by blue

He stood within the evening's embrace.

"Sometimes I think I can never reach you." Startled, he blinked
as he looked to his side. A woman with long blond hair, pouring over her
shoulder like a golden waterfall, stared back at him pensively.

He shook his head as he pulled away from her drowning glance and
looked up once more at the black emptiness before him. She was so
fragile, that blue planet from where he came. Hanging before the black
oblivion, as if ready to be plunged into the darkness and never again
emerge back to radiance. Yet, she glowed continuously, as if ignorant of
the dangers that lay around her.

"I don't think you want to reach me, hime-sama." He told the
golden woman beside him, politely, yet his posture spoke otherwise. It
was difficult to say when he became such a lonely and private person,
because somewhere along the lines of losing his youth and becoming a man,
he had forgotten the meaning of words. His lifetime companion understood,
but she didn't and she was stubbornly refusing to leave him to silence.

Silence is safe. That much he knew.

If he looked, he would've seen her sad smile. It was so unlike
her to let the darkness seep into her eyes, and yet, with him she did
not feel obligated to hide her soul behind the fragile glass of joy. It
would shatter here, and he would shatter it. Neither of them liked any
illusions that were used to trick, but both used them well.

"I don't think you know what you want from me," she finally
answered. Using words like a weapon, allowing them to be like his, as
she gently caressed them lovingly to her own cause. That had always
been her strategy, and she was the best when it came to games like

He smirked at the comment as he turned to her, taking
a momentary risk that went against all of his instincts and immediately
regretting it. "You don't know me," he told her coldly, unable to keep
his voice under the strict constraints of politeness. It was easier with
Endymion because the young prince had never been this pushy.

But the Moon, the Moon was not like home. The Moon would never
keep her luminescence from the velvety night, and only when she chose to,
would she ever wrap the arms of the darkening clouds around her. She was
good at hiding when she found it necessary, but the Moon would bask in
the afterglow of the day when her time has come to shine.

Always the bright satallite watched, and only spoke her mind when
she wanted to dominate. But now, in the dark evening of this black
emptiness, did the Moon indeed shine like a goddess upon her throne in the
expressionless sky and shamelessly bared her white arms and back to his
home, millions of miles away.

He couldn't decide if he admired or hated her brazenness.

"Matte," he told the princess in a soft, stern voice. A voice as
frigid as the coldest ice that the Senshi of Mercury wielded during
battle. It was a voice he used on rebellious soldiers and it was the
voice he used on his enemies. "Stop these games now! You don't know who
you're dealing with!" He was losing his cool to her silent observations.
He was losing the calm he had established within his cold black heart
after years of practice.

It was unnerving.

And she would never understand.

She was the light.

The light can never hold such darkness close to her heart.

Yet, the princess faced his coldness, unflinching where even his
darkest enemies could not hold ground, not a golden strand of hair seemed
to be disturbed by his outburst. Those crystal blue eyes, like the summer
skies of Earth -- like home -- stared back at him, deepening into the
fresh azure lakes near the castle walls. She watched him with an
intensity that made him tear his eyes away, never had anyone ever done
that to him. They were always the first to turn, not him.

Yet, the light did burn within his heart of ice.

She never moved from her perch against the radiant moonstone
pillars, never stopped looking at him in the same pensive way that was in
itself, frighteningly intense. It was as if she were trying to tell him
something without saying the words aloud. It was as if she expected him
to listen to sounds that couldn't be heard. "You're afraid of me." She
finally said, breaking the silence momentarily. It was a bold statement,
as if she knew the truth well before he did, and it seemed to sadden her
at this discovery. "Why?"

He paused and turned his eyes once more to the serenity of his
childhood days, of a home that he could not locate on that swirling blue
globe before him but was comforted nonetheless by the reassurance of its
presence. Back into innocence where it was not difficult to dream about
what the Earth beneath him would look like if he could fly, but never
could he have imagined her beauty or her vulnerability from such a
distance, until now.

But the battles took his youth away, and the killings and the
endless political agendas. There were too many things to list on what
had disillusioned him about Earth, but he loved her nonetheless. Here,
upon this foreign satellite, with foreign races that claimed to watch
over her, protecting her from herself, he found himself awed by her
beauty once more, and he even fell more deeply in love with the planet
of his birth. The white gloves he wore hid the callouses on his hands,
but they could not hide the man he had become.

The woman beside him was closer, but somehow, he felt as if she
was even farther from him than he was to his Earth, his home.

"You may be a threat," he answered at last. He could not deny
that he did not trust the outsiders; they had never given him reasons to
do so.

Then the tickling soft trickle of laughter reached his ears as he
looked to her confused, irritated, and slightly curious at why she would
laugh at his honest reply -- though he would never admit to such an
emotion as curiosity.

The princess smiled at him amused once she removed her hand from
her lips and her bright eyes sparkled with usual cheer, though this time
it was truly genuine. "I may be a threat?" She asked incredulously, her
eyes wide with innocence. Pointing at herself with mock disbelief as she
flashed him another bedazzling smile. "Never!" she protested

Apparently, she had not forgotten her courtesan manners at a time
like this. His frown though, did not discourage her. It seemed that
nothing he did had any affect on what she was determined to have! He
did not wish to acknowledge what it was that she wanted to have either,
because he was afraid of the answer he would give if he thought of such
things. He was a soldier. A general. It was a foolish take on his part
to have agreed to have come here, thinking that he could handle the
situation like he's always done before with ease. But the women of the
Moon unsettled him. They were different than the usual ladies he was used
to. They were annoyingly flighty, and filled to the brim with giggles and
gossip, but behind those smiles of childishness were brilliantly trained
students in the fields of art, literature, science and war. They were
much more dangerous than the women of Earth could ever dream to be and in
that they unsettled him even more because of their deceptive behaviors
behind those fluttering fans and lying laughter.

How his friend would mock him if the other knew what he was
thinking of! But he was alone with this tenacious and vivacious princess
of Venus. Venus! Of all the planets of the universe, he had to get stuck
with the most beautiful and most deceiving one!

The crown princess was the jewel of the court of the planet Venus,
and her audaciousness were just as widely known on the Moon. Her title
even was whispered in hushed myths and legends, about a beauty so
unsurpassed that she was named after a goddess, the goddess of beauty and

Her heart is no warmer than mine, he concluded, even though he had
no such evidence. Not even in the face of her pensiveness had she ever
reached the coolness he had emitted. The Moon people must think we're all
just cold hearted bastards, he thought wearily, but was much too tired of
all these illusive games to appear otherwise.

Yet, how dare she try to deceive him at a time like this?

"You are a threat to my planet!" he stormed, suddenly unleashing
all of his frustrations onto her. Her determination and her presence made
him edgy and that made him dangerous -- for an edgy man can let much slip
out and not just his anger.

"No. I'm no threat to your planet." Her smile disappeared and
once more she assumed that same solemn face. He wasn't sure which was
worse, but he was uncomfortable again beneath her piercing gaze,
slightly embarrassed at his own outburst.

A whisper.

Brushing like a breeze within him, awakening his fears.

He widened his eyes that had been slanted for decades now. Eyes
that had forgotten the juvenile shocks that could quicken the blood and
startle the heart. But his composure remained and he turned from her at
last, a great task in itself but he accomplished what he should've done
long before.

"I'm sorry, you're mistaken," he told her coolly.

She only smiled at his back and looked to the Earth, glorious in
the blackened sky, stars blazing around it but never able to surpass its
glow. "Oh?" She asked as if surprised.

She looked to him again, for even turned he was unable to leave,
to walk away from her. "I think not." She seemed to have an unending
stream of confidence and energy that unsettled him.

There could be no answer to her reply, and he initiated the first
step. "Why are you so scared, Kunzite?"

"You have no right--" he wanted his outrage to take over his
feeble-mindedness, to let the frustration cleanse him of his inability to
leave. Swirling around he faced her in anger. Perhaps, passion would
free him this time.

It was his second greatest mistake.

It only bonded him tighter.

He should've expected this much from a woman who they named Venus,
after the goddess of love.

A deceiver and a trickester.

Yet, she only looked to his planet in the same sad and pensive
eyes, as if she knew something that he did not. As if this was but a part
to play and that their fates were sealed. "You are afraid of me." She
did not return his stare as it was now she who looked on with awe at the
home of the man beside her.

"Why would I be afraid of a girl?" He sneered.

"Because you do not understand me. Because you can never
control me or possess me." She turned to him and her smile was soft.
"Because you're afraid that if you do, you will--"

"No! Never!" He swore and backed away as she approached him.

"Do you not fear me now?" She asked him softly. The question
taunted him, even though her voice never strayed from soft persuasion.
She was very good at what she did.

He could only shake his head before he felt his back hit the solid
moonstone walls. "No!" he uttered in denial.

She only smiled as she laid her pale hand on his cheek and
then pulled his face down to hers. She put her lips to his ear and
whispered the words that freed him from himself, but bonded him to

"You've lost."

He stood transfixed for a moment. Nothing he had ever expected
her to say, nothing he was ever prepared to hear.


But the denial was a weak one.

She pulled away then and her blue eyes found his, looking to
his startled at his stubborn refusal to admit defeat. He wasn't sure
what she was trying to say now as those blue eyes seemed to soften
into the blue of the endless sky as she searched his soul. There were
many things not yet spoken in the dark secrets of the night, many
things still hidden.

Her hand lingered on his cheek before brushing aside a strand of
silver-white. "You're so much like her."

He didn't know whom she meant.

Or perhaps he did.

She reminded him of another as well.

She smiled and let him go, stepping back and turning away. Even
in the night, he could see that she too emitted a glow, like his planet
before him in the sky. But she was different from Earth; different from
any woman he had ever met.


If she heard, she did not turn back or even pause in her steps.
And soon her absence was felt as the swirling gold and orange disappeared
around the corner, beneath the earthshine of his home planet.

She was beautiful.

She was everything he had never held and never had.

Everything he shall never have.

'You've lost.'

Those words echoed in his ears and he knew the truth she spoke,
because his decision would only lead him toward a fallen path.

He looked to the dark shadow that loomed just over the horizon of
the Earth, heard the whispering voices a million miles away. He could
already imagine the screams. Yet, all he saw was the blue of her eyes as
he drowned into their depths and he knew that he would never be the same

The Earth would fall into the blackness she hung upon.

Perhaps the Moon shall give it salvation if his Prince accepts.
Perhaps it shall fall as well and be swallowed by the blackness all
around it, shattering in some depths unseen and unknown.

Whatever happens, he had lost his heart.

And never again would he redeem it or be able to fill the
blackness within his own self again.

The light has burned and melted the ice.

It was willing to give if he was willing to take.

Instead he recoiled, unwilling to leave his black heart
unprotected. But he found himself to be a flimsy and inexperienced guard
against the brightness of this woman named after a god, and her light
whisked whatever pieces that slept within the crevasse of his chest before
swirling away into the night without leaving a golden tendril of her flowing
luminescence behind.

Now, all he had left was the black emptiness within, and the
memory of her breaths upon his ear, so close yet further than anyone who
had ever changed him, forever reminding him of his choice with the words
she spoke.

'You've lost.'

He closed his arms around emptiness, choosing too late to hold
onto the momentary light that had passed through his life before
disappearing completely into the gathering silver of the universe. He
could not reach her there, and thus, he ended up embracing only the
drowning emptiness of nothing, while a flickering memory of golden light
was snuffed out by the oncoming darkness of the night.

The Moon continued to glow in beauteous ignorance.

But the Earth swim and descended into the darkness around her.

And all was gone except a memory of the moonlight, and nothing

The End


Author's Note:
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