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Summary: SLASH! Sideswipe's ex shows up and wants him back. But what does Blurr have to say about that?

Chapter 1

"Ah," Sideswipe cried out in his recharge. Sitting up quickly Sideswipe took in his surroundings. Nothing out of the ordinary. He was in his quarters at the base, with the door still locked and everything still in place. So why did he wake up?

"Nightmares again?" Hot Shot asked from his bunk below Sideswipe's.

"Yeah," Sideswipe nodded, still breathing hard.

"You need to see Red about those. It can't be normal to wake up screaming four nights a week," Hot Shot commented with a yawn.

Sideswipe didn't answer. He wasn't about to go to Red Alert about his nightmares. Red Alert would ask all kinds of questions that Sideswipe couldn't answer. Wouldn't answer.

"You think you can go back to sleep now?" Hot Shot asked.

"Yeah," Sideswipe said, laying back down. He would be able to sleep as long as there was someone he trusted near by to make him feel safe. And there were plenty of 'Bots in the base that fit the description.

"Oww," Sideswipe complained picking himself up off the ground.

"I told you to concentrate. If you actually pay attention you might not end up on the ground so much," Hot Shot sighed.

"Sorry," Sideswipe apologized automatically. Hot Shot ignored it. Sideswipe always apologized too quickly, even when there was no need to apologize. It was a habit Hot Shot, without success, had tried to break him of.

"The kid getting his aft kicked again?" Blurr asked, standing in the doorway of the training room.

Hot Shot glared. He didn't like the way Blurr treated Sideswipe. Blurr had no reason to treat Sideswipe like he did. Other than his mild case of hero worship when he first arrived, Sideswipe treated Blurr the same way he did everyone else.

"What do you want Blurr?" Hot Shot asked, tone making it obvious that the sooner Blurr left the happier he'd be.

"Optimus wants everyone in the command center. We got a new arrival," Blurr said leaving. Hot Shot glared at his back. One of these days he was going to have to call Blurr out like the guy in that romance book Alexis had lent him. 'Pistols at dawn on the knoll,' he thought humorlessly.

Hot Shot grumbled as he and Sideswipe walked down the corridor to the Command Center.

"You shouldn't say those things about a fellow Autobot," Sideswipe commented at the end of Hot Shot's diatribe.

"When Blurr stops acting like such slagging jerk I'll stop calling him one," Hot Shot grumbled.

Sideswipe sighed. Ever since the incident with Wheeljack Hot Shot had started to act a little protective of him. In the months following, that protective attitude had become an overprotective attitude. Hence Hot Shot's deepening animosity toward Blurr. Hot Shot didn't seem to get that Sideswipe didn't want or need protection from Blurr. But he wasn't about to tell him that. Sideswipe could just imagine how well that would end. Probably with Hot Shot calling Blurr out on the field of honor.

'Frag, we need to borrow some of Rad's books like Lord of the Rings. Alexis' romance books are messing up our processors,' Sideswipe thought to himself.

Optimus stood in the Command Room watching his men arrive. So far everyone had arrived except for Hot Shot and Sideswipe. Sending Blurr to get them had probably not been the best idea. After all, if Hot Shot kept misreading Blurr's actions toward Sideswipe there would probably be fists thrown. But then again there would be fist thrown if Hot Shot ever found out about Blurr and Sideswipe's real relationship.

Sideswipe and Blurr both expressed a wish that Hot Shot be kept completely in the dark about it until they got around to telling him. Which would probably sometime after they got back to Cybertron and Blurr was on the other side of the planet in a safe-house Hot Shot had no knowledge of. At least that's what Optimus would do in their place.

How Hot Shot hadn't realized that Blurr and Sideswipe were involed was beyond him. Everyone on the base was aware it, with the exception of Carlos and Alexis. Rad had walked in on the two while they were in a somewhat compromising situation. They thought he had no idea what they were actually doing since the boy hadn't commented on it and human were not very accepting of same gender relationships. As it turn out Rad knew exactly what they were doing, he just didn't care. Apparently he had an older brother who lived out of state that was 'gay' as the humans called it. But since Carlos and Alexis didn't know about his brother and he wasn't sure what their stance on the issue was, Rad had advised Optimus to avoid telling them.

The door to the Command center slid open admitting both Hot Shot and Sideswipe. Now that everyone was here Optimus decided to get on with introducing their new arrival.

"Men this is-

"Spindle!" Sideswipe gasped.

Everyone turn to Sideswipe then the new arrival----Spindle.

"Hiya, 'Swipes," Spindle said with a slow smirk.

Optimus inwardly groaned. The inflection on Sideswipe's nickname gave him the feeling that this guy knew Sideswipe far too well for Blurr's liking. Sure enough Blurr was already leveling a hard glare at the newcomer.

Then things went from bad to worse. Sideswipe hit the floor in a dead faint.

AN: No Hot Shot does not like Sideswipe anyway more than a brother.

Xandra: Damnit. I made Rad's hot older brother gay.

Brigg: Why did you give him a brother at all?

Xandra: His brother's going to play a big roll in a future fan fic.

Brigg: Oh… you think he's hot?