On the first day of his rule, King Henry of England ordered William Wallace's body removed from the tomb it had so carefully been buried in and the body torn to pieces. He then sent the pieces all across England and Scotland as a reminder of what would happen to rebels.

This did not have the effect he had planned.

Unaware, he stood beside his ever increasingly pregnant wife and watched as Skye married Robert the Bruce, the newly crowned King of Scotland.

And while she was pale from grief, Skye looked ever bit as radiant as a bride as she kissed Robert for the first time as his wife.

On June 15, 1314, the peasant army of Scotland, stood behind their King as he stood before the armies of England to accept their endorsement of his crown. But instead of bowing to the demands of the England, Robert the Bruce led the same army that had been led by William Wallace, down the plain of Bannockburn and reeked a slaughter on the army of England. Scotland…won her freedom.

Three days later, King Henry was found dead in his bed, next to his lover, Philip, who was also dead.

The Queen of England would rule until their unborn child was old enough. She paid homage to the King and Queen of Scotland and at long last, England and Scotland had peace…and freedom.

December 20, 1314, Isabelle gave birth to a healthy baby boy that was christened King William of England.