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Wedding Crashers

Chapter One

On a planet a galaxy away from the Milky Way an auburn hair girl with green eyes danced down the halls of the palace listening to the most recent music disc she had recorded. "Geek in the pink yeah". Suddenly she bumped into someone. Screaming she fell on her rear on to the palace floor. Looking up she glared into the azure eyes of a familiar face. "Fighter! How dare you bump into me like that."

Taking the hand Fighter extended to her she stood up. "Celestyna you really should look where you're going."

Taking the ear phones out of her ears she gave Fighter a confused look. "What?"

Shaking his head in disbelief Fighter's shoulder's sagged. "I SAID you really should look where you're going." Shrugging Celestyna flicked her hair over her shoulder and moved to pass him. "What were you listening to anyways?"

Turning around Celestyna gave him a sheepish look. "The most recent music I got off the satellite from Earth."

Fighters eyes widened in surprise at her statement. "Celestyna you know that the satellite is used for communication purposes in case of an emergency!"

Smirking Celestyna clicked her music player off and turned back around to face him. "I'm Kakyuu's sister I can do anything I want."

Dropping his head he stared down at his feet. "I'm sorry Princess really but you should you take more caution when sneaking into the communication room."

With a wave of her hand she dismissed his concern for her. "So you're going to stay in your male form from now on?" She asked changing the subject.

Nodding Fighter leaned against the wall and looked out the window to the night sky. "It just feels more natural."

Nodding Celestyna followed his gaze and noticed the star he was looking at. "You miss Earth don't you?" Blushing Fighter turned away from the window.

"More than you'll ever know." He said softly starting to walk away. It had been a couple of years since he had returned with his brothers but the pain and loneliness were still fresh in his hear.

Celestyna watched him start to walk away. "Fighter?"

Turning around he looked at the young woman in front of him. "Yes princess?"

Walking up to him she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Your brothers miss it too you know.. they opted to stay male too and I believe it's for the same reason. You hope to go back one day don't you?" Fighter's eyes widened and he wondered if he were that transparent.

"You don't have to say anything. I know you miss her.. this Princess Serenity of yours."

Shrugging her hand off Fighter turned away. "She's not mine." He said sadly as he walked away.

Celestyna felt her heart go out to him and his pain. "But she could be." She whispered softly as she watched his figure retreat and turn around the next corner. She had to speak with her sister immediately. Walking briskly to the throne room she threw open the doors with a loud bang. "I have a favor to ask you." She told Kakyuu as the girl looked up startled at her sister's dramatic entrance.

"What is it Celestyna?" Walking up the steps to the throne her sister was sitting on she noticed the papers in her sister's hands.

"Working late again?" Nodding Kakyuu set aside her paper work and motioned for Celestyna to come closer.

"What is this favor you speak of?" Gathering up her courage Celestyna clinched her fist in determination.

"Release Fighter, Maker and Healer from their duties here and send them back to Earth." Kakyuu's eyes widened in surprise.

"Why do you ask such a thing?" She inquired her eyes taken in the determination in her sister's eyes.

"They're miserable here and you've got plenty of other protectors." Sighing deeply Kakyuu closed her eyes, when she opened them unshed tears glistened in their amber depths.

"You're right I know you are. They've changed since they came back. Though they still have their powers they are no longer willing the transform into their female forms opting for armor instead." Celestyna nodded sitting down at her sisters feet.

It had taken a while for the rest of the soldiers of their planet to get used to the fact that Fighter, Maker and Healer were no longer wanting to stay in their true form.

"It's because of the ones they left behind Kakyuu and you know it." She told her sister looking up to her. Nodding Kakyuu drug her gaze away from her sister's pleading eyes.

"It's not as simple as you think though. Princess Serenity is to be married in two weeks to Darien." Standing up Celestyna gasped.

"What! Two weeks? She can't... she just can't marry him. Don't they realize the their future altered with Galaxia?"

Shaking her head Kakyuu looked at her sister, sadness in her eyes. "No Pluto didn't tell them that the future had changed. I suppose she believed that she had to save the future they had vested. But you're right it has changed or will if this wedding doesn't take place."

Sitting back down next to her sister a the determined look came back into Celestyna's eyes, a mischievous twinkle was noticed by her sister. "I know that look Celestyna what are you planning?"

Turning her face up to her sister she gave her a sheepish grin. "I have two weeks to stop a wedding."

A smile appeared briefly on Kakyuu's face as she watched her sister formulate a plan in her head. "Fate is not something you should take on by yourself."

Shaking her head Celestyna grinned. "I'm not taking on Fate, I'm helping it along, it's Pluto that I have to worry about. But I'm sure she and I can come to some sort of agreement. I just have to make her understand that maybe the world she saw before isn't as rose colored as she thought it to be."

Standing up Kakyuu extending her hand to help her sister up. "Pluto is not to be taken lightly, if she believes in something she will fight to the end to keep things the way she thinks they are meant to be, she is after all the keeper of time."

Kissing her sister quickly on the cheek Celestyna stepped away. "She hasn't met me yet. I'm very persuasive." Kakyuu nodded in agreement as she watched her sister bound down the steps.

"I supposed you're wanting to go with them?" Stopping in her tracks Celestyna looked over her shoulder.

"But of course.. if you want something done right you have to do it yourself." She tossed over her shoulder before exiting the room.

Sitting back down on the throne Kakyuu shook her head in disbelief. "Earth.. you're in for a rude awakening." She said softly before returning to her paperwork.

Back in the hallway her ear plugs back in her ears Celestyna once more danced down the hallway humming softly to herself. She ignored the strange looks she got from the rest of the people in the palace as she passed them, her thoughts were on her plan to stop the 'destined' wedding. 'Princess Serenity you better be worth all this trouble.' She thought to herself as she made her way to her room.

The next day dawned bright and glorious as Celestyna opened her eyes and stretched.

"Tonight is the night I get my first look at Earth." She said excitedly. Her sister had visited her later that night to tell her that she and the others would be leaving today. Dressing quickly she headed down for breakfast. Entering the dining room she greeted everyone warmly and couldn't help but giggle at the shocked looks on the faces of Healer and Maker. She noticed Fighter was sitting in his chair completely dumbfounded. "I see you've told them Kakyuu." She commented as she slid into her seat.

"I've told them of the matter of great urgency on Earth that has to be attended to yes." She heard the warning in her sisters voiced and nodded.

"What I don't get..." Maker said pushing his plate away, "Is why we have to baby-sit you're younger sister as she finds her soul mate."

Celestyna's mouth dropped at Maker's words but a stern look on Kakyuu's face snapped her back into reality. "Well I've searched this planet over and haven't found anyone, all the others are deserted so that means Earth is the only place left to look. So suck it up Maker, you're one of the royal bodyguards so it's your duty to accompany me."

Nodding Maker stood up and turned to Kakyuu. "Princess may I be excused please?" Nodding Kakyuu waved him away. Celestyna bit her lip as she watched Maker walk away for she saw the look of happiness in his eyes. 'He's happy to go.' She thought to herself, 'He's just trying to put up a good front.'

Turning back towards her sister she caught the grateful look in her eyes and heard her sister's voice in her mind. 'Thank you for going along with it.'

Taking a sip of her juice Celestyna winked at Kakyuu. 'You never know I might find my soul mate on Earth.' she shot back at her sister as she peered at her over the rim of her glass. She suppressed a giggle as her sister began to choke on her own juice.

"Princess are you alright?" Healer asked his eyes full of concern. P

lacing her hand up Kakyuu coughed softly and placed her glass of juice down. "I'm fine Healer." She told him her eyes watering slightly from her coughing fit. Celestyna could barely contain her laughter at her older sister's discomfort.

Clearing her throat she stood up. "I should go get ready for the trip." She announced to everyone. Bowing briefly to her sister she turned around and quickly exited the room before her laughter took control of her. Already her body was shaking from the peels of laughter that threatened to pour out. Once the doors were closed she let it out. After she was down she wiped the tears from her eyes. "This is going to be so much fun." She said in a sing song voice as she skipped through the halls.

(Later that night)

The moon was high as the four prepared for their departure. Standing in a circle the four of them clasped hands. Celestyna used her powers to create a barrier around them. Opening her eyes she looked into her sister's mentally wishing her goodbye.

"Sailor Starlight Power Teleport!" All four called out at the same time and in a bright flash of light they shot through the night sky.

When Celestyna felt her body return to solid ground she opened her eyes. She stared in awe as the glow faded around them and she had her first look at Tokyo. "It's magnificent!" She exclaimed as she released Maker and Healer's hands.

She heard Fighter chuckle softly. "We thought the same thing too when we came. In fact I still do." Looking at Fighter Celestyna's eyes softened when she saw the glow in his face.

"So I'm to call you Seiya, Taiki and Yaten now right?" She asked the three men with her. Nodding they smiled at each other, they were home.

End of Chapter One

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