking that one question, he had ended up coming inside with her to talk. And pretty much poured his heart out. About stress that was starting to build up, and making him feel like it was eating away at his insides.

This event led to their talk going later then assumed, and both Sam and Danny had jumped in surprise when Sam's mother wondered if Danny should be getting home for supper. Sam had kissed Danny on the cheek, reminding him she was always there.

Sam giggled a little when Danny kissed the top of her head, before tilting his own head to one side to rest it on hers. Sam saw Dash off to one side, and when he glanced over and glared, and after he did this Sam twisted her head ever so slightly to an angle to see Danny's face. The teen wasn't even looking in the direction of his old bully. However, when she had moved, his attention directed to her. She smiled, snuggling up to him, closing her eyes.


"Yeah Danny?" Both of them were speaking quietly, as if afraid to break the contentment surrounding them.


"For what?"

"For being there." Sam smiled, straightening a little as Danny did so they could look each other in the eye. She leaned forwards, kissing him, before pulling back a little.

"Any time, luv, any time."