Of Maids and Swords

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Chapter 1: Meetings

Suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth before she could cry out. She then felt the cold hard metal of his sword slide across her throat with just enough pressure to make her aware of it but with her senses now as heightened as they were; he might just as well have put his full force behind it. Instinctively her hands flew up to grab his arm but a voice whispered in her ear:

"I wouldn't do that luv." She immediately dropped her hands to her sides. "That's better." A few moments silence followed this announcement but behind her she could feel him moving; pressing his body closer to hers. It made her feel sick as she remembered all the things that men like him did to women, involuntarily she shuddered. She closed her eyes tight; he must have felt that she thought, being so close how could he not have. Indeed he had, once again he lowered his head to her ear.

"Now luv, I'm not gonna hurt ye – jest lead to way to ye master and mistress." He whispered, careful to keep his voice low but losing none of its authority. Carefully she stepped forward, conscious of the sword pressing against her throat.

"Slowly luv; I'm in no hurry." The voice came again but this time she could hear his merriment even though his grin was beyond her sight. Again she cautiously stepped forward, holding her breath as foot touch the ground – praying he would be satisfied this time. When he made no sound apart from his breathing she stepped again, still nothing – she went a few paces further. Her eyes flitted this way and that looking for any help but of course none could be found – he had chose his time well. She walked a few paces more until she was facing the door, which led to the main upper levels. She began to reach out her hand to grasp the handle.

"Careful." The word made her falter in her action. "Go on luv." He pressed. She reached forward and opened the door to reveal an empty hallway. He chuckled suddenly behind her, her whole body tensed. Some disgusting idea probably occurred to him she thought dejectedly, but she continued down the hall in a vain attempt to put some space between their bodies, which were now so close she could feel his every move – it was as if he had moulded his body to fit hers. After what seemed an eternity she reached the door to the parlour. Her senses had slowly begun to return to her as she had moved through the house, growing with her loathing for the man who held her hostage. She now realised what was actually happened and knew that she had to stop him.

"Now luv, if ye'd be so kind." He said making the grave mistake of relaxing his sword arm and removing his hand from her mouth to indicate towards the door. She didn't know where the idea came from nor was she fully aware of what she was doing but she suddenly grabbed the now free arm and pulled him half over her shoulder and onto the floor.

"What the hell." He exclaimed t his sudden contact with ground. She wasted no time in watching his antics as he struggled to get up but grabbed his sword from the floor and pointed at the neck of the struggling pirate. The door banged open behind the pair, punctuated by:

"Daniella… Jack!"

The voice brought Daniella back to reality and she began to comprehend what had just happened. The two looked up but the sword never strayed from Jack's neck, putting him in a very uncomfortable position but this did not stop his trademark grin spreading across his face as he looked up at his two friends.

"What are you doing?" Elizabeth finally asked looking continually between the pair.

"Well ye see it's not quite how it looks…" Jack began.

"You mean the infamous Jack Sparrow being beaten by a maid then?" Will inquired, enjoying this immensely.

Jack sent an annoyed look in Will's direction before correcting, "Infamous CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow mate, captain."

"Well…" Elizabeth prompted.

"Perhaps ye should ask ye maid as she's the one with the sword." Jack replied before turning to Daniella. "Unless ye'd be so kind luv as to remove me sword from its current resting place." He inquired, very conscious of the fact that the amount of pressure she was putting on the sword was increasing – not that he would tell Will or Elizabeth.

"Its alright." Will told her, noticing the suspicious look she was giving Jack, as much as he wanted to leave Jack extraordinarily embarrassing in this position. Daniella glanced at Will and not being one to disobey she slowly lowered the offending object.

"Thanks luv." Jack said once it was far enough away not to do him any harm; flashing her a grin, which she completely ignored and turned to Will and gave him the sword.

"I am sorry for causing any trouble – shall I get you some tea." She asked, the perfect maid.

"Nonsense Daniella, we know Jack can be…" Elizabeth began flashing Jack a furious glare, "I am sure this was none of your doing. I trust you are not hurt?" She asked but Daniella merely shook her head – Elizabeth hated her behaving like this; never saying a word but there was not much she could do about it. "Well some tea would be nice." She said with a sigh.

"Yes ma'am." Daniella replied, curtseying.

"Elizabeth." Elizabeth corrected giving her a meaningful look but Daniella just nodded and walked back down the hall. Elizabeth watched her walk away shaking her head before turning to Jack, who had also been watching Daniella with an unseemly amount of interest.

"Jack… Jack!"

"Mmm." He said turning towards the couple to find Elizabeth glaring at him and indicating towards the parlour and Will smirking holding his sword out to him.

"Perhaps you have this back especially with all of these dangerous maids about." Will jibed as Jack marched passed him, taking his sword on the way.

"Well?" Elizabeth asked for the third time, determined to get an answer this time ot there would be hell to pay – after all this was her house!

"Yes luv."

"Elizabeth." She replied sternly

"Apologies." Jack replied clasping his hands together in a pray-like fashion before slumping down into one of the arm chairs: his legs flopped over one of the arms and this back resting against the other.

"Jack!" She practically shouted at him this time.

"Alright." He held his hands up in mock defence. "I was in the area and decided to come and see ye… and I decided to have a little fun along the way."

"A little fun!" Exclaimed Elizabeth.

"Well I'll admit it did get a little out of hand… ye see I persuaded ye maid to show me the way 'ere and well she didn't like that much – personally I can't see why; I thought it was nice and cosy but… well ye saw the effects of that." He shook his head. "Still not quite sure how she managed to get me sword, with it at her neck 'n all." Jack mused aloud, thinking back over their encounter, most of which he had enjoyed immensely.

"What! Jack you didn't threaten her!" Will demanded.

"Well threaten might be going a bit far mate… persuaded 'd be better." He explained, looking as innocent as possible.

"No wonder she was loathed to give you your sword back." Commented Will.

"Mmm – I never would have believed Daniella to do something like that." Said Elizabeth concernedly.

"I did not even know that she had the strength or could handle a sword." Will added.

"She can't."

"I hate to disagree with ye but she can." Jack pointed out.

"No." Elizabeth shook her head. "I've known her since she was 8 – we are like best friends; we know everything about each other." Elizabeth informed him.

Jack gave her an odd look. "If that's so, jest why is she ye maid?"

"Because she won't agree to any other arrangement. I've tried to get her to just live with us but she insists on 'earning her keep'." Elizabeth told him dejectedly.

"Ahh, I see."

"Anyway known of this excuses you holding a sword at her throat."

"Ahh, now ye can't really blame me for that lu…Elizabeth and besides she did the same t' me."

The door opened followed by Daniella with a tray of tea before Elizabeth could answer, instead she satisfied herself with a glare in his direction. Jack's eyes followed Daniella's every movement across the room, taking no pains to disguise his obvious interest in her.

"Now luv, perhaps ye could clear up this little disagreement we have." Jack began causing Daniella to look up from the tray, but would not continue until she looked him in the eyes – something she was loathed to do.

"Yes sir." She said looking him in the eyes eventually.

He grinned before continuing. "Can ye use a sword?"

Daniella was slightly taken back by this and dropped her gaze back to the floor, she felt much more comfortable not looking guests in the eye; after all a maid is not their equal and should not behave as if she were – her mother's words haunted her – a maid should do as she is bade, never complain and always accept responsibility for everything.

"No sir." She replied.

"Ahh but luv how do ye explain our little… accident out there?" Jack pressed.

"I'm sorry sir, I can not." She replied curtseying and making towards the door. "Will there be anything else ma'am." She inquired as she was taught.

"Yes perhaps a bottle of rum for our guest." Elizabeth suggested, she did not bother to try and get Daniella to call her by her first name – she only ever really did that when they were on their own. Elizabeth had been watching Jack eye the tea suspiciously and with ill concealed disgust.

"That sound like a wonderful idea Elizabeth." He exclaimed. Daniella curtseyed again and left, glad to be away from the pirate.

"Is she always like that?" Jack asked as the door shut, he had been surprised by the way she had acted. He had expected her to be assertive and fiery after their escapade in the hallway: he was gravely disappointed.

"No." Will replied to Jack's relief.

"When no one else is around she is a lot more herself – what you saw was the maid." Elizabeth told him.

"What do ye mean?"

"She much more lively and fun to be around when she is not being a maid."

"Ahh – don't suppose she could join us do ye?" Jack asked.

"Now Jack – you wouldn't be thinking of doing anything to her would you?" Will asked sternly

"Me?" Jack asked innocently

"Besides – I thought you came to see us." He pointed out. Jack realised that he would not get anywhere so he did not bother to push the issue – shame really he thought she could be quite fun. He was about to reply when Daniella re-entered the room.

"Your rum sir." She said, eyes downcast as she gave him the bottle.

"Thank ye luv." He said, a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he reached out to take the bottle.

"Oh!" Daniella exclaimed as she landed in his lap, her immediate reaction was to hit him around the face but thankfully she remembered her place and merely attempted to get up apologising.

"I'm sorry sir, I lost my balance."

Jack blinked and looked at her – he had been sure she had been about to hit him and he knew that they both knew it was he who had pulled her onto him. He grinned; he wondered how far this servant attitude would go.

"Ye needn't apologise luv – I'm quite comfy 'ere." He said putting his free arm (in the other he clutched his rum) around her waist. Daniella looked up at him perplexed.

"I am sorry sir but I have some work to do." She told him trying again to get up to no avail.

"No luv that's not very friendly."

"I'm sorry." She replied, her eyes flitted desperately towards Elizabeth for aid.


"Alright." He didn't even bother to look up at Elizabeth. "We'll jest hav t' get t' know each other later." He told Daniella winking at her as she got up.

"Sir." She said politely curtseying.

"Luv – its Capt. Jack Sparrow." He said giving her a courtier's bow, to which she half smiled and walked out of the room. Jack sat back down grinning to himself at the outcome.

Daniella was relieved to finally shut the door; she was not sure if she liked Sparrow or not. When he had been leading her down the hall she could not have hated him more but even now when he was causing trouble for her she found that she sort of like it. Probably because he is the only man who has ever paid you any attention. She thought rudely to herself, she sighed but that was probably the reason – oh well. She thought and dismissed him from her mind – she hadn't been lying when she told him that she had work to do.

Several hours later Daniella returned to the parlour. "Dinner will be served in an hour." She informed them.

"Thank you Daniella – I shall go and change." She told the men, who had been deep in conversation about the Pearl until Daniella walked in.

"Will ye be joining us luv?" Asked Jack winking.

"No captain, I won't be." She informed him, a little sad herself.

"Tis a shame." He commented and with great effort he turned back to Will as the two women exited the room.

"Would you like to join us?" Elizabeth inquired, once they were out of the room. Daniella glanced up surprised. "Don't look so startled – how many times have I told you that you are welcome to live with us?" Elizabeth chided.

"Sorry but I thought you would want to spend time with your guest."

"Yes, well he seems set on spending time with you."

"Yes but… I'm not sure it would be proper." Daniella countered after a pause, a little unsure.

"Proper? He's a pirate." Daniella looked at Elizabeth but promptly dropped her gaze.

"Daniella…" She looked up; she knew that tine – it was the one which left no room for argument.

"Alright, I don't particularly want to spend time in his company." She informed Elizabeth, all trace of her mildness had vanished.

Elizabeth smiled. "Why did you not say that to begin with?"

"You know me…"

"Yes, maids are not supposed to have opinions – but how many times must I tell you, you are more than a maid." Elizabeth gently chided her, pulling her into a hug.


Elizabeth looked at her, "Well if you do not want to see him, then you do not have to – let Sarah wait on the table tonight and take the evening off… no arguing." She cut across Daniella's protests and turned to go upstairs. "Jack really isn't that bad you know." She said over her shoulder. Daniella just raised her eyebrows but made no comment – she had serious doubts about that. Immediately as Elizabeth disappeared from sight, the maid returned leaving no trace of her true spirit. She infinitely preferred being a maid; no one pays you any attention – except Jack she thought strangely.

The 3 sat down to dinner at the top of the long elegant table in the main dinning hall. Jack looked around; his mind absently totting up the value of all the finery dotted around the room; old habits die-hard. His gaze momentarily hovered over the servants' entrance, which presumably led up from the kitchens. He studied it a little harder, he thought it was a doorway but it was cleverly disguised – the woodwork of the door was in the exact same pattern and style as the rest of the wall. Then as if to confirm his suspicions it opened allowing the deep rich smell of good food to filter into the room making Jack actually realise how hungry he was. All his attention was now firmly fixed on the doorway as he waited for her to appear. Gradually the crack opened wider to reveal a maid who although came bearing a tray of delicious looking food, Jack could not help but feel disappointment. He blinked and shook his head slightly, questioning his feelings – he had not been aware that he was watching for her but her lack of appearance had left him feeling frustrated; all the this was even more disturbing as he did not know why – after all he thought she is just a meek and mild maid, definitely not his sort.

"Jack." He swung around to face Will.


"Are you alright there?"

"Course, fine food, good company, rum… why wouldn't I be?" Elizabeth shook her head but made no reply as Sarah began to serve dinner; Daniella has a big problem. She thought.

The rest of the meal went well without incident, all enjoying the food immensely.

"So Jack, do you have anymore adventures to regale us with?" Elizabeth asked, she still loved pirate stories although she knew that most were complete fiction but Jack was one of the best at telling them. Jack thought for a moment taking a very long swig of rum before his face came alight with a broad grin.

"Ah well ye see, there is one…" He began pausing dramatically before beginning in earnest. "We were sailing not 20 miles south of 'ere, the wind at our back – she's a magnificent sight me Pearl – or at least she were until Gibbs took a liking to one of the rocks off the Isla de Muerta; four days it took us to repair her hull – anyway we were heading towards…"

Will grinned and settled back in his chair; Jack was quite a sight to see when he got into one of his stories – his arms waving in every direction to emphasise his point and his face changing for every moment. Will glanced up at the clock on the mantel; once Jack got started he would be going all night.

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