I slowly hid inside a small corner slowly hearing Vladilaus step's I giggled as I saw him turn to my direction

"My dear Nicole were could you be you mite be, here"

I heard Vladilaus say as he slowly looked at the corner were I was hidden as his attention was diverted to a small hole as he jumped in surprise

"Oh Vladilaus I guess you could not find me" I singsong to him

"Im not done my love "

I heard him say as he started to climb to my position

As I flapped my wings changing position as I placed my self on the ceiling in a dark corner as I saw him look up as he smiled

"I got you"

He said as he slowly started to climb up to the top of the ceiling his soft foot steps as I swooshed around the room turning all the lights off as I changed back to my human form

As I saw him turn his dark blue eyes in the darkness as I closed my mouth speaking again

"Now you can't see me do you give up?"

I said as I felt slowly some arms touch my shoulders


I heard him say as I dashed out of the way and into a hall as I unlighted all of it closing a door as I hid in one coffin.

Hearing slowly a loud bang I heard slowly footsteps as I saw a door creak open as I got out of the coffin and slowly passed him into another room in witch I saw him turn around as he slowly inspected as I heard slowly his foot step's come closer to me.

Hiding behind a door I closed it as I heard again the step's of Vladilaus come closer as he passed me

Sitting I waited for a few minutes as I dashed out quickly feeling slowly a presence near I flew away as I hid near a column were I had hid the first time.

"Nicole Nicole Nicole you make it a challenge to find you"

I heard him say as I flew out the window and up into the sky as I kept quiet as I saw him look.

Waiting impatiently for about 20 minutes I saw him slowly sit a he screamed

"I give up"

Nodding in disapproval I saw him dash towards me as I dashed inside the castle again as I hid behind a statue

"Really my love and what would be if you find me"

I said as I smiled giggling at him

"You will keep your word just as I keep mine"

heard him say as I jumped from the statue landing in my toes as I saw his face as a laugh resounded as I slowly got my composure back as I jumped into his arms as a kiss was placed on my lips

"Hmm I guess ill have to keep my word"

I said as I placed my hands on his chest purring slowly as I saw him snicker

"Not just yet my dear I let you play your game now you let me play my own"

"And what kind of game would be that my love"

I said as his hand rested around my waist as his eyes darted to all my form

"A game of chase a hunt for a beautiful girl"

I smiled as I giggled


He said as he slide his right hand into mine

"And if I loose my love what next what will be my condemn"

I said as he backed away

"A pleasure night just what I was thinking for tonight"

He said as he placed a small kiss on my neck as I slowly shivered


I heard him say as I turned around to look at a possible way out as I looked at a window


I started to slowly transform to my bat form as I slowly started to descend into the sky


I heard him say as I dashed out of the window my bat wings slowly speeding up as I felt his bat form right behind me.

Gliding slowly I descended as I went inside the entrance of the castle as I smiled as I saw Vladilaus in front of me dashing to the right I saw him hold my feet as I cuddled slowly in his arms.

My brown locks becoming normal again as well as my face as I saw him his eyes glittering in the light.

"You haven't caught me yet count"

I said as I pushed away as I hit the floor running up the stairs of the hall as I opened the door following a wide corner as I came into a room

As I saw him barge at the doors.

Laughing I started to fly again as I cashed out of the window of the room as I saw him follow me

"Why won't you give up?"

I heard him say

"Because I still don't want anything"

"Im just joking my love"


I said as I was back in the room as I saw him start to take in a firm grip his lips caressing with my own as his tongue started to play with my own separating I felt my lips swell by the force of the kiss.

"I guess we should make it a night"

I said as I saw him smile not just yet Im quite enjoying this

"Count what you have in mind"

I heard him say as I started to separate from him his dark blue eyes as I walked away my hair falling over my face as his hand separated it.

"It would be a game of passion maybe you've played it before"

"What game would be that?"

I said curling his arms around him

"Truth or dare"

I heard him say as my eyes went wide as I smiled at him as I seated in a seat as I saw him do the same

"you start"

He said as he stood pensative his hand resting on his lap as I concentrated on what I wanted him to respond

"Have u ever had any enemies"

I asked innocently as I saw him smile as his eyes turned blue

"Yes one, vanhelsing"

He said as the name fumed in my head

As his face turned to an unhappy look as he stood pensative and stood as he offered me his hand

"Ive had enough of games for tonight"

He said as I looked at his eyes as they were sanded


He screamed as I saw my sister come inside as she smiled and bowed at vladislaus

"Show her to her own room my dear"

He said as Verona pointed me out the door as the wind crashed the doors in vladislaus room.