Ok, everyone, It's me again. Here is the sequel to Voodoo. The boys just thought they got away, but it was only the beginning for both of them. Before you read this, you may

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Voodoo 2

Chapter 1

It had been about an hour. The impala that held Sam and Dean Winchester sped away from New Orleans, not looking back. Neither said anything, and the radio was strangely silent. Both were lost in their own thoughts, not knowing how to piece together the last few days.

The Winchester boys had just left the Mardi Gras town as quick as the Chevy would go. They were there to do a job for Dean's old friend Frank. It was a missing person's case that involved voodoo and an evil priest named Papa Theodore. The priest had gained control of Sam's mind through the ancient ways of voodoo and had instructed him to kill Dean and then himself. The boys were able to finally break free from the clearing where Papa had set up an altar for the sacrifice and the police came to arrest the men. The hunters were allowed to leave with the understanding that they would probably need to testify at a later date. They agreed and got the hell out of Dodge.

"Look Dean," Sam said, being the first to break the silence, "I 'm sorry about what happened in New Orleans. I…" Sam looked to Dean, hoping for some type of response.

"I told you it was ok Sam, it wasn't your fault. Now let it go," said Dean, clearly not wanting to have the conversation. He was trying to forget the fact that Sam had tried once again to kill him, the first time being at the Roosevelt Asylum. Even though Dean knew it wasn't Sam's fault, he still couldn't help but think why it kept happening. He was hoping Sam would drop it but he pressed on. Dean groaned inwardly.

"I can't man, I tried to kill you again," replied Sam shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"You couldn't help it ok, I don't blame you." said Dean but Sam knew his brother was upset.


"Let it go Sam. It wasn't you ok." Dean needed a tactic to get past this conversation. "Look, there's a truck stop up ahead. Why don't we stop and fill up with gas and maybe get a bite to eat." Without waiting for an answer, he made his way toward the exit.

"Yeah, ok"

They pulled over to the truck stop, got some gas and then made their way inside the restaurant. They took a booth toward the back as two cops came in and took seats next to them. The officers kept staring at them, making Dean nervous.

"Now what do these guys want," said Dean peering at them over the menus.

"It's probably nothing," said Sam, but he was alarmed as well.

The waitress came over and the brothers gave her their orders. She grinned at both of them, but winked at Sam and left to turn in the orders. It didn't go unnoticed by Dean.

"Well this is not a good day." said Dean.


"That waitress was hitting on you and not me," Dean said dejectedly as Sam rolled his eyes. They glanced at the cops who just continued to stare at the boys, making Dean even more nervous. "What the hell is wrong with these guys?"

"Like I said, it's probably nothing. Will you please relax," added Sam grabbing his water from the table.

"Yeah right, that's why they're staring at us. Listen, I'm gonna go to the bathroom, I'll be back," said Dean and quickly got up.

"Ok" said Sam deciding he wanted to look something up on the computer. He went out to the car to get his laptop. He came back a few minutes later to see that Dean had not come out of the bathroom yet. "What's taking him so long," said Sam and went over to their table to sit down. There on top of the table was a note folded in half. He frowned and unfolded it. Oh no! It was written in red and had no signature, just like the one they had gotten in New Orleans. It had three words on it "WHERE IS DEAN!"


Fear gripped Sam's heart as he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. "Dean!" he yelled, "Are you in here?" He looked everywhere but Dean was no where to be found. Sam turned to leave the bathroom and looked toward the mirror. "Oh my God!" On it was Dean's name in large letters, written in blood. Sam ran out of the bathroom and continued to look all over the truck stop for Dean. He ran up to the cashier, "Excuse me, did you see the guy I came in here with?"

"Yeah," said the waitress. "Cute guy, but then so are you." she said and winked at him again, but Sam was in no mood for games. He was scared.

"Listen, did you see him come out of the restroom."

"No," said the waitress picking up on Sam's concern, "I saw him go in but I didn't see him come out."

"Did you see anyone else go in."

"No, why?" asked the waitress as she rang up a customer, studying Sam.

"He's my brother and I think something's happened to him!" Sam kept looking around for any signs that Dean would have left behind for him.

"What do you mean" said the cashier, now giving him her full attention.

"My brother is missing!" said Sam leaning in towards the woman. Suddenly he realized someone else was missing. "Where did those two cops go?"

"They left," she said matter of factly.

"When," he asked, starting to put everything together.

"Just a few minutes ago. Hey are you ok?" she asked Sam. He didn't give her a reply as he ran outside the truck stop

What happened to Dean? Just then Sam's cell phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. "Hello? Dean," he said frantically.

"Hello Sam" said a voice on the other end of the phone. "How are you?"

"Who is this? Where is my brother?"

"We have your brother" said the voice evilly.

"Who the hell is this? Let me talk to Dean! Now!" Panic started to overcome Sam.

"Dean can't talk right now. He's a little tied up at the moment." The man laughed and looked down at the floor of the van. Dean was unconscious, hands tied behind his back, and blindfolded. There was blood on his face.

"What do you want!" said Sam desperately. He looked around outside and made his way where the bathroom window was. He was hoping he could find some kind of sign, but it was like Dean vanished into thin air.

"Papa Theodore wants you, Sam."

Sam got quiet for a minute. He shuddered involuntarily at the mention of that name. How can that be? "Papa Theodore is in jail."

"No he isn't" said the man eerily.

Sam rationalized the conversation he was having with Dean's captor. "The police would never let him go."

There was laughter on the other end. "Who said they let him go?"

Sam shook his head. This can't be happening. Deep down, he understood. "Papa Theodore escaped didn't he?"

"Yes, he did, and it didn't take much. He is very powerful." The man paused for dramatic effect, "and now he wants you."

Sam continued to pace around the parking lot, not sure where to go. He headed over the Impala and leaned against it.

"The Master is very upset with you," the voice continued. "You should have done what he told you to do. Papa Theodore dreamt all of this would happen. You and you brother thought you got away but you are right where he wants you." The laughter continued, taunting Sam. "You were told there would be no escape. This is all part of his plan."

"I'm not going to kill my brother," said Sam. Finally he recognized the voice. "I know who you are. You're one of the guys that was with Frank and Papa Theodore aren't you!"

"It doesn't matter who I am," surprised at the young man's intuition. "Your will is stronger than we thought, but it doesn't matter. The Master will still have his sacrifice!"

"Who is this Master, anyway? What does he want with us," implored Sam trying to put this into perspective. "We thought we were coming to help Frank, we didn't know that he was setting us up. What did we ever do to him, or you?"

"The Master is our god, and he's angry. Your brother upset him when he came down the first time. You should have stayed away," the voice offered. "This is all part of what Papa Theodore dreamed. You and your brother will die Sam, in the Master's time."

"But why? What did we do?" Sam knew it would do no good because the man would not give answers, but he had to try. "Let me talk to Dean. Is he hurt? Was the blood on that mirror his? Please tell me?"

"We've talked enough," the man said curtly. "Now you will listen to me. You are going to get in the car and drive a couple of miles down the road. There is a motel there. That's where you will stay until we contact you. Do you understand?"

"I'm not going anywhere until I talk to my brother. I need to know that he's ok!"

"You are not calling the shots. I am. If you ever want to see your brother alive again you will do exactly as I say! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" There was no mistaking the anger in his voice.

"I understand," resigned Sam.

"Good" the man said. "And Sam, don't you even think about calling the cops and just so you know, we're watching you right now. Don't try anything or Dean will die." The cell phone showed a disconnect message. Sam looked around at all the people there. It seemed like everyone was watching him. He turned to go back in the truck stop.

As he entered the door of the truck stop, another cop came over to him, seeing how upset he was. "Son are you ok?"

Sam looked around, He was hoping that the people that had Dean didn't think he called them. "Fine, thanks." He quickly scurried to their table and retrieved his laptop.

"Are you sure? The waitress said that your brother was missing," the cop pressed, trying to help the young man.

"No, I'm here by myself." said Sam. As much as he wanted to cry for help, he could not let the cops know that anything was going on. It could mean Deans life. "I'm really ok." Sam gave him his quick reassuring smile.

"Ok, if you're sure" the cop said and started walking toward the restroom. The mirror!

"Where are you going," said Sam, stepping close to the officer again.

"To the restroom" said the police officer, now wondering if there really was something wrong with the young man.

"NO," said Sam, louder than he had intended. Several people looked his way. "I mean it's out of order."

"No it's not" said the policeman, "my partner just came out."

"Oh," said Sam. "Good" and ran to the restroom cutting him off. He looked at the mirror, but there was nothing there. Someone had cleaned it. There was no blood anywhere. They must have taken care of it when they took Dean. Sam exited the bathroom and blew past the waiting officer. He threw some money at the cashier, made sure he had everything from the booth and scurried out the door.

Sam did as he was told and went to the motel. He waited for Dean's captors to call him. Sam hoped, prayed, that Dean was ok. He thought about all the blood that was in the bathroom and prayed that it wasn't his brothers. Sam was scared for Dean, and scared for himself. What is happening to Dean right now? Is he ok? He had to find him before it was too late. All he could do was wait until they contacted him and told them what they wanted. "Please be ok, Dean" said Sam.