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"Well that was odd" said Ginny.

"ya it was, why do you think Dumbledore has such interest in these two?" asked Ron.

"Suppose we will find out in a few days when we are on the train back to Hogwarts." Said Hermione.

------------ Hotel--------- Next day---------

"So what are we gona do today oh fearless leader?" Asked Abby.

"I believe that we need to go and catch a train today. Otherwise I don't think we will be going to school. As such I know a pretty witch who would be upset with me if I were to allow that to happen." Said Raven.

Well then let's get a move on it" said Abby as she waved her hand and all of their stuff was packed. "well would you like to go and collect our "body guards"?

"Bodyguards?" he asked.

"Ya you know the tall dark silent one, the really smart one, and the old geezer who likes to shoot you." Said Abby.

"The last one doesn't count" Raven pouted. "Body guards are supposed to protect not kill their clients, and in case you forgot he has taken to putting a couple of rounds in me every time he sees me. So that kind of disqualifies him from being a body guard"

"That's just a show of affection" said Abby as Raven arches an eyebrow.

"He loves me like that rash he can't reach right" said Raven.

"Ya and now go get them we need to get a move on."

Raven walked over to the other room to collect the "Three Amigos", and surprisingly was shot again by Whistler.

"God damn old man do that again and I am gona remove that trigger finger of your permanently!' snarled Raven.

"Fuck you" snarled Whistler.

"No thanks, your not my type although your daughter on the other hand (whistles). Now there is a good time.

"Why you little piss ant" Snarled Whistler as he lunged for Raven but blade grabbed him and held him back.

"Must you two always fight?" asked Blade.

"No but when he decides to shoot me I feel a little bit testy." Said Raven. Blade nodded his head at this.

"Whistler you really need to stop shooting Raven. I know you like it and all but before long he will actually retaliate, and I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you. Now Raven what did you need?" Blade asked.

"My queen thinks we need our "Body Guards" today as we leave for Hogwarts." He said nonchalantly.

"Oh road trip?" asked Karen hopefully.

"Actually it's a trip to the train station." Said Abby walking into the room.

"Damn and here I was thinking I might actually get to see part of the countryside. Oh woe is me." Said Karen dramatically.

___________Grimald after Harry left___________

Dumbledore surveyed the room, Alastor, Remus, Tonks, and Sirius were all present. "Tonks untie them, and Alastor call an emergency meeting, for one hour." Alastor nodded and moved to the fire place to start making the calls, while Tonks freed the two captured marauders.

"Alastor what do you know about our young friend Mr. Potter?" asked Dumbledore.

"I'll tell you when everyone is here Albus, you know I don't like to repeat myself." Said Alastor. An hour later the whole order was in the kitchen at grimald place.

"Albus what was so important that you had to have an order meeting?" asked McGonagall.

"Well today Mr. Potter was found and brought to HQ by Nymphadora here. Once he was here he seemed most resistant to staying here." Said Albus.

"Resistant? He damn near killed you Albus!' Said Alastor.

"What do you mean Alastor" he asked.

"That young man who was brought here earlier today goes by the name Raven. He works with Blade the vampire hunter. That young man is more then capable of killing you as you saw earlier when you tried to attack him." Said Alastor.

"How do you know him Mad Eye?" asked tonks.

"Well he saved my ass in a bit of a jam a year ago. Killed 40 vampires, and then saved my hide. Oh that lad a life debt I do. Oh and just as a warning to the rest of you. DO NOT PISS HIM OFF. He will hurt, maim, or even kill you depending on what you might do." Said Alastor.

_______ VOLDIE'S Lair__________ after order meeting

Voldemort sat on his thrown as Snape rushed towards him. He stopped five feet away and bowed.

"What news do you have for me Severus?"

"I have both good and bad news for you milord."

"Speak quickly Severus for I have a very short temper today."

"Milord the Potter brat has been found, however he appears to have some skill. He also goes by the name Raven. He works with Blade the Vampire hunter."

"Thank you for the information Severus now be gone." Snape was out of the room before the dark lord had a chance to change his mind and curse him.

"Malfoy send a messenger to the vampires to set up a meeting, and do not repeat anything you have heard in this room today understood?"

"Yes milord"

--------- Hogwarts Express----------

The group arrived an hour before the Express was to set of for its annual journey to Hogsmeade station.

"All right you three don't have to much fun without us" said Abby.

"And no big missions without me Blade" said Raven.

"No problem Raven." Spoke Blade.

Whistler snapped "Watch my lil girl Raven or else…"

"You'll shoot me again?" asked Raven annoyed.

"You to just go to class and do your homework, oh and try and not piss to many people of. " said Karen.

Raven and Abby in unison "Yes mom, of course mom." Then they turned and got on the train. They quickly found a empty compartment. Raven warded it for their privacy.

Raven wiggled his eyebrows as he started to speak. "You know Abby that you look quite ravishing in that outfit dear?"

"Really Mr. Potter? What do you plan to do about it now that I'm all alone with you?" she asked smirking.
"If only you knew" said Raven as he hungrily devoured her mouth.

Two and half hours later Raven and Abby had finished their, um, extra curricular activities. Raven waved his hand so that other people may enter the compartment. (Don't ask me why I really don't know. I'm just going with this until someone tells me I'm wrong anyway back to the story!) About 15 minutes later two Red heads, and a brunette asked opened the door.

"Do you mind if we join you? Every else is full." asked Hermione as she and her companions started into the compartment and tried to put their luggage away.

"Yes we do mind" said Abby who was sitting down on Ravens lap.

"If everywhere else is full then where have you been for the last hour and a half?" asked Raven nonchalantly.

"Well we have been moving from compartment to compartment looking for one to be semi open" said Ron.

"I find that hard to believe. It doesn't take and hour and a half to knock on each compartment door then suddenly find one that is empty. I know from Hogwarts a history that a empty compartment will "magic" a compartment if you really want one for yourselfs." Said Raven The third compartment just continued to stare at Raven and Abby.

"And who are you?" asked Abby.

"I'm Ginny, Ron's little sister." She said testily.

"And what's your problem Ginny?" asked Abby.

"My problem is that your all over my man" snarled Ginny.

"and who is your Man?" asked a skeptical Abby.

"Your sitting on his lap you slag!" Ginny snapped.

"Raven put up the…" said Abby but before she could finish her sentence she felt the wards go up and could see the three kids go flying into the hall.

"Relax baby we should be there soon" said Raven.


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