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Chapter 8

Sam woke up, looking around anxiously. No one was with him. Where's Dean?

Sam heard music and went over to the window of the cell. The sun was coming up, draping Dean in a bright light as he stood on some type of platform. His hands were tied above his head. Papa Theodore's followers were standing around him in a circle dressed in the black robe that Dean wore earlier. Each cultist had a weapon in their hand; a chain, a meat cleaver, a billy club. Their supplies seemed endless. Sam began to panic as the prophesy unfolded before him. "DEAN!" yelled Sam. They were making their preparations to kill Dean. Sam looked around frantically for something he could use to escape. A noise at the door caught his attention.

"Enjoy the show Sam," Papa Theodore said as he peered in the cell door, taunting the young hunter.

"Let him go!" demanded Sam. "If you kill Dean…"

"I'm not going to kill anyone Sam. I have people who will do that for me." Papa Theodore smiled at Sam. "I told you that you would live your worst nightmare; you will watch your brother die. I also told you that you wouldn't be able to stop it. This isn't the way I envisioned it, but it works."

"Let him go, please. I'll stay," pleaded Sam. "You can take me; just don't kill my brother.".

The man could not suppress a laugh. "But Sam, I already have you. Why would I let him go? The Master requires both of you to die." said Papa Theodore. "You watch Sam, and don't miss anything, because you will be next." Papa Theodore walked away.

"You son of a bitch!" yelled Sam after the priest and ran back to the window. Papa's followers were just beginning to chant. Sam knew he had to get out of there fast to help Dean. He continued to look around for something he could use to get out. The anger boiled in Sam's veins. "Hang on Dean, I'm coming!"

Dean opened his eyes and looked around. The sun was up, and that wasn't what he was hoping for. He knew they had planned a sunrise ritual, and the sun had risen. Dean felt his hands were tied and that way too many people had surrounded him with all sorts of weapons. "Oh man this is not good!" Dean looked down and saw Christy kneeling at his feet. She had a large knife in her hand. She slowly rose and looked at Dean. "Seems like we've been here before," he said to Christy nervously. He saw the same look in her eyes that Sam had when he was being controlled by Papa Theodore.

"They're all watching," Christy said quietly to Dean.
Dean looked around, trying to find a way out and seeing if Sam was anywhere near. He knew that Sam would be next. The chanting was getting louder. He turned to face Christy, recognition of his fate in his eyes. "You're going to kill me, aren't you?" She didn't say anything.

Dean looked into her eyes and she shook her head ever so slightly. "I'm not going to kill you," she answered, "Thou... shall ...not…kill." She started to cry as she remembered the verse. The grip on the knife remained strong.

Dean saw that she was breaking Papa Theodore's hold. If he could get through to her, he had a chance, and so did Sam. "Christy, listen to me. Put the knife down ok." Christy struggled, but lowered the knife. "That's it," encouraged Dean.

The leader of the group saw that Christy was faltering. He quickly made his way to the platform. "Papa Theodore said you would be weak." He approached her and held her face tightly. "If you're not with us, you're against us." The man squeezed her face, and then relaxed his grip. He smiled evilly. "I want you to dream!"

Christy was afraid and the knife fell from her hands. "NO! PLEASE, no more dreams!" The man looked at her and she was already falling back into a trance again. "They're all watching" said Christy dreamily. "They are waiting for me."

"Waiting for you to do what?" asked Dean, looking at her signs of hope.

"To make the first stroke. I have to cut you first. The master demands it!" She picked up the knife from the ground and looked at Dean sorrowfully.

"No Christy, don't do this," cried Dean still trying to find a way out of this mess. Where is Sam? He'll die too unless I find a way out of here. He turned his attention back to Christy, trying to be more forceful this time. "You don't want to do this," said Dean. "I don't want to die, and I don't want my brother to die!"

"Cut him," came the angry voice beside her. "The Master demands it. If you don't make the sacrifice, the Master will be angry. You don't want that do you?"

"No," said Christy and raised the knife above her head.

"Christy! No!" came an angry voice running toward the platform. Dean looked up to see Sam charging full force with a ferocity he had never seen. Christy shook her head and raised the knife. She cut the ropes from his hands. Dean fell down as the men in the group all charged toward him. They began to tear and kick at him. He could hardly fight them off because he was still weak.

"DEAN!" yelled Sam as he ran up on the platform taking two men on the way with one combination kick punch. Adrenaline was his friend as he ran to his brother.

"SAM!" shouted Dean as he tried with his bit of strength left to fight off the men. Sam ran up to the men on the platform and got them away from his brother. The two were able to knock out a few more when Sam got clocked by the man that called himself the executioner, falling to the floor. The group, once again, surrounded Sam and Dean with their weapons ready. Papa Theodore came into the circle followed closely by Frank. As soon as he saw the man approach, Sam knocked out one of the guards and fought for his gun. A struggle for possession ensued and a shot rang out. It startled the guard and Sam elbowed him in the face. The man dropped as the young hunter took possession of the weapon. He pointed it right between Papa Theodore's eyes. "Everybody back off or I swear I will kill him!" he said with venom in his voice.

Papa Theodore looked at Sam and smiled. His head became cloudy and the lightheadedness returned. "Put the gun down Sam," Papa said in a soothing tone. Sam's hand began to shake as he slowly obeyed.

"SAM!" shouted Dean trying to get to his feet. "Fight it Sam. Don't do this again."

Sam shook the dizziness away. "Not this time! You don't control me anymore." He raised the gun and pointed it at Papa Theodore again, hand still shaking. His face twitched with anger as he cocked the pistol.

Dean, fully on his feet now, addressed the group of people around him. "This man is not a god! He's been controlling you, but now you have the chance to be free again." Dean looked at Christy who was slowly coming back to reality. The last of her trance had worn off and she dropped the knife she held to free Dean to the ground. Dean continued his speech. "Everyone go back to your homes and live you own life. Make your own choices." The followers looked at Dean and saw that Sam had the gun on Papa Theodore. He tried to speak, but Sam raised the gun closer to his head ready to strike. Realization set in to the cult that it was over. People picked themselves from the ground who had fallen during the struggle with Sam and Dean. One by one the group left. Dean watched them go, then he noticed a body lying on the grass that did not move. It was Frank. He had been hit by the stray bullet that fired from the gun Sam held in his hands. Sam did not see the fallen man.

"Everyone has left you," Dean spat out at Papa Theodore. "You loose"

Papa Theodore smiled as he looked around him. "That's what you think." In a swift motion, he pulled the pouch with the powder out of his pocket. He started to throw it in Dean's face but Sam would have none of it, knocking the pouch from his hand. The powder spilled harmlessly to the ground. "NO!"

"Tie him up Sam and let's call the cops," said Dean and he started to walk away, assisting Christy down from the platform. Sam didn't move. He held the gun at Papa Theodore as the anger seeped from him again. Dean looked at his brother's face and it scared him. "Sam," said Dean approaching his brother with caution, "Don't."

A tear streamed down his face from frustration and exhaustion. The adrenaline that was coursing through his veins had finally subsided. It was now his conscious and the gun. "He doesn't deserve to live Dean. He's caused so much pain."

Dean put his hand on Sam's shoulder, making no attempt for the gun. He could feel the young man shaking. "Sam, don't do this. He's not worth it," said Dean, still trying to calm him. "Let the police handle this. If you kill him, you're no better than he is." Sam pulled his gaze from Papa Theodore and looked at Dean. He walked over to Papa Theodore and looked him in the eyes. Dean inhaled a sharp breath as he watched Sam hit him in the face with the butt of the gun. They watched the powerful man crumple to the ground in a heap. Sam released the gun and put it to the side. Christy watched the scene unfold.

"Call the cops Dean.

Frank was placed in the body bag and taken away by the coroner. The police came, once again, to arrest Papa Theodore. Christy would be a key witness to the whole ordeal and she happily gave all the secrets of the cult up. There was little doubt that Papa would get off this time, especially since his followers had officially abandoned him. The Winchesters gave their accounts to the police and a number to be reached at for further information. They were assured that this time, the priest would not escape and they were safe. Sam and Dean exchanged glances and thanked the police, knowing never to say never.

A squad car dropped the hunters off in front of the truck stop where they had stopped for lunch days ago. Dean looked at his brother with concern. "You ok?"

Sam had a haunted look in his eyes. "I don't know, Dean. I came dangerously close to killing someone." He put some of his things in the back seat of the car. Sam looked back to his brother. "This time I wasn't being controlled. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I would have." He trailed off.

Dean met his gaze with confidence. "But the difference is this time you had control and you made the right decision. You didn't kill him."

"That has a lot to do with you Dean. You broke through and made me see reason. Thanks," said Sam as he got in the car. Dean followed suit.

"Hey Sammy," Dean asked as he shut the door to the Impala, "you never did explain to me how you got out of the prison cell. You were like a bat outta hell!"

Sam squirmed to avoid the question. "Let's just say, I had a little help." He gave his brother his patented smile and quickly changed the subject. "Promise me one thing Dean."

"What's that?" asked Dean, wondering what the help was, but not pressing the issue.

"Promise me that we will never come to New Orleans again."

"I promise" said Dean as the engine roared to life and they sped out of New Orleans as fast as the car would allow.

The End.