The Shaman Queen's wish The girl in the bus stop

The Great Spirits were looking to a seventeen years old girl, dressed like a Japanese princess. She was wearing a feather's crown like the one the patches do. The girl was crying a lot, on her face it could be seen a tattoo that looked like a blue dragon and the dragon continued along her body. Beside her was a man about 30, dressed like a Chinese soldier. He was along with five soldiers spirits. The girl was crying a lot. Suddenly, a voice resounds.

"Make your wish, Shaman Queen."

"I wish…" the girl looks to her belly. "I wish for an innocent boy, someone funny, a little stupid… someone who could really love me… a boy who shows his true feelings… someone who fears not to do something… but I don't want You to make it for me! I want him to birth normally, like every person in this world. That's… my wish."

"May your will be made, Shaman Queen." The great Voice said. Two golden birds got out of the amount of souls and planed in front of the girl.

"Search for the one who cries for his lost love/ Search for him who seeks for joy/ Search for the one who has no home/ Search for your heir/ Next to the half of the wizard of fire, you'll find the one who worship Chup-Kamui. He is the one you seek for."

"I'll wait for him. No matter how long it takes. I'll wait." The girl said. The man came near her.

"Shaman Queen, my friend, you cannot stay alone." The man said, looking to the queen with his entrancing yellow eyes. "You… Come with me, I'll help you."

"I… I need a place to rest." The queen put her hand on her belly. "I don't wanna see him anymore… Let's go Suu."

The queen and the man leave the land of the Great Spirits.

500 years later, Yoh and his comrades were on their way to the Patch village. Horo-Horo was tired of walking and was complaining all the time.

"Man! We still have no clue about the Patch village." Horo-Horo said. Len looked angry to him.

"Can you stop complaining and start thinking how to reach the village faster?" Len said. Horo-Horo sent him a bad look.

"Come on, stop fighting." Yoh asked.

"Look D. Yoh, there's a bus there up ahead. We can wait for a bus!" Ryou said. Yoh smiled. "I'll run there! I wanna have a sit!" Ryou ran to the bus stop but stopped in front of it.

"Look, Ryou stopped!" Chocolove said.

"What's wrong with that buffoon now?" Len asked. Yoh called Ryou.

"What's wrong?"

"There's a very beautiful girl here!" Ryou said, drooling. "OH! She's so cute!"

"A girl?" Yoh was surprised.

"It's really Ryou! He can't see a girl without drooling himself." Horo-Horo said. The group went to the bus stop and saw a beautiful girl. She had blue hair like Len's, a soft skin, two braids under her small hair that covered her neck. She was wearing a white kimono with a pink bodice and a black belt. She was sleeping.

"She's a shaman." Len said. All looked to him. "She's wearing an oracle, like we do."

"She's the most beautiful girl I had ever seen…" Horo-Horo said blushing while he admired that beauty.

"Yeah, she's really…" Yoh stopped suddenly his sentence… something inside of him was awakening… seeing that girl sleeping.

"Yoh, what's wrong?" Len asked. Yoh was looking to that girl and his breath increases speed. Something inside of his body was calling him.

The girl opened her eyes. They were blue. She looked to them, finding strange how all those boys appeared from the nothing. She smiled to them.

"Hi there, pretty lady!" Ryou said. "How was your sleep?"

"I guess the best part of it was the awakening. I never thought to wake in the middle of all this boys." The girl said.

"I'm Ryou, pleasured to meet you!" Ryou picks the girl's hand and kisses it. The girl blushed.

"I'm Chocolove!"

"I'm Len Tao." The girl looks to Len.

"From the Tao dynasty?" the girl asked.

"Yeah… how did you know it?" Len asked. The girl smiled and looked to Yoh. He was very pale, standing at her.

"What's wrong with your friend?" The girl asked. Len and Horo-Horo looked to Yoh.

"Yoh?" Chocolove looks to him.

"I…" Yoh said and faints. Ryou caught him.

"D. Yoh! D. Yoh! What's happening? D. Yoh!"

"Yoh!" The boys were around Yoh, trying to figure out what was wrong.

Yoh was seeing something… something that looks familiar and strange and the same time. He was in the middle of one American forest. A beautiful girl was taking bath and he was looking. After a while looking, the girl noticed his presence and looks to him, catching Yoh by surprise. Yoh awakes and sees his friends.

"D. Yoh, are you ok?" Ryou was crying a lot and throwing away a lot of run from the nose.

"Ryou?" Yoh said. He looked aside and saw, Horo-Horo, Chocolove, Len and the girl. "You… who are you?"

"I'm Amat. A shaman, like you guys." Amat said. Yoh got up from the bus bench.

"So you're a shaman. I… I'm Yoh Asakura. Pleasured to meet you." Yoh smiled to Amat and she smiles to him.

"I'm Horo-Horo!" the Ainu couldn't stop looking at her. Horo-Horo was very blushed and enchanted by Amat. Well, looks like everybody was.

"So, Amat, if you are in the tournament, what's your wish?" asks Chocolove. Amat looked to him. "You know! 'When I become the shaman king, I wanna…" Amat looked to them a little and smiled blushing a little.

"I wanna find peace… and a boyfriend!" she said. All looked to her dumbfounded, but suddenly they realized that was very good to them.

"You wanna find a boyfriend!" Ryou grabs Amat's hands and sends her a lovely look. "In that case let me introduce you to your future boyfriend!"

"Who?" Amat asked. Everybody was angry for seeing Ryou so close to Amat.

"ME!" Ryou said. In that moment, Horo-Horo and Chocolove jump to him.

"How dare you?" Chocolove said. "How dare you touch my future girlfriend?"

"Yours? Oh you son of…" Horo-Horo jumps to him and the three start fighting in the bus. Amat looked to them.

"Don't worry. This is our daily routine." Yoh said, smiling to her. "Would you like to join us in our way to the Patch Village?" Len looked to Yoh and Amat. Horo-Horo, Chocolove and Ryou stop fighting and looked to Amat, waiting for her answer.

"I'm sorry. I'm… I'm doing a task that very important person asked me… I don't know if I…" Amat said. All put them heads in front of Amat, making her doggy eyes, like they were asking her to stay. Amat couldn't resist those ten eyes. "Ok, I'll stay!"

"YEAH!" Horo-Horo jumped to her. "I'm sure you'll be very happy with us… or with me!" Amat looked to him and blushed. Horo-Horo couldn't know why he was so blushed when he looked to Amat.

"This is the last stop!" the motorist announced. The group leave and decided to past the night in an inn. Yoh shared is room with Len. The Chinese looked to Yoh and realized he was not ok.

"What's wrong with you?" Len asked. Yoh looked to him. "You looked like you're not here. Have you met Amat before?"

"No…" Yoh hesitated. Len noticed that. "But at the same time… I think I know her from somewhere… and I think I know her very well."

"You may not believe, but I feel the same." Len said. Yoh looked to Len. How could he feel the same as him? "But I didn't have the strong reaction you had."

"When I looked to her… I felt a strong pain in my heart… and in my soul… as if she was the person charged to kill me." Yoh told. Len found that strange.

"Well, I felt very well, as if she was an angel." Len said. Yoh looked to the wall. "I guess our new friend has something we unknown."

Amat was on her bedroom, brushing her hair when she heard someone knocking at the door. Amat looked there and sees Horo-Horo. He blushed when he noticed Amat was looking at him.

"Can I enter?" He asked. Amat sings with her head. Horo-Horo entered and sat near her.

"What's wrong?" Amat asked. Horo-Horo looks to her.

"I… I thought you need something." Horo-Horo said, but Amat realized that was just an excuse.

"I'm fine, thanks!" Amat smiled. Horo-Horo blushed even more.

"I-I-I thought you… well… Didn't you fell alone? I mean, walking to the patch village all by you…" Horo-Horo asked. Amat looked to him and then to the moonlight which entered through the window.

"I… I'm never alone." Amat said. Horo-Horo didn't catch that one. "I dream with the same boy every single night." Horo-Horo looks to her. Amat turns to him. "I… I see him flying through the mountains… as if he was in a magic carpet. He's so handsome." Horo-Horo felt jealous. "But it's just a dream."

"We should never abandon our dreams!" Horo-Horo said, looking close to Amat. When Horo-Horo noticed how close he was to Amat, he blushed.

"I never abandoned my dream… once it is the only thing I have." Amat said. Horo-Horo was looking to her big blue eyes and to her mouth. "Please, leave me alone." Horo-Horo felt a little bad. Amat looked aside. The Ainu got up and leave. Amat was looking to the ground. "Sorry… but first, there is something I should do." Amat looked again to the moon. She gets up and walks in the window's direction, looking to the moon. Amat knits the brows. And again, there was a knock on the door.

"Amat?" Yoh entered. Amat looked to him. "I need to ask you something that's doesn't let me sleep on peace." Amat gently smiles. "Who are you?"

"Just an ordinary girl you found in a bus stop." Amat said. Yoh felt his desire increasing with each word Amat spelled. Yoh was trying do fight it, but it was impossible. Yoh tried to remember Anna, but Amat's body was stronger. Amat looked like she knew what was going on with Yoh. Yoh grabbed Amat, hugging her tightly. Yoh was in pain, he was doing something he didn't want to. Amat continued serious.

"I… need to possess you! Why?" Yoh puts his hands on Amat's breast and butt. Yoh was looking to her, breathing hard. "I… who are you?" Yoh was looking to Amat's mouth. Yoh starts crying… Anna's memories were flashing on his head. Yoh was about to kiss Amat, but… "I CAN'T!" Amat was catching by surprised. "I love Anna! Then why?" Yoh put his hands on his face. "Why do I feel like this?"

"I'm surprised. There is a man worthy." Amat said. Yoh looked to her. "Anna is very lucky."

"Why do you say that?" Yoh asked.

"All my life I lived with the curse of my beauty." Amat releases some tears. Yoh felt surprised. "My father and my brother break me when I was younger. Since then… I desired the death of every man in the world."

"What made you change your mind?" Yoh asked. Amat smiled.

"Love!" She answered. "Someone who was able to do for me what you did for Anna. He changed my mind."

"But… why did I felt like that when I looked to you?" Yoh asked. Amat smiled.

"Because… well, I'm not sure, but if I was you, I'll ask him." Amat said. Yoh felt confused. Amat came near Yoh and put her hand on his face. "You're so different from him… As I said before, Anna must be a very lucky girl. If you really love her, like I'm sure you do, then you have nothing to fear, brave Yoh."

"You told me that you were here searching for something, what is it?"

"Don't worry! I've already found it!" Amat said. Yoh smiled to her and left. He was not satisfied his curiosity yet, but at least he realized Amat was not a threat. Yoh got back to his bed. Amat decided to sleep to but she saw a wooden stick in her pillow. Amat picks it and looks to the patterns.

"This is… ah… I guess Horo-Horo left it here. I'll deliver it tomorrow." Amat takes her kimono and goes to bed.

Horo-Horo, Chocolove and Ryou were playing poker on their bedroom.

"I'm telling you! Amat is going to be my girlfriend." Chocolove said. Ryou send him a bad look.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but she is definitely in love with Ryou here! Once I'm charming, sexy and irresistible." Ryou said. Chocolove became mad.

"You'll see!" Chocolove jumped to him and the two started fighting. Horo-Horo was looking to his cards, thinking in Amat.

"Perhaps I shouldn't be that close to her…" Horo-Horo threw his cards away. "Damn it! I ruined everything!" Horo-Horo lied on his bed, putting the pillow above his head. "Now what?" Ryou and Chocolove were looking to him, wondering what was wrong. The two also decided to sleep. Hours later, Horo-Horo and the others were in the world of dreams. Suddenly, a flame appeared in the bedroom. Hao materialized. The shaman looked over the bedroom. None noticed his presence.

"What a bench of loser." Hao looks down and sees Horo-Horo sleeping in the ground. "It's time to take revenge." Hao grabs Horo-Horo and his other hand flames. "See you in Hell." Hao points his hand to Horo-Horo.


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