kind of a sad lil story can you guess who its about im sure it will be pretty easy when youve read it


Why me, why me, why me

what did i ever do to deserve that,

do i have 'easy' written on my forehead or something? If not then why was it me that was the victim of such a horrible crime, no-one and i repeat no-one should ever have to go through anything like that EVER, i would not wish it upon anyone no-one deserves it, no-one deserves to be sexually assualted and completely huiliated and then be expected to turn up to school the next day and act like nothings wrong to have to sit behind the perpatrator like nothings happened, to put on a mask that no-one can see through, that no-one can see the pain that has wrapped itself tightley around your heart and is forever squezzing tughter and tighter a mask that says "hey sup?" to all my friends a mask with a happy laughing smile and dancing eyes filled with amusement


Why cant any of you see that i'm in pain that im hurting and im not ok no matter how many times a may reasure you that i am my smile is juat a cover up, and inside i am dying i need you to be able to look at me and instantly know that no matter how much i may say that i am perfectly fine, but i'm really not, i really need you to see that beneath all the laughs andsuger highsis a sadboy who is crying and calling out for help

please, i desperately need you to notice me, to see me the real me the one that is in pain,

where are you, why have you all dissappeared why did you have to leave me here all by myself alone in the dark

why wont you come back i need you to pull me out of this black hole that is sucking me deeper and deeper in

i need you to reach out your hand be my life line and pull me back in pull me to safety

dont you see im drownig and you dont even know it,

i need you see beofre its too late i need you to help ME see before its too late

tysonmy best friend i'm drowning and you dont even know.

so did you like it? did you completely hate it?

you know wat you can do dnt ya?

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peace out