Dracula walked through The streets of Budapest searching for a New bride behind his brides backs

the reasons for his decision were that he wanted someone new some fresh beauty to accommodate his passion and in hopes that he could finally create life for his kind.

it was late at night the moon turned on the streets as he didn't see many people outside except as he looked more strangely at a distance he spotted a pretty young girl with hair as long as her waist The color was brownish, Her skin was soft and was almost The color of milk which looked like that in The moonlight, her lips were pink, her eyes were golden and her body structure was perfect she looked about The age of 19.

What most interested Dracula of this girl was the strength that she had inside her, he also noticed a grave secret of her and a strange power

Almost as if this was the cure for all his troubles to the loss of his children to the suffering that he had every time that he captured the image of his beloved children

He looked at her carefully inspecting everything about her, he noticed that she had a simple plain blue dress , jewelry that suited her , her makeup was perfectly put on in a very simple way he also noticed that she loved The night for The way that he saw her look at moon how the stars shown as bright lights in the night sky

He then decided that he would make his move he started he climbed down walking towards her as he started to notice that she started moving faster and faster away from him he looked at her he then smiled and started following her as she passed through a dark alley way she stopped and then started walking calmly and peacefully she didn't turn back The count then looked at her again and he caught that she was not looking at him she then turned around and started to run faster and faster with every step she took.

Dracula saw this and took to his bat form he followed her through The sky and feeling how tears were going down her beautiful cheeks. He then saw that she was going in a house He stopped in front of The house and climbed inside a window The count then went down The stairs of The house and just saw as her figure started stepping backwards as he slowly waited for her as he just felt as how she bumped into him.

He chuckled at this "a fine lady as your self should not be at this hour of night" he saw how she backed away "um how did you appear I was sure that nobody was there" he stepped closer to her

" really how sure were you, and besides that does not really matter to me i came for something else"

she started to move back

"get away from me besides I'm busy and I have many places to go"

she started to say as he turned backwards as he lines closely at her

"and what kind of places would a fine lady as your self be going to" he said as he noticed that her heart started to beat faster

"what I do is not your problem and besides what would you be interested in what i do"

"maybe its because i find a young lady at night walking alone on the streets and i ask my self what could she be doing that forces her to walk at night"

"if I was walking at night it would have mean i have a reason and i do, but may I ask if I can trust you"


she smiled as she started to walk over towards a wall as she turned on the lights as i saw many wild flowers in the room that i was in as i smirked at her

"now this is a fine reason to be walking at night since these flowers not only are beautiful but also is a great passion"

"you know now my secret now i only have to learn yours

"and that would be a fine question but i will tell you some other time, now on to other things may i know your name, if you do not mind"

" my name is Nicole de carnet"

he started to nod and bowed as he smiled at her as he notice slowly that she was looking at his human looks as a tint of red formed around her cheeks as she turned her back at him

" you don't have to be polite with me" she said as she walked over

towards a basin as she started to take a jug from to small doors

"and why mite I ask you keep these flowers here"

"I am to be married to some duke that I don't even love or care for, plus I despise The world it has taken my mother my father my brothers and sisters and now it is giving me to somebody that I have been mistreated and hurt and besides he's a brute and doesn't even let me have my small pleasure in life "

he heard he say as he started to place a smirk on his face

"so I suppose that to hide your pleasure you took advantage of what you had"

she started to laugh as he saw her move with the jug to some rose colored flowers as she started to put water over them

"that is correct"

she said as she moved to another batch of flowers

"now my mysterious fellow may i know your name since you have asked me so much but i have asked so little"

"my name is vladilaus dragulia"

he said slowly at her as she slowly smirked at him as she walked away up the stairs as she turned on a few more light as he noticed a big blue colored bruise on her shoulder and another red colored bruise in her hair as he slowly walked over toward her as she turned around as he saw his puzzled face

"is this duke been hurting you my dear" he said as he saw her turn around as she looked at him in the eyes

"why do you ask"

"because your bruises seem quite out of the ordinary"

"yes he has like many people in my life that have hurt me, and now mite I ask what is it that u want"

she said, as he stepped closer and closer to her

"I want you"

she smiled " me my lord, why would you want a peasant girl who was taken from the only family she had that protected her and sold away to be married "

she said as he smiled at her

" I don't consider you a peasant, I consider you a queen my queen" she smiled even more "still I am a peasant with only one person to give me clothing and a home" she said,

"how is that if I mite ask" she laughed "The man I am to marry" he took her hand " I have many abilities you know, and I can feel that there is something in you that I am connected to" she smiled and hugged him "i feel a connection as well" he took her hand he looked at The evening sky as if that she was The only thing going in his mind.

In The meantime she let go of his hand and walked out of the house. As she slowly turned of the lights as he then noticed this and started to look for her and she was not there " Nicole" he called out she was gone and he didn't even know why but he would find her again he knew it in her heart he felt warm and confort yet he didn't know if she was ready to be his bride or not he would have to wait till there next encounter for him to know if she felt The same that he did for her.

He felt rage as well inside of him as he slowly took one of the flower pots that was empty and threw it out the window as his fist cluched in his rage as he thought how could somebody hurt her in that way she how has suffered her life for the loss of her mother her sisters her brothers how was sold to be married.

He started to close his eyes as he quickly opened them again as he walked out of the small house as he thought that he wanted to kill the man that would hurt her but he would not do this now for fear that she would get hurt again, meaning that he didn't want to hurt her.

He started to form a plan if Nicole would show love then he would turn her and offer her the chance to avenge herself but how would he get her to come close enough to get his bachelor and her and then there was also the though of how would he cope if she would not show love.

If she dint he would take her by force and also that he needed a good excuse to get her here which would be a masked ball in his summer palace

He changed to his bat form as he flied over towards his summer palace as he revised his plan and also that he would visit Nicole soon that he would send invitations for a masquerade ball he slowly descended upon the balcony as the door were opened by three bride

my lord"

they said in unionism as they started to coo on his shoulder "my dear wives we shall have a great feast for somebody very special "who my lord" I heard Allera say "you will know her soon" I saw them smile "for now send invitations to every person we know and please consider inviting my special guest Nicole de carnet" "why is she special my lord" i heard Verona say "you will soon know, you will soon know"