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This is a series of one shots relating to the past of Ryan Lupin, the main character in our story; Twists of Fate. If you're going to read this we suggest you read Twists of Fate so you understand where all of this is coming from. Each chapter will be a new one shot, some of which have been briefly mentioned in the main story but haven't gone into detail there. Kodi and I are doing this for fun, one because we love Ryan's character and his interactions with other characters, and two because we have so many ideas for these events that we dont have enough room in the main story from them. We hope you enjoy.

The Life And Times Of Ryan Lupin: Into The Pensieve

My life has been one of misfortune, fear, unease and equally one of magic, wonder and happiness. I have witnessed and been a part of many things throughout my short time in this world that have shaped the world as we know it this day. So naturally, some idiot with a typewriter has decided they would like to document the events of my life to date, beginning in very early childhood. My name is Ryan James Lupin, and I am a vampire. Who and what I was before I was turned is of no consequence to this collection of memoirs. All you need to know is that I was turned by the King of Vampires at the age of one, and was consequently taken in by a Werewolf and an Animagus who raised me as their own for the rest of my days.

The following memories recount our escapades throughout the years as they surface in my mind. Where should I begin then, you ask? The beginning seems logical obviously, however, I am not the most logical of beings. Thoughts swirl and turn with no real sense of order, therefore as they come forward, I will place them in the Pensieve, and you can witness for yourself the madness that has been my life. However for your first glimpse into my colorful past, I will return to my earliest memory of disappointment as a vampire, my second birthday. The day my father and Sirius decided to bake me a cake. I assure you, that has never happened again since...

Episode I: The Birthday Cake Disaster - 31st of July, 1982

I suppose at the age of two you would assume I didn't fully understand the concept of what my birthday was. I can assure you, you are mistaken. At the physical age of two, my mental age stood at about eight thousand years. Having all memory and knowledge transferred to you from the most ancient king of vampires, Artifex Incruentus, will do that to you. To be completely accurate, I had been counting down the days to my imminent birthday for several weeks, unbeknown to my clueless father. It was a great surprise to Remus when I looked up at him early that morning from my crib and my first words were;

"Where my present?" Ryan asked looking up at Remus with wide hopeful eyes.

Remus' mouth feel open in shock. He had only just walked in the room and hadn't even had the chance to wish his son Happy Birthday. Remus' eyebrow twitched as he wondered whether Sirius had been in already filling his Ryan's head with ideas. Getting over the initial shock of Ryan actually being aware of the fact that it was his birthday, Remus cleared his throat and said the words he had been so abruptly prevented from saying.

"Happy birthday, Ryan."

"Where my present?" He demanded again, he'd been waiting too long to be let down now.

"I love you too, Daddy." Remus said with a laugh as he reached down into the crib to pick the young boy with outstretched hands up. "We're going to go and get you a present today after Sirius has shown you his surprise."

"Present first. Siwius later." Ryan said folding his arms.

Remus laughed sitting the young vampire on his shoulders. "Ryan, Sirius has worked very hard on his surprise for you. We're all going to go and find you a present after you've seen what Sirius made for you."

"Siwius made Ryan cake. Siwius knows Ryan hate cake. Siwius made cake for himself." Ryan said crossly, folding his arms tighter across his chest.

Remus frowned. "How'd you know he made you a cake?"

"Ryan poofed into kitchen last night. See Siwius baking cake. Blah." Ryan said in disgust sticking his tongue out.

"Ryan." Remus began in a stern tone, looking the young boy meaningfully in the eyes,at the same time a little perplexed about what exactly "Poofed" meant.

Ryan pouted and loosened his arms. "Fine. Ryan eat stupid cake."

"Thank you." Remus said satisfactorily.

"Then get present." He said cheerfully.

"Yes Ryan, then you'll get your present." Remus said rolling his eyes.

Ryan grinned revealing a short pointy fang as his father carried him into the kitchen, where Sirius was waiting with a large and magnificent chocolate cake in the shape of a rabbit. As far as birthday cakes go, Sirius had done amazingly well. The rabbit cake looked very realistic indeed, the icing even had miniscule little lines to represent fur. He and Remus had gone to an extreme amount of detail in creating the cake, despite the fact that Ryan would most likely not notice its beauty. Although he did seem to have a bizarre affinity for rabbits.

"Happy Birthday midget." Sirius said with a wide grin as he whipped the boy off of Remus' shoulders and stood him on one of the chairs at the kitchen table. "Look, it's a rabbit."

Ryan's eyes lit up with joy as he looked at the rabbit lying on the table, causing Sirius to laugh. Ryan poked his tongue out between his fangs at Sirius, who laughed again and lit the two candles on top of the cake with a wave of his wand. The cake had the words, 'Happy Birthday Ryan' plastered across it in sloppy blue writing. Remus grinned as Ryan's eyes lit up in anticipation, then gave Sirius a knowing glance. Just as they drew breath to begin singing happy birthday Ryan huffed out the candles and plunged towards the cake, fangs bared, so quickly that neither of the men had time to stop him. All they could do was watch, completely dumbstruck, as Ryan mutilated the cake.

"Ryan!" both the men called in alarm as the boy came up coughing and spluttering, spitting out crumbs of chocolate cake and icing as he gasped for air.

"Bad Siwius!" Ryan spluttered angrily, wiping the chocolate substance from his mouth hastily. "You twick Ryan. That not real rabbit, it cake rabbit!"

Sirius raised an eyebrow and turned to Remus. "Um, is it natural that he went for the neck?" He asked, noticing that the jugular of the rabbit cake had been destroyed.

"I'm not entirely sure..." Remus said slowly as he picked the chocolate covered boy up from the chair and cleaned him off with a wave of his wand.

Ryan glared angrily at Sirius as he was being de-chocolafied.

"I'm sorry kid, I thought you'd like a cake for your birthday." Sirius said as he picked up the mutilated rabbit and moved it to the bench. "People don't usually drain the blood of animals to celebrate their birthdays, you see?"

"Ryan don't like cake, Ryan like blood." Ryan said darkly. "Ryan want real rabbit next time."

"Perhaps we should go and pick out your presents now, Ryan, what do you think?" Remus asked quickly.

"Ryan want good present now." Ryan said determinedly. "Can Ryan have a real rabbit, daddy?"

"I'm sorry Ryan, you can't have a real rabbit." Remus said gently seeing the look of disappointment on the boy's face. "But we'll find you something even better, I promise. Now go see Uncle Sirius while I find your coat."

Sirius took the downtrodden boy in his arms as Remus disappeared and looked at him with a sly grin. "Ryan?"

"Yeah?" he asked sadly.

"Uncle Sirius knows where to find you a real rabbit, but you can't tell Daddy, ok?"

"Really Uncle Siwius?" Ryan asked hopefully, "A real one?"

"A real one, but it'll be our little secret, alright?" Sirius said sternly.

"Ryan good at secrets, Uncle Siwius. Daddy will never know."