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The next day, Ed was in the middle of his alchemy lesson. "Today we are going to start simple. Transmutation of sulfur. Because it's a natural element- Yes?" Ed said looking toward a student in yellow.

"I heard you can do alchemy without using a transmutation circle!" The Ra student said excited. "Can you show us?!"

"I'd be happy to." Ed said with a smirk on his face. His favorite part of being a teacher? The praise of course! He clapped his hands and pressed them against the pile of sulfur he had on his desk. A glow came from where the transmutation occurred, causing the simple block of sulfur to turn into figurine of a little Kuriboh.

(New chapter contest! Whoever can guess the reference I'm making in Ed's figurine wins the honor of being mention of being in the next chapter! …If any of you are still reading that is.)

Then the kid tried clapping his hands. "Why isn't anything happening?"

"Well that's because-" but Ed really didn't feel like going into explanation. "I'm the only one that can do it. Look. Everybody clap your hands!" Ed shouted out.

About half the people in the class started clapping some.

"Come on!" Ed shouted out.

Everyone in the class then started to join in…. that's when Ed realized something what he was doing sounded very familiar, "How low can you go?!"

(Forgive me if you don't get the Cha-cha slide reference. It's just always on the radio so it finally got to me!)

At this exact moment, Crowler decided to enter the room. "I knew we should have gone with the chain letter guy…" He said walking out of the classroom the second he heard what was going on.

Ed shrugged. "What's up with her… or him. Can't tell which." Ed said shrugging. He opened the text book looking around for something today. "Anyways, class dismissed. Homework is to- eh forget the homework. What good did it ever do to anyone? Just make sure to get a prank pulled on the He-witch by the end of the day for a extra credit A."

"Yay!" The kids cheered rushing out of the room. Soon the only people left in the room were Al, who didn't have anywhere to go and Jaden and Syrus, who were still asleep.

Ed glared at the two. "The class wasn't that long…" He said slamming the textbook on the desk."

"Ring around the rosy!" Jade shouted blurting out complete nonsense as he awoke.

"Whoever's name is written in this notebook shall die!" Syrus shouted.

Everyone in the room turned their eyes to Syrus. What the? Wasn't he supposed to be the innocent one?

"What? I read it in a Manga!" Syrus said in his defense.

"Anyways, due to you two kind of helping me win my duel against Chaz and keep my job, I've decided to make it up to you. State your demands." Ed said not liking to be in people's debt… usually when that happened, they expected the favor back ten-fold.

"Uh… how about a duel?" Jaden asked.

Ed rolled his eyes. "Not again… not too fond of dueling for some reason."

Both Jaden and Syrus's mouths dropped. "How do you live?! It's a way of life!" They shouted at the same time.

"Don't mean to cause a war or anything, but come on! Would you really do something like risk your lives for cards?" Ed asked jokingly.

Jaden and Syrus really had to think about it. "Depends which car-"

"Don't even say it!" Ed shouted. "Can you think of something else then?"

"Well… there is something." Syrus said nervously. "You see, Crowler has always been treating us Slifer kids like crud."

"Say no more!" Ed declared. "I'll get him just like I did Chaz!"

"But this is more difficult." Jaden stated. "Crowler is actually a teacher. How are you going to get him?"

"I have my ways." Ed said with a evil grin on his face.

"Uh brother… why did you turn off the lights and are now holding up a flashlight to your face?" Al asked

"No reason!" Ed said throwing the flashlight in the opposite direction to hit a random Obelisk student passing by. "Just leave it to me and I'll put him in his place. I am the Full Metal Alchemist.

"And Crowler is the Full mental duelist… this should be fun to watch!" Jaden declared.

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