Reunion-1999 (carla has just lost Peter. They are all at his funeral. Sam, Craig, Henry sit with Jenna and Aaron. Will and Katharine sit on the opposite side of the church. Carla steps up to speak)

Carla- I remember when I met Peter. He was so upbeat and appraochable. I remember our wedding day, I was the happiest girl in the world. And I remember the day he died, (starts to cry) he was the same Peter, even though he was leaving he was still upbeat. He told me he loved me and that he'd be watiting for me. Then he was gone. I loved this man with all my heart. I'll miss you Peter, I'll love you forever. (She steps down and sits next to Sam and Craig in the front row. The ending music plats and Craig, Carla's father, Will, and Aaron are the pallbearers)

(Back at Carla's house she just sits in an armchair and stares. Sam is thanking everyone for coming instead.)

Jenna- (to will and katherine)- I'm really worried about Carla, she looks sick. Has she been eating?

Will- I don't know. I stopped by the other day and she was just lying in bed crying. Her father and Sam have been switching off staying with her every night.

Jenna- Out of all of us, how could this happen to her! It's so horrible! Especially when she was so happy.

Katherine- I know, I mean I haven't know Carla very long, but it seems liek she's a totally different person from when I met her

Jenna- I don't think any of us have even seen her like this. It scares me. (All the guests leave except for her friends)

Katherine- Hey henry! Let's go leave the adults alone and go get some ice cream. (winking at Will)

Henry- Ok Aunt Katie!

(Katherine gets her coat and car keys as Sam nods in approval)

Katherine- (to Will) I think the six of you need to be alone

Will- You are amazing. (kisses her) I love you.

Katherine- I love you too

(all crowd around Carla)

Carla- This is all my fault! I should've done more.

Sam- There was nothing you could do, don't blame yourself.

Carla- I'm a terrible person anyway, I deserve this.

Sam- no one deserves to lose their spouse

Carla- Out insurance wouldn't cover all the treatment Peter needed, so I went and talk to our rep. He said he'd try in exchange for a favor.

Sam- Carla, no.

Carla- So I slept with him, once. The papers went through and he got the right treatment, but he still died!

Jenna- Carla, you did anything to save your husband there's no shame in that, no matter what you did. (Looking at the others eggin them on to agree)

Craig- Yeah! I mean I'd do it to save Sam.

(Sam gives him a dirty look)

Present Day 2006

Detective- Since Detective Marjorino is in the hospital I'll be taking over. I want straight answers. How are you connected to the Brewster family?

Rachel- Craig and I have been having an affiar on and off for the last 15 years.

Detective- SO you ever have any problems with Samantha Brewster?

Rachel- I had no hard feelings, I got what I wanted. She had the problem with me