Past and Present

This is my first-ever fanfic. Feedback greatly appreciated.

It's a slow night. Good. Where is he? Said he wanted to patrol but...not with me. Why? What did I do wrong? I thought I was doing it all right. He gives me these looks and sometimes we...


Ouch. Rough landing, Cass. Too much water. Got to watch that. Across the roof, toss the line, swing to the next building. All about rhythm. Rhyme. Why are they different? Why am I different?

Meetings are hard. Those places...intersections, doing it at once. Easy to cross a street, but these are bigger. Hook across one, then swing in a...part of a circle. Throw another line, let the first go, keep going. Hard, but faster. Better. I like it.

Wait, I know that car. It's...he said...Damn Cass, don't trip again. Follow him. Why did he lie? Why does he hate me...I thought he...wait. Stop. Focus. Cast the next time, keep following.

Why is he going here? It's such a sad place. He's funny, not sad. And his's not today. No buildings here. Drop to the ground, stay in the shadow. Get closer. Why here? Now?

Oh. Oh. Stupid Cass. Stupid stupid stupid. Don't need to read the stone to know now. He say it all. Shoulders slumped, head down. Is he crying? Can't tell through the rain. I wonder...Oracle has been teaching me. Try it.

Here...lies...St...Stephanie Brown.

The Spoiler O, four.


"She did...her best."

Steph. Best friend. She deserved better.

Tim...Tim. "I know you're there," he says. Oh. Careless Cass, but glad he saw me. Take off the mask and go to him.

"I didn't want you here. I don't want you to think...she..."

Ask him...ask him if he loved her.


Water in my face. Not crying. Really. Ask if he loves me.


Oh. Good. Time to kiss him. I like that part. Brush his hair and smile again. Tell him I miss her too. Best friend. I think I've seen her sometimes, but...but maybe not. Squeeze his hand.

Time to get out of the rain.