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Chapter Ten – Seoul

Hawkeye glanced nervously around the room. Both his team and Senator Organa's team had decided to remain in the auditorium where the debate was supposed to happen until the election was finished. It was kind of nice, he thought. They were all feeling the same kind of tension and there were no reporters around.

Of course, half of the people in the room wanted him to be soundly trounced voting-wise, so maybe nice was not the right word.

Organa's campaign team intrigued him. There was the spokesman who wore brown robes and carried a sword made out of light. The two speechwriters were twins who could apparently converse without speaking. The communications director was a tiny green creature who spoke in broken backward sentences. How he was made communications director was certainly beyond Hawkeye.

He knew that his own people were nervous. BJ and Trapper had stopped bickering. Even Frank hadn't said a word.

The more he had thought about this whole election thing over the last few weeks, the more he had reaffirmed the fact that he did not actually want to win.

Although he had not been officially introduced yet to Bail Organa, Hawkeye knew that he was a good man. Besides that, Organa was already a politician. He would make a much better leader than Hawkeye would.

Regretfully, he looked around his side of the auditorium. Colonel Potter, BJ, Trapper, Margaret, Sidney Freedman, Henry, Radar, Father Mulcahy, Klinger, the nurses, and even Frank and Charles had supported him through all of this. Was it ungrateful of him to want to lose?

After six hours of tense waiting, the radio crackled to life over the PA system. "Preliminary poll results are in!"

The entire room seemed to come to life as heads rose and ears perked up. Nearby, Hawkeye heard Margaret hold her breath.

"At this time, we project that the winner is Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan!"

The Senator's half of the room erupted in cheers. Potter sagged back in his chair and muttered, "Damn."

Hawkeye got up from his chair and went to where Organa was surrounded by his staff. "Senator Organa," he said, holding out his hand. "Congratulations."

Bail met Pierce's eyes, then smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you, Captain. Good race."

Pierce nodded. "And don't tell my staff, but I think the best man won."

Surprised, Bail replied, "Well thank you, Captain. I appreciate your vote of confidence."

Mace Windu watched Luke and Leia hug each other and turn to congratulate Padmé. Suddenly the Force enveloped him in a vision.

Anakin gone Dark, fighting and killing him in the name of the Emperor. Padmé giving birth to Luke and Leia, then dying in the birthing room. The Jedi wiped out. The Empire rising. Alderaan being destroyed, killing Bail Organa. The war and the rise of the New Republic.

He took a shaky breath and the auditorium came back into view. There was so much pain in their future.

"Captain Pierce," he said, finding his voice.

Pierce, who had been on his way back toward his people, turned around. "Yes?"

"I wonder if you would be willing to be appointed our regional governor of your home." He glanced at Bail for confirmation, who looked confused but nodded.

Pierce smiled. "I'd be honored."

Mace tried to smile back. "Good."

Bail clapped him on the shoulder. "Come on, Vice President. Time to go home and try to run this thing."

Mace looked at him, then Padmé, then Yoda and Obi-Wan and Shmi Skywalker-Lars, all slated to die. "Yes," he said. "Home. May the Force be with us."