An Ugly Beauty

Myth#1: Thin is beautiful. So if you're fat, you're ugly. Myth#2: Tall is beautiful. So if you're short, you're ugly. But what if you're both? After suffering from a heartbreaking past with playboy Kenshin Himura, Kaoru Kamiya flees to America to let her heart heal. Almost three years after, she goes back to Japan with a thin waist to flaunt, a pretty face to brag and a sweet revenge to execute.

Prologue: Ugly

For what is beauty than the pureness of ones soul – anonymous-

Real women have curves. They are white, tall, skinny and young. That is why they're beautiful. If then, how about that fat lady who offers her home to

her neighbor's orphaned son? How about that short girl who lent her doll to her friend? How about that grandmother who cooked lunch for her

grandchildren? Aren't these women real? Aren't they beautiful? For years, the world has been blinded by aesthetic pulchritude, the beauty that which

can be perceived by the eyes. It has not considered women whose size, complexion and age do not fall under these aesthetical standards. But true

beauty lies within and that's the beauty that matters most. It's the beauty that defines a woman real. Those women who have cleaner hearts than cleaner

faces, who have bigger hearts than bigger boobs and those who have taller dreams that taller bones are those who we ought to consider beautiful.

The afternoon had been horrible. The sky was dark and roaring, the streets were wet with the crude unforgiving rain and Kaoru's heart was broken. The pimpled-faced fifteen-year old snuggled herself tight into the corners of the Kendoh room, tears seeping from her sad sapphire eyes, where she overheard Kenshin and the others talking.

Talking about her, about what they've done. A game. The best seven days of her life with him had been a lie, an illusion. She sniffed in derision, and tried to get the images of him that had been floating there since the day they first met away. Away where she could not remember them. She hiccupped and stared intently at the door. Someone was knocking.

In swift panic, she got on her feet and hurriedly wiped her tears away with her shaky hands. She freed yet another labored breath, fixed herself, combed her disheveled hair with her hands and inched herself towards the door. The knocks sounded a little too persistent. Slowly, she opened the door and met the worried eyes of her Kendoh instructor, Seijuro Hiko.

Now, Hiko was a big burly man whom at first impression was a hard-to-please conservative hypochondriac. His mere presence fills the room with authority and a distinctive clearing of his throat means that when he is present, he is never to be ignored. His poker face never showed any affectation towards anyone, even or especially to his students. But if ever there was anything Hiko was notorious for, it was because he never wants to see his students get hurt by the hands of someone else. If anything should cause their students suffering, it would be him. Lest anyone else tried to inflict them pain, that someone would answer to him.

The news of the 'betting game' that the Kendoh team had played on its only female student had already spread across the wide lengthy halls of Feryuu high, something that was regarded as a scandal instead of just an ordinary piece of news. Hiko was evidently worried because he had seen a sort of similar case where the effect of these juvenile games on the victim in question was suicidal. He just hoped that Kaoru was strong enough. Whether crying is a manifestation of strength was something he wised at that time was a fact.

"May I come in?" his voice was nearly inaudible. Kaoru nodded and opened the door wider. The lights were off and Hiko could hardly see anything inside. He turned to Kaoru and patted her on the head. "Tell me what's wrong, kid"

Kaoru sniffed and Hiko offered for them to sit down. It was when Kaoru let everything out. What was surprising was that of the hundred shoulders she thought of crying on, Hiko's was never on the list. But to hell with all the others and to the stupid notion that sensei Seijuro Hiko was a cold-blooded human.

The poor girl told Hiko everything and it was quite important to note that whenever the name of a certain student was mentioned, who in fact was the root-cause of it all, he either scoffed or raised his bushy eyebrows.

Hiko admitted to himself that it was partially Kaoru's fault that she was hurt that moment. She should have been smart enough to ponder why someone as popular and as fortunate-looking as his stupid student, Kenshin Himura ask someone as…plain…as Kaoru out on a date. Plus, she need not those extra pounds she gained on those glamorous restaurants. Hiko could only shake his head as Kaoru continued talking. He didn't listen much because he would have settled for 'I know I was stupid to fall for his trick and fall for him afterwards' or 'I would have thought someone like him would never ask me out'.

But if narrating the whole thing would do her good, he might as well pretend to listen. He glanced at her silhouette and could not help feeling sad for her. Even at that point, he could still make out her size. She was quite fat for a teenager. She must have weighted 57 kilograms or more. But although she had pimples and was huge, she was a nice girl and that made her beautiful than the rest.

Kaoru went home that afternoon with Hiko's words emblazoned tightly in her brain.

"Go home and sleep. I would be happy if you don't come back tomorrow anymore. You know you'll be better off somewhere else" he had said after strangely giving her a hug that she felt was the last.

He was referring to the impending decision she was still to make about moving to Germany with her dad, who was in fact the Admiral of the Japanese Coast Guard. He was reassigned to Worms where he has to work for a couple of years. He had been begging Kaoru to go with him but she hasn't settled her mind yet. She yawned and stretched out her arms, catching a glimpse of her reflection. Mesmerized, she went nearer.

Kaoru sighed, turning 90 degrees to the left and back again, occasionally squeezing her belly, and waving it disdainfully on the mirror. Then she checked her height and was horrified that her 4'11 mirror was taller than her. Then she checked her pimples. They were big, red and swelling. Eventually, she lost herself in frustration and threw herself on the bed.

"I'm ugly" she told herself, brushing a tear away. "He will never love me". She told herself that over and over again until she was fast asleep. Tomorrow should be pleasing for her and she had made her decision. Germany would be where she will mend her broken heart.

Kaoru woke up with a start. She stretched out her arms as far as she possibly can and she yawned, excited towards finally going home. Home. Kaoru blinked and looked at herself in the mirror. She could not help but smile. She could not believe that it had been almost years since she had left Japan.

Author's Note: I heartily dedicate this fic to all women, girls, ladies out there who don't think they're beautiful. Trust me, if you do good as much as you can, external beauty won't matter a mite. I just want to let those of you who will read this story that I am not afraid and ashamed to be plump, short and pimpled. I know my place and I know that I'm beautiful. Besides, according to the Sugababes, if I'm ugly, so is everyone else…