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The next day Charlie woke up with that feeling you get when you just know that you're going to have a bad day. However, since he had been having that feeling almost everyday since they had landed and the delightful little island, he merely shrugged it off and left the tent to greet the day.

As usual there was Sawyer…..reading….again. Charlie was really beginning to wonder if that was an extremely good book, or Sawyer had actually ran out of ideas for ways to cause trouble. Charlie sighed heavily and plopped onto the sand.

"What's with you?" Sawyer asked not even bothering to shift his eyes from his reading.

"I'm bored," Charlie moaned and only after saying it realized how childish he had sounded.

Sawyer chuckled. "Aren't you a little old to be whining?"

"Like you're one to talk," the younger man mumbled under his breath then quickly glanced up hoping Sawyer hadn't heard him.

From the expression on his face, the conman had definitely heard him but had actually found the comment more amusing than annoying. Charlie wondered when exactly he had gained the relationship with Sawyer where he was brave enough to say something like that to a guy who would normally bite off someone's head for even looking at him wrong. At the same time Sawyer was trying to figure out when he had gotten so used to having the kid around, and why he didn't find him exasperating anymore.

"Well, what do you normally do when you're bored?" Sawyer questioned finally looking away from his book.

Charlie shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just usually help out with one of whatever projects are happening."

"Okay then. Go see the doc, his highness is normally giving out commands at this time of day."

"You really think things have calmed down here enough that I can go out now without anyone attacking me or anything?"

"You're not really going to go see the doc are ya?" Sawyer gave him a stare that Charlie interpreted as an 'are you high' look.

"No, but there's got to be something somewhere on the bloody island to do."

"Fine, but take one of the guns with you and make sure no one knows you have it unless it's completely necessary for you to use it. Got it?"

Charlie gave a quick nod and grabbed one of the guns from where Sawyer had carefully hidden them in the tent. He tucked it into his waistband like before making sure his hoodie covered it entirely .

A few minutes later he found himself wandering down the beach still bored. Suddenly a rather loud thud caused him to speed up his pace a little, and he ran ahead a few feet only to see Sayid struggling to move a large piece of wood.

He only hesitated a moment before calling out. "Need some help?"

Sayid gave him a grateful smile. "Help would be greatly appreciated," he called back.

Charlie nodded and ran over to give him a hand.

Sawyer once again glared down at the words on the page trying to convince himself to concentrate on what they were saying instead of worrying over what Charlie was doing. The kid was old enough to watch out for himself…….Sawyer hated having to worry about other people. What was he getting himself into hanging out with the rockstar?

Just as he was getting back into his story, a soft voice called out his name.


"Well, hey there, Sunshine, what can I do for you?" For some reason he had always liked Sun. Maybe because she was one of the few people on the entire island who hadn't done anything to annoy him….yet.

"How's your book?" Oh, she was going to play that game was she. Well, Sawyer wasn't that stupid.

"Predictable, not enough sex." Let's see how she handled that.

"I heard that you have all the medical supplies." Apparently she could handle crude comments quite well.

"You heard correct."

"May I look through them?"

Sawyer had to chuckle at her sweet tone. He wouldn't require her to give him anything if she actually needed something, but he couldn't make it easy for her either. He had a reputation to protect.

"No, you may not. But if you'll tell me what you're looking for…."

"Forget it," she replied as she turned to leave.

He quickly followed her. Best not to upset one of the few people who liked you. "Okay, hold on. Now I'm intrigued. Tell you what, tell me what you're looking for and it's yours, gratis"

"Can't I just look myself?"

Ok, now Sawyer was very curious.

"It's not a drugstore, sweetheart."

"I need a pregnancy test."

Sawyer was glad that sand was soft or he could have seriously hurt himself when he jaw plummeted to the ground.


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