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Chapter Thirteen

Everything is going to be all right

Part 3

"Quidditch is great!" Harry said to Sirius and Remus jumping up and down by the small little campfire with the rest of the group, "When I get bigger I want to be on a Quidditch team to!" Harry said happily.

"I know! Wasn't it awesome!" Ron exclaimed just as happy as Harry.

"It took way too long to end and it's not a big of a deal if you ask me." Percy commented reading a book on 'Hogwarts a History' by the campfire while Mr. Weasley tried to force Bill to eat one of the hotdogs he had put through a stick by the fire.

"Good thing nobody did." Charlie said rolling his eyes writing on the dirt with his hand.

"Fred! George! Stop that this instant!" Molly Weasley bellowed from inside the tent. Ginny flinched at the sound of her mother's voice and wondered just what her brother's had done this time.

While she wasn't sure if it was safe to risk her mother's anger, curiosity eventually won over her and she quietly entered the tent to see what had happened along with Benny and Harry whom had seen what she was up to. Ron and Hermione were in their own world as they were fighting with each other again and didn't seem to notice their disappearances.

It was incredible, the glow of every tiny flying animated animals changing colors of light that filled the room. They were kind of like fireflies only they were farm animals. Ginny giggled with glee as the light from them changed from soft pastel blue to lavender to pink filling every animal nook and cranny of the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen with its glow. She followed the glowing animals with her eyes to where it was coming from and quickly realized just why her mother was so angry.

Her hair was no longer the bright Weasley red that the family was so well know for. Instead it was glowing, changing to the various shades of colored light that the animated animals were doing as it was filling the whole tent.

Little Ginny giggled again along with Harry and Benny, quickly hiding under the table as her older brother Bill, who had came inside shortly after the three, and forced the twins out the room with a tight gripe on an ear per twin. A raised eyebrow and hasty exit towards the twins' room were his only reaction to the situation, as his sense of preservation instinct took over.

Ginny, Harry, and Benny were left behind as Bill had closed the door behind him, so instead the trio pressed their ears against the doors to hear what was being said.

"Fred and George Weasley, just what do you think you were doing? What have I told you about doing your experiments on dad and mum? Mum you prats! Never mum! I told you only on your brothers and sister!" Bill exclaimed.

"We hadn't meant for mum to drink the tea, it's was meant for Percy, honestly!"

"It's just a potion, Bill."

"And it isn't permanent."

"We don't think."

"For a pair of nine year olds, you're pretty clever." Bill commented.

"We know." Both twins said together.

"Do they always do stuff like that?" Benny whispered to Ginny.

"Every day." Ginny whispered back giggling.


Harry was interrupted from his musings by a yell from his godfather.

"Boys! Get down here right now! Ginny to!" Harry sighed as he wistfully thought of playing Quidditch (The wizard sport) with Benny and the Weasley's as he climbed down the stairs.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled once Harry pushed the door open.

Harry smiled, very pleased with all the trouble that they had gone through for his birthday.

Hermione, who stood the closest to him, even thought she saw tears forming in Harry's eyes. She knew that he was happy. Ron and Hermione and the rest were currently sitting around the wooden glass dinning table. Remus and Sirius were standing up. Benny and Ginny went and sat with the others along with Harry.

"So as you should all know that's it's a tradition on every year that every birthday kid should have a birthday cake—"Sirius began as Remus left the kitchen.

"And presents!" Ron added.

"And presents, to celebrate their birthday…" Sirius finished as Remus came back with a chocolate drizzle cake, putting in on top of the dinning table. It was three layers filled with strawberries and chunks of chocolate on it with a golden number seven on top of the cake.

"Wow!" Harry exclaimed.

"Make a wish Harry!" Ron said to him.

"It looks wonderful. Thank you, all of you. You really know how to make a person feel special." Harry replied before closing his eyes and making a wish.

"Yay!" everyone said clapping his or her hands.

"Food!" the twins yelled as Remus started to cut the cake in slices.

Remus couldn't stop smiling and truthfully, neither could Sirius as they both watched Harry joke with the twins about their little prank.



"What is it Bill? Are we going home early?" Charlie asked yawning.

"No were not leaving till morning. Move it will you! I'm freezing my ass off!" Bill replied moving Charlie out the way.

"If it falls off, I'll get someone to wrap it in foil and have them reattach it." Charlie replied back as Bill dove under the covers of his bed.

"Ha ha." Bill muttered from under the covers.

"Where were you anyway?" Charlie asked yawning again as he got under his covers.

"Eavesdropping on conversations." Bill replied yawning.

"Oh yeah? Between whom?"

"Well first I was listening on Dad, Remus, Sirius, and Wafi, then after the conversation turned nasty I sneaked and followed Wafi to Noelani's and Benny's room and listened in on their conversation."


"We really appreciate you allowing Benny and Noelani to come on Harry's birthday." Remus replied to Wafi.

"No problem, Benny seemed really eager about it." Wafi replied shrugging, Mr. Weasley, Remus, Sirius, and Wafi were all sitting around the table drinking coffee after cleaning up all the paper wrapping that Harry had torn up from opening up his presents.

"But something tells me you weren't." Sirius exclaimed setting his coffee down on the kitchen table.

"Careful, Cyrus. There's that sense of humor of yours going on again." Remus said glaring at Sirius.

Sirius glanced back at him. "Nonsense, if the man has a problems with us then I want to hear it!"

"I didn't say no such thing!" Wafi muttered.

"But you're thinking it."

"My personal thoughts are of no concern to you." Wafi exclaimed glaring.

"So you're basically saying that you have prejudice thoughts about us that you want to keep secret." Sirius snapped at him.

"Cyrus…" Remus said frustrated rubbing his forehead.

"Now, now, gentlemen, now is not the time to fight on such a wonderful day as this." Mr. Weasley exclaimed.

"If you'll excuse me." Wafi replied leaving out the kitchen the same time Bill hid himself in the small opening behind the door as it opened.

Wafi stormed up the spiral staircase, Bill close behind.

Knock knock

"What?" Noelani asked cracking the door open rubbing her eyes.

"Let me come in." Wafi replied.

"Don't you share a room with Cyrus and Remus?" Noelani asked him annoyed.


"Fine, do welcome me with your presents then." Noelani replied closing the door after Wafi walked in. Bill walked up towards their door and pressed his ears against it.

"What's the deal?" Noelani asked.

"Would you whisper, I don't the whole entire tent to hear us." Wafi grumbled.

"Does all this magic make you uncomfortable?" Noelani asked him.

"Yes…it's just… I don't know. It's weird. This just doesn't seem real you know?" Wafi exclaimed.

"Well you don't have to worry about it… it's not you that's magical, it's Benny. Nobody asked you to take us here… Mom could have taken us." Noelani exclaimed a bit of annoyance in her voice.

"What and have Zahia, your mother mad at me? I'm probably just prejudice, I don't know. I just don't like unnatural things like this happening." Wafi exclaimed.

"Well you better get use to it if you want to be apart of this family… Benny. Is. A. Wizard. He's going to be doing unnatural things. If you can't handle that then you should go back to Aino. Why don't you go back downstairs and let me sleep?" Bill took this queue to get away so that he wouldn't be caught eavesdropping.


"Wow…" Charlie replied looking up at the ceiling.

"I know." Bill exclaimed yawning turning over on his stomach.

"What do you think is gonna happen Bill." Charlie asked.

"Beats me… I'm not the one to ask such a question." Bill answered.


Harry ran as fast as possible to catch up with them, but to no avail. Harry stood there, staring at them, his parents that he never knew. Then to hear a scary mans voice with red eyes warn him that he would loose them forever like everybody else that Harry cared about, for reasons unknown to Harry. Harry considered his warning for all but a second, before chasing after them again, but to only fall through some kind of portal.

Harry fell through, and came to a darkened area, closer inspection revealed that the small area that was exposed to light was a stone floor with the sign of 'The Chosen One' carved into the middle. Harry then heard a clunking sound in the background, like wood hitting against stone, and then he saw the source of the sound.

"Harry? Are you awake?" Ron's voice came from nearby.

At first, Harry thought it was a stone man and woman; when the figures came into the light, Harry knew whom they were. "My son, welcome…to…your…. destiny".

"Mommy, Daddy?" Harry stepped back nervously, he had no idea what to expect.

"Harry sweet heart, don't be afraid…" Lily said gently touching his face.

It was a very strange sensation to Harry when she touched him.

"Prongslet, my son… you are going to go through hard times in your life, you are probably to young to understand what is going on right now in your life, but know that you can always trust in Padfoot and Moony to always love you the way we can't right now." James exclaimed hugging him.

"Now that Voldemort's followers are at large, the bad wizard Voldemort… there are risk in your safety that we had hopped to protect you from." Lily responded.

"I don't understand." Harry said in a small voice teary eyed.

"Harry, in the end you are going to be the one that stops Voldemort from hurting others once you get older and stronger… you are the 'Chosen One' the protector of light. I know it doesn't make since now, but you'll understand soon enough." Lily exclaimed as both she and James started to fade away.

"Wait! Don't go!" Harry cried but soon enough, they were both gone.


"Harry! Harry! Wake up!" Remus put his hand on Harry's shoulder to shake him but thought better of it when he remembering how Harry reacted towards being startled, accidental magic. Instead, he pulled him into a sitting position and propped him up against his chest.

"Harry! What happened? Are you okay?" Remus didn't get a response.

"Are you awake?"

Harry nodded.

"I saw mommy and daddy…" Harry whispered.

"Is that so?" Remus whispered back to him.

"Is Harry okay?" Ron asked walking back inside their room. Ron had run to Remus seeing as he couldn't wake Sirius out of his snoring so he shook Remus awake whom was a light sleeper and told him that Harry was having a nightmare.

"Uncle Moony, I don't want you or anybody getting hurt cause of me. It would be safer for you to forget me and leave me on my own." Harry said in a small voice sobbing.

"Well, obviously that's not going to happen, mate," Ron said rolling his eyes jumping onto Harry's bed.

"Why would you say such a thing?" Remus asked him.

"Because the bad man that took mum and dad is going to hurt everybody I care about." Harry whispered whipping his eyes on Remus pajama shirt.

"No way! I can fight that guy all by myself if I had the chance. I can defend myself!" Ron said promptly puffing his chest out making Harry giggle.

"Harry, I would never give you up. Don't ever think that I would. You have your family and friends that care about you and whom will always stick by you through thicker or thin, no matter what anybody else says and I want you to always remember that okay?" Remus said to him kissing the top of his head.


Harry finally gave in. He knew his Uncle was right. And there was something comforting about knowing he would have his friends and family next to him no matter what came.

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Harry's gifts

Sirius/Remus: A miniature size cleansweeper broom for kids.

Ron: A Chudley Cannon poster.

Hermione: 'Quidditch through the ages' book.

Ginny: A picture of all the Weasley kids and Hermione playing in the creek.

Fred/George: Books about pranks.

Charlie/Bill: ten boxes of chocolate frogs and flavored beans.

Percy: grammar quill.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley: A tradional Weasley green sweater with the letter H on it and boxes of sweets.

Benny/ Noelani: a turtle.