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Chapter One – Coruscant

The meeting room of the Alderaanian High Council was silent, all eyes glued to a holovid in the corner where galactic election results were about to be announced. The polls had closed one standard hour ago and the tension had been building since.

Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan sat on the edge of his seat, resisting the urge to jump to his feet and start pacing. He gripped the edges of his chair until his knuckles were white, for a Republic Senator could hardly afford to be seen nervous enough to bite at his nails. He glanced around the room, hoping to meet the eyes of someone who could give him a small smile of encouragement, but the eyes of all others in the room were trained intently on the holovid.

He was surrounded by his staff and close personal friends. His wife was holding a similar vigil back in their palace in Aldera, while overseeing the monarchical duties of the Crown Prince in his absence. Senator Padmé Naberrie of Naboo, although not Alderaanian, was by his side as his closest friend and political ally. Finally, she glanced sideways at him and put a reassuring hand on his arm. "Don't worry so much," she whispered with a small smile.

But he had to worry. There were only three candidates. The results of the election were crucial to the future of the entire universe and whoever came out the victor would shape everything to come. In fact, he honestly did not care if he won or lost, just so long as the winner was either himself or Jedi Master Mace Windu. If that scum bounty hunter Jango Fett won, Bail could only pray that somehow the Force would save the universe from its fate, or that Fett's ultimate opponent would win the upcoming election. Bail would rather have an outsider hold ultimate control over the universe than Fett.

He managed to shoot a hesitant smile back at Padmé and took a deep breath. The news should be coming any minute.

Suddenly, a news broadcaster wearing a headset and holding a microphone stepped up to the center of the vidscreen. "We have breaking news from the Imperial Palace at Coruscant. The last results have come in from the Outer Rim and it won't be long until the final winner is announced. Please stand by for the announcement of the Republic's candidate for the upcoming election."

"We have been standing by!" cried Bail's predecessor Bail Antilles. "We've been standing by all day!"

Padmé laughed. "It can't be long now. You all could stand to learn a thing or two from the Jedi about patience."

Antilles shot her a bemused gaze. "Politicians and magicians usually do not mix."

"Today may change that," Padmé replied. "If Master Windu wins the nomination, then politics and magic as you say will go very much hand in hand."

Antilles shrugged. "We'll see."

"Soon," Bail Organa murmured. He hated how much the anxiety was getting to him. More than that, he hoped that the irritating vid reporter would hurry up with the news.

The Force was apparently with him, for mere moments later, she appeared. "We have just received word from the accounting droids that the final transmissions from the Outer Rim have been analyzed and added into our tally. We have a winner."

She paused, presumably for effect, but it only exacerbated the stress in the air of the High Council chamber. Several outbursts, none of them polite or befitting a Senator or the Prince of Alderaan, strained to be shouted, but Bail somehow managed to resist.

"The votes have all come through and the victory has been a landslide."

"For who?" cried Padmé. Even the normally self-composed former Queen was caught up in the fervor of the moment.

"I am happy to announce that the winner of today's nomination election is Crown Prince of the planet Alderaan, Bail Organa."

The room erupted into raucous cheers. As the entire High Council leapt to their feet in celebration, Bail could only stare at the vidscreen, his jaw hanging open as his brain desperately tried to comprehend what he had heard. Soon, Padmé had taken hold of his hands and had dragged him jovially to his feet. "You've won! Bail, we did it!" Then she threw her arms around him.

Then suddenly her demeanor changed and her face turned serious. "We've got to get you a good spokesman! And a communications director and speechwriters! And you'll need a head of security and someone to manage your campaigning fronts! Bail, we have so much to do!"

He raised an eyebrow and looked at the diminutive woman. "We?"

She grinned brilliantly. "Of course! Who else would you have as your campaign manager?"

There was no way he could turn down that offer. "Good point," he replied laughing.

Casually ignoring the cheering that still dominated the room, Padmé got right down to business. "First, though, we have something very, very important to do."

"What's that?" Bail asked.

"We have to choose you a running mate."