Part III

The two men tried to ignore each other three days later as they sat in the interrogation room at police headquarters waiting to go over their statements on the Kane shooting. Billie had been ready to strangle them both at the Candy Store as they sat side by side for two and a half hours writing reports without exchanging a word.

When IA came in, instead of the detective in charge of the Kane case, green eyes locked on brown and they went into partner mode. Deaq defended Van passionately for his actions, going into far more detail with his words than he had done in print. Van described in minute detail what happened in the parking lot.

Deaq knew that this was hard for Van. When one of the IA officers asked Deaq if he thought his partner had been asking for it…after all look at the way he dresses… Deaq's good hand pounded the table and he stood up. He was going to hurt someone if he didn't get out now – most likely the IA idiot who was implying his partner deserved to be beaten by the monster, Kane. He took a deep breath and reined himself in. He could tell that Van was almost at his breaking point – he hadn't looked to good to start with, and now, hell he looked like he was about to keel over. So it wouldn't help if he went King Kong on the IA idiots. He gathered his partner up and left the room.

Deaq drove them back to Van's hotel. Van had watched his partner through semi-closed lids during the drive. He was more thankful then he could voice to have been taken out of that interrogation. He didn't think he could relive the moments of fear again if his life depended on it. All they did was serve to bring back the panic he felt, the sense of loss, when he had seen his partner fall to the bullet.

Deaq pulled up in front of the hotel and waited. "You still with me V?" he chuckled when it was clear Van hadn't realized the car had stopped.

"What? Oh, sorry." Van looked a little embarrassed. "Look, I wanted to thank you for what you did today - getting me out of that room - I appreciate it partner."

"And I want to thank you for holding on when it would have been easy to just let go." Deaq said solemnly.

"No way was I letting Kane win." Van said passionately. "Not losing you on my watch, Deaq."

"Same time tomorrow, partner?" Deaq smiled broadly and held up his fist.

"Same bat channel, partner." Van responded, tapping the fist with his own.