Chapter One

How things are

by brightsidetolife

It was bad enough that six-year-old Harry Potter was always being neglected at home, if you can even call it that, but now he was even being bullied at school because of Dudley and crew.

Harry had just started kindergarten and he already hated school. Dudley had just broke Harry's glasses and hid them from him. So, Harry was outside in the rain looking around the dumpster behind the school, for his glasses. He knew Dudley would thrown them in the garbage and make Harry look around in it for them.

"Harry, what are you doing here?" Principal Veak asked him surprised to see Harry walking around in the rain getting soak and wet.

"I lost my glasses." Harry mumbled; you could barely hear him.

"Oh? Do you need help finding them?" Principal Veak asked him. Veak in general, was a very nice person, but Harry feared if his uncle and aunt knew that he liked him, that they would make him go to a different school.

"Do you have an idea where they are?" Veak asked him opening up an umbrella for them both.

"In the dumpster." Harry mumbled again.

"How on earth did it get in there?" Veak asked him surprised about what Harry had said. Harry didn't answer Veak's question, he just looked down at his shoes.

Harry had remebered the way home from school since he had to always walk home while Dudley got a ride.

While Harry was walking in the rain a man called out to him and knelt down to Harry's level, and smiled slightly. "Hello, Harry," he said quietly.

"Hi," Harry said shyly.

The man had sandy colored hair and grayish blue eyes that looked quite sad. He was dressed nicely in a long-sleeved red shirt and black slacks. He seemed vaguely familiar to Harry.

Harry and the man studied one another for a few moments. The man seemed to be on the verge of reaching out and hugging Harry, but resisted.

"Do you need a ride home?" he asked him, but before he could Harry's uncle came up to him and picked him up.

"Who are you?" Vernon asked him rudely.

"Nobody really, just a friend." The man said still looking at Harry.

Vernon just glared at the man before retreating to his van where Harry's aunt and cousin were waiting for him.


"Boy!" Vernon Dursley shouted at Harry for he had spilled a glass of apple juice on the kitchen table.

"S-sorry Uncle Vernon." Harry stuttered as Dudley smirked at him knowing what was about to happen as his Dad looked ready to explode.

"GO TO YOUR CUPBOARD AND DON'T COME OUT UNTIL I TELL YOU TO!" Vernon shouted making Harry run in out the kitchen and into his cupboard under the stairs in fright.

He often wondered if anyone had ever loved him. If they had, then why did he have to live with his aunt and uncle? Had he done something to make his mum and dad not want him anymore?

Harry sat on a little padded bed crying himself to sleep, but not before wishing that he had somebody out there that truly cared about him, but that couldn't happen, this was how things were now, he couldn't change that.

It had been years since that fateful night in Godric's Hollow where the Potter's died and was betrayed by Sirius Black. Young Harry Potter had been sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle after the death of his parents. In the midst of his Uncle Remus's protests, that is. But as Dumbledore had said, "It was for the best."