Author's Note: Okay, I know that there are tons of Paulina haters out there. However, I happen to be a fan of hers. I find her to be a very entertaining character. Sure, she's a witch, but she's still funny. I don't understand why everyone hates her so much, though. Dash is much meaner than she is. Paulina has actually been genuinely nice to Danny while Dash has never once treated Danny kindly. Anyway, if you really do hate Paulina, you may not want to read this story. If you do, just don't review my story based on your hatred for her.

UPDATE: I am currently uploading a rewrite of this fic, so check out the Remastered version if this fic sounds interesting to you! I mean, you're certainly free to read this old version, but I assure you that the new version is much better! I have also written a sister story called "Mind Wrapped" in which Paulina switches lives with Danny instead of Sam. If you want more Paulina (and even more Danny/Paulina), then check it out. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy this old version of Luckiest Girl of which I am still proud. ^^

The Luckiest Girl in the World

Danny leaned against his locker and shook his head. "No way."

"Oh, come on!" Tucker pleaded.

Danny shook his head again. "No."

Sam folded her arms and narrowed her eyes. "Why not, Danny?"

Danny phased his arm through his locker door and grabbed his book for class. "Because the first two movies sucked. There's no way I'm going to see the third one."

"But Danny! The critics say that 'Anti-Timmy Force III' is good! Nothing like 'Anti-Timmy Force I' and 'II!'" Tucker whined.

"Go see it, then," said Danny, "You don't need me to see it with you."

Sam rolled her eyes. "It's no fun to see a movie without your best friends." She then put a hand on his shoulder and smiled. "How about I buy your ticket for you?"

"Popcorn and drink, too?" asked Danny.

Sam laughed and thought about how incredibly wealthy she was. "Danny, I can buy you anything you want."

Tucker and Danny chuckled as well, but Danny stopped as soon as he saw a pretty Hispanic girl walk by. He sighed dreamily and watched her saunter away. "Paulina…"

This upset Sam greatly. She moved in front of him so that he couldn't see the popular brunette. "Danny! Get over her already!"

Danny shrugged and smiled shyly. "I can't help it."

Sam frowned. "Well, what about Valerie?"

Danny was caught off-guard and averted his gaze. He said quietly, "Well…she doesn't like me…I don't think any girl actually does."

Tucker cut in just then. He couldn't believe how dense Danny could be. "Danny, of course there's a girl that likes you!" He winked discreetly at Sam.

Sam blushed and coyly smiled. Yeah, and she's standing right in front of you, Sam thought to herself.

Danny was confused for a moment, then smiled broadly. "Hey, you're right!"

Sam looked up hopefully. Tucker nodded and said, "You bet I'm right!"

Danny grabbed Sam's shoulders and looked into her eyes excitedly. Sam's heartbeat quickened. He looked ready to pounce on her, to knock her over. Oh, I wish he would! Sam thought subconsciously before abruptly pushing the immoral thought away.

"It's Paulina!" Danny exclaimed.

Sam's shy, hopeful smile turned into a scowl. Tucker slapped his hand to his forehead. Sam pulled away from Danny and snapped, "Danny, Paulina does not like you."

"Yes, she does! She does! Well, not me, exactly, but she likes my ghost half!" Danny moved Sam to the left so that he could see Paulina, who was flirting with a couple of boys.

Tucker pulled Danny away to face him. "Yeah, she likes Danny Phantom, not Danny Fenton. In case you haven't noticed, she thinks that you're an unpopular loser, that I'm a techno geek, and that Sam's—"

"I don't care what Paulina thinks about me," Sam interrupted angrily, slamming Tucker into a locker. Tucker yelped and started massaging his now sore right arm. Sam turned back to Danny and tried to say in what she hoped was a caring tone, "Danny, Paulina…she's nothing special, really. I mean, she may act like she has an interest in you just to get a night with you, but the next day, she'll dump you for someone else." Danny nodded. He couldn't help but agree. This lifted Sam's spirits as she continued, "There are better girls out there for you, Danny. Paulina is nothing more than a shallow, pretty face."

Danny smiled at Sam, and Sam smiled back, thinking that she had finally gotten through to him. Paulina then giggled loudly, and Danny couldn't help but turn and look at her again. "Emphasis on the 'pretty' part," he said distantly.

Sam threw her hands in the air and growled in frustration. "I give up!" She stormed off, hands balled tightly into fists, her face red with rage.

Danny was still staring at Paulina when Tucker tapped him on the shoulder. Danny turned to face him. Tucker opened his mouth to say something to him, but the bell rang.

"Hey, we gotta get to class. Tell me later, okay?" Danny said as he walked.

Tucker rolled his eyes and whispered as he walked with Danny to their first class, "He really is clueless."


Paulina giggled at Dash's joke along with everyone else. She didn't really think it was funny, though. She didn't really think any of Dash's jokes were funny. Still, she liked leading boys on. It was like a game for her.

Dash moved in closer to Paulina and said just loud enough for her to hear, "So, Paulina, it's Friday…Wanna see a movie with me?"

Paulina smiled seductively. "That's sweet of you to offer, but I'm afraid I already have plans," Paulina told him, thinking of a cute boy she had just met the day before and was going to go on a date with that night.

Dash looked crestfallen. "Ah, c'mon, Paulina! We haven't gone out in, like, forever!"

Paulina shrugged her shoulders, still smiling. "Sorry, Dash, I've just been busy lately." With other boys, she silently added.

The bell rang just then. Paulina flipped her hair over her shoulder and said goodbye to everyone. She started walking to her locker. I am so beautiful and popular, she thought to herself, I am surely the luckiest girl in the world. She entered in her combination and opened her locker, a shrine devoted to Danny Phantom before her. She sighed as she grabbed her books. "No boy could ever compare to him," Paulina said aloud, "He's perfect in every way."

"Paulina, come on! Let's go!" Her friend, Star, rushed up to her.

Paulina quickly shut her locker. "Yes, yes, I'm coming." Paulina followed Star to their first class, still thinking about the ghost boy.