Summary: (Takes place right after Banner was defeated, and right after Al became the Philosophers Stone) Now that Prof. Banner is gone, who's going to teach Duel Alchemy at the academy? The Full Metal Alchemist decides to take the job. You can tell this won't turn out well... (Yugioh GX and Full Metal Alchemist crossover)

Author's Note: I came up with this idea after seeing the episode with Banner vs. Jaden. I kept thinking of FMA, because of the homunculus and Alchemy and came up with this Fanfic! Hope you like it!

-Duel Academy-
Chancellor Shepard was annoyed. Again they were left without a Duel Alchemy teacher, and again they were having the usual teacher debate of what to do about it. And always, it would end up the same way.

"I say we get rid of this subject for good! It's a bunch of rubbish! Who needs to know about this alchemy stuff anyway? What does it have to do with dueling?" Professor Crowler shouted

"But Crowler, you know how important the subject is! It explains the origins of duel monsters! It's like not having a history class!" Dorothy responded.

"Well, maybe we should get rid of history too!" Crowler scoffed

Shepard had enough of this. He shouted, "Okay! Let's just do what we always do when a teacher leaves us. Send out the help wanted ads!"

-Some random newspaper stand-
Edward Elric was reading the paper. Front page headline "Elric On The Run" Hehe, the military was after him and his brother. Well, he thought it might happen sooner or later. The second he got the philosophers stone, he expected the military to be all over him.

"Well, better take cover. We're going to need to lay low for a while" Ed said while reading the newspaper article about something happening at ' Duel Academy' or whatever it was. He asumed it was a school for fighting or something like that.

Then Al spoke up. "Brother, why don't you get a job far away, on a island or something. The military would never expect it, you would get a good place to hide, and you get paid. It's perfect!"

Ed shook his head. "Good idea, but there's one problem. What kind of job is on an island far away, that needs an alchemist?"

He then turned back to the paper and hit himself on the head. "Look at this Al! That place called Duel Academy is looking for someone to teach 'Duel Alchemy' It's on an island far away and the pay was exceptionally high! And as an added bonus, I could send you there, Al, as a student to hide as well! It's perfect!"

"Great Brother! Let's send a letter immediately!

- Duel Academy-
The entire staff was looking through the letters for people willing to apply for the school position... which was only 3 people.

"Look at this! Yugi Mouto wants to teach at our school!" Dorothy cried out.

Crowler scoffed, "It's probably a prank, even if it was Yugi, Kaiba would never let him teach here. Still a bit of a rivalry between them."

"Well what about this one?" Dorothy suggested.

Shepard looked at it, "It says, Send this letter to 20 people, or have bad luck for 20 years."

Crowler was now annoyed, "How could they be so stupid! They left a return name on it. Send it back to Bakura, or whatever his name is."

Shepard then took the letter... and put it in his back pocket. 'I'm not getting bad luck! Last time I didn't send one of these chain letters, I ended up going on a blind date with Crowler!' Shepard thought.

Crowlerthen took a look at the last letter. "Well, look at this letter, from someone named Edward. He says he was a former alchemist for the military! I think we need some discipline around this school. A military man might be able to whip those Slifer Slackers into shape!"

Shepard sighed. "Well, he's the only letter left. Send him in."

Ed and Al arrived at the shores of Duel Academy. On a row boat.

Ed was annoyed having to row all the way here. "I know we wanted to go far away, but did we have to row 14351 miles to get here!"

"But brother, we don't have the money to ride the cruse ship here, so we had to row! Besides, even if we did have the money, the military would know where we are going." Al responded in a polite voice as usual.

"Well, time to go see my new boss. Hope he isn't as cruel as Mustang." Ed then headed toward the main building, while passing by teens about his age in red, yellow and blue blazers. One particular smiley faced kid in a red blazer passed the brothers.

"Hey new person! Wow, your even shorter than Syrus!" The kid said while retaining his cheerful attitude.

If you knew Ed, you knew what was coming next. As usual, Al held Ed back while Ed shouted, "DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME SHORT, DWARF OR LITTLE!"

"Calm down brother!" Al shouted trying to keep Ed from making a scene.

Then the boy responded, "Woah didn't mean anything by it! So you new here at the academy? What dorm are you in? I'm guessing Slifer, by the looks of your clothes. My name is Jaden."

Ed was still annoyed by the 'short' comment but still responded casually, "For your information, I'm the new Duel Alchemy teacher around here. Hehe, give me any trouble and I might decide to give you an F."

"Well that wouldn't be any different then usual." Jaden said with a grin and then walked off.

Ed could tell that he wasn't a bad guy, but decided to still keep his eye out for him. He just went on his way to the main building to get the inside information on his job. Al just followed without question.

"What! A 14 year old? In the military! Teaching at our school! You must be joking!" Crowler shouted.

But, as usual, no one cared what he thought. Then Chanslor spoke up. "Let's give him a chance. Who says the young can't be experienced? And besides, it's either him, or we go with "Mr. Chain letter" for a teacher."

Crowler grumbled. "Fine, let's give him a shot."

Ed gave a big grin. "Got anything that needs fixing?"

Then Dorothy spoke up. "Well, last night I ripped my Dark Magician girl costume... again... for the 5 time this week. Maybe could you fix that?" She then pulled out a giant pink and blue costume.

Ed twitched at the stretched out costume, but tried to keep it cool. "Come on. That's easy." He immediately clapped his hands, and instantly the5 ft rip on the lower part of the costume was fixed.

Crowler frowned. "Ok, so he's good. Let's just get this over with. I don't want to miss today's episode of Barn- Uh I mean... the news! Yeah, let's go with that!" He then rushed out of the room trying not to attract attention.

Chancellor Shepard smiled. "Well, looks like we have a new duel alchemy teacher. Not only that, but you shall be in charge of the Slifer red dorm!"

Ed remembered Jaden saying he was in Slifer. Bossing him around was going to be fun. He then just remembered Al. "Oh, and if you don't mind, maybe could my brother attend this school. I just want him to have a good education if you know what I mean."

Chancellor then turned to Al. "You must be his brother. Your welcome to attend. Just as long as your dueling skills are sharp, you'll fit in fine here."

"Yes sir." Al said standing at attention. He tried to seem presentable.

Then Ed and Al both left the room to head to the Slifer dorm. As Al mingled with his new classmates, Ed relaxed in his own private room. Soon Al came in worried. He was wearing a tight fitting red blazer.

"Brother! I just found out that this isn't a dueling type of fighting school, it's a dueling with cards called duel monsters school!"

Ed anime fell. What were they going to do? Ed knew nothing about duel monsters! Well, it's never to late to learn.

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Yugioh Fact of the Chapter: Did you know that Yuki, Jaden's last name, in Japanese means snow?

Full Metal Alchemist fact of the Chapter: Did you know that the day Ed and Al first tried to bring their mother back to life was on October 10th?