019. White

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Farscape. Good thing, too, because if I did, it wouldn't have been as fabulous.

Author's Note: Part of my modified 100 fic challenge. Thus, it is 100 words. Thus, it is not extremely plot-filled. Sorry. John during "Look at the Princess."

John had never seen so much white. It was beautiful in its way, but very cold.

Even the kisses—well, he could never admit it to Aeryn, but the anonymous kisses were cold and meaningless when he only wanted hers.

The only kiss that meant something was the princess', and only because John could sense her desperation.

He could see she felt trapped by law and custom and her fear that her brother would take the throne. She had no option but to play out the game, even though neither of them wanted to follow the rules to the end.