The three Jedi returned to their chamber to gather their belongings.

Qui Gon stopped outside their door and turned to face Obi Wan. "Yoda has another mission for us," Qui Gon said softly to Obi Wan.

Us. Obi Wan felt a thrill at the word. He looked at Leila.

Qui Gon opened the door and stopped suddenly. Instantly his lightsaber was in his hands. He turned and with one sweep of his large hand, he knocked Obi Wan to the floor.

Leila had flipped forward into the room, right over his hand, her lightsaber in her hand. She landed, crouching.

"Don't move," said Qui Gon.

They froze.

Qui Gon carefully sensed the room.

Xanatos had been there. Had.

"Alright," he said. "He's gone."

Slowly Obi Wan stood.

Leila lowered her lightsaber.

Qui Gon stared down at his bed. A piece of paper had been stabbed to the cushion with a vibro-shiv.

Leila and Obi Wan crossed the room. They peeked around Qui Gon.

If you are reading this, I suppose I underestimated you. I won't the next time. I enjoyed our adventure together, Master. I am certain you will have the pleasure of meeting me again. You and your beautiful daughter.

Obi Wan couldn't read the look on Qui Gon's face.

"Are you angry?" asked Leila simply.

"I'm not angry," said Qui Gon. He turned and faced to the two young people. "Xanatos is gone from me. He is just another enemy now. The hate is all on his side. And I am prepared to fight the evil he does." Qui Gon's eyes bore into Obi Wan. "You have shown me this, Obi Wan. In the mine, when you and Leila reached out and showed me how light can always battle darkness. My anger left me. In the end, you taught me a valuable lesson about myself. And when the Padawan teaches the Master in turn, the partnership is right."

"You called me Padawan in the mine," said Obi Wan quietly.

"You would have died for me," said Qui Gon. "Your courage was extraordinary, even for a Jedi. I would be honored if you would become my Padawan, Obi Wan Kenobi."

Leila's smile was lighting the room. She looked at Obi Wan.

Obi Wan felt warmth fill him. "I accept, Master Qui Gon Jinn."

Leila squealed and threw her arms around Obi Wan's neck.

He laughed and he swung her around.

"Of course," Qui Gon added, "you would not have succeeded with your plan, the both of you. I would have stopped you both from dying for me."

"You would not have been able to, Master," Obi Wan replied serenely as he set Leila on the floor.

Leila smiled at her Father as she turned to his arms. "He's right."

As Qui Gon held his daughter, he exchanged a look with his new Padawan, half challenge, half amusement. Both of them saw ahead to the long years and the many missions to come. They knew they would debate this over those years, even as the memory of a planet called Bandomeer had faded. It would be a friendly disagreement between them. A bond of history and trust.