Privet Drive 4 A.M. November 1, 1980.

Vernon Dursley awoke with a start. It took him a minute to figure out why he had awoke 3 hours before his alarm was set to go off. So he was startled when he heard an infant crying in the background. Vernon got up and went to check on
Dudley. Strangely he was sound asleep but Vernon still heard what sounded like crying so he walked downstairs towards the kitchen, so that he could get a cup of coffee,. But as he neared the front door the sound of crying increased in volume..

Vernon opened the door and looked down were he saw a child about 15 months old. He had messy black hair and a cut in his forehead that resembled a bolt of lightning with a note attached to him. He quickly read the note. When he finished with the note he ran inside with the child, he got dressed and wrote a note to his wife.


I had to into work early I wont be home till late this evening.


Vernon quickly grabbed the child and drove away from privet Drive. An hour later Vernon was in London. He was looking around for some place to dump the child, when he came across a dojo. He quickly grabbed the note off of the child's chest and scratched out any references to him or his family other than the child's name. He left child on the steps of the dojo where he wouldn't be found for another a few hours.

It was seven A.M when the child was found, by master Lion-heart. He was startled out of his morning meditation by a strange sound. He quickly went to inspect the source of the strange sound. When he found the source of the sound he quickly picked up the child and found the note.

This child's name is Harry Potter. This is your wife's sisters son, Mrs. (scratched out). He is now an orphan since his parents were murdered at their home last night. He must stay in your care in order for the blood magic to work. When e is ten he will receive a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He must attend this school.For it is extremely important to his future.


Albus Dumbledore

Order of Merlin First class, etc.

13 years later in Tokyo, Japan.

Harry potter was not your average 14 year old, most fourteen year olds would be worried about getting a girl friend or getting good grades in school, but not Harry. By the time Harry was 12 he was a certified genius. He already had several degrees from Oxford University. He was also a master in Aikido, Capoeira, Chanbara, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Kendo, Krav Maga, Kumdo, and Ninjutsu. He was worried if he would gain an apprenticeship to a master the ways of Slaying, Naginata, and Bando Thaing, Kung Fu, Soo Bahk Do, and Stav. So you see Harry was not in anyway normal for a 14 year old.

Harry Potter was no normal in his appearance He was tall for his age standing at an imposing 6 foot 2. He had shoulder length Black hair. Piercing green eyes. His face had the beginning of age appearing, along with a vertical scare above his right eye that went from his brow to the bottom of his cheek. His figure was that of a muscular athlete. On his back he had a large tribal tattoo running from his shoulders down to the small of his back

Now back to the story at hand. Harry Potter was heading for what he hoped would be his next apprenticeship. You see for the past year Harry Potter had been tracking the infamous vampire slayer named Blade, and his mentor Whistler. Harry had seen blade in the middle of London when he was 10, since that time he had talked to his mentor about trying to find him. His mentor was a former slayer himself and set up a contact for harry to use in order to track Blade down. So at this current time Blade was last known to be in Tokyo.

He had just about arrived at the location he was sent to by his contact when a black car speed past him into the alley way. Harry quickly realized what was happening and took of after the car. He followed the car nearly ¾ of a mile before it parked into a deserted warehouse. A man got out of the car and leaned against the door waiting for the boy to arrive. Harry arrived just as the man leaned against the car. Before he knew it he had blade headed for his throat, but it was knocked away by Harry's own sword.

Harry instinctively blocked the swing and jumped back. Harry sheathed his sword and called out. "I come in peace."

Blade let out a bark like laugh "Why have you tracked me down surely your not that stupid?"

"I have come in search of your tutelage. I also wish to learn more ways of the slayer" said Harry looking straight into Blades eyes.

"What your name kid, and what do you know of the ways of slaying?' asked Blade.

"My name is Harry Potter. I have learned the ways of the Lion-heart clan of London, I have also learned some martial arts in my few years." Said Harry never taking his eyes of Blade. Blade smirked and walked up to Harry grabbed his head and tilted it t the side looking for something.

"Your clean get in." said blade pointing to the car. Harry walked over to the vehicle, and got in quickly. It was a five minute ride to where they where whistler was. "get out" said Blade as he got out of the car. Harry followed quickly. When he got out of the car he saw they were in another abandoned warehouse. Harry started following Blade until he stopped in front of a old man.

"So this that Kid?" asked Whistler.

"Yes" was all that Blade said.

"What's he know and how old is he?" asked Whistler.

""Apparently he has some trained from the Lion-heart's of London in slaying, and some martial arts. And I don't know how old the runt is." Blade replied.

"Well kid how old are you, and what are you trained in and to what extent?" asked Whistler.

"I'm 14 years old I have mastered the Lion-heart slaying technique's and mastered master Aikido, Capoeira, Chanbara, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Kendo, Krav Maga, Kumdo, and Ninjutsu." Replied Harry. Whistler smirked and Blade raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" asked Whistler.

"Yes" was Harry's only response.

"I don't believe you" Blade replied.

"Well then a test perhaps?" asked Whistler. Harry nodded, Blade took of his coat, and weapons and prepared to fight. What ensued was the longest and greatest fight of Harry's short life to date. The fight in itself was intense it lasted all of an hour until both competitors were to tired to continue.

"Blade what do you think?" asked Whistler?

"I think I just found myself a new sparing partner, but one question Harry. How do you move that fast without being a hybrid or vampire?" asked Blade.

"I duno I always have. So I get to stay right?" asked Harry.

Whistler replied "Of course after that little show I want you pared with Blade. Now tomorrow you will start your training into our weapons tomorrow. I believe Blade will teach what he can in the other forms of the martial arts that you don't know already. Now I believe Blade will show you where you'll be staying for the moment." Harry followed Blade to a basic room and laid down for rest. Thinking 'man this is gona be fun'.

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