What He Now Knows

by Ms. Kinnikufan

Disclaimer: Marvel owns him.

Sometimes Chase wonders if he would have figured out that it's wrong to hit your kids if he hadn't run away from his super villain parents.

Sure he knows that now, now that he's survived killer monsters, cyborgs, and more psychos in gay costumes then he can count.

Now he knows that his parents were considered "abusive" because his dad hit him and his mom let his dad hit him.

That really, really, confuses him in a way that makes his stomach turn. All the abusive parents he had read about in newspapers, books, the occasional fanfic and saw on television were super bad: they were alcoholics, beat their kids everyday and for no reason, they let their kids starve, and they sometimes raped them, jobless and often continuing a cycle of abuse themselves.

Compared to that, Chase got off pretty light. Does that mean he was only half abused? Does that mean he's not supposed to bothered by it?

Because he thinks he isn't, there's too much other stuff going on in his life to think about his childhood.

That's what his life before he run away: his childhood. The time when he was stupid to the world. He has learned far too much.

Chase tries not to think too much about what-ifs (Victor a.k.a. "Victorious "a.k.a. "that robot who could betray us all if we're not careful" is a major exception) because he knows now that it is wrong, that's it's over and it's something he won't do if (a major, major, if) he ever has any kids.

That's what is truly important.