A very very short one-shot piece of pointless, plotless fluff. Set after the game, featuring Zelos and Sheena.

Spoiler warning: contains spoilers about a sub-quest in the game involving Sheena and what she'll do in the future.

Dedication: Minnie requested a fic in which Zelos and Sheena did something fun together. This is what the chibis came up with. I hope she enjoys it. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco own it I believe. I just like writing fanfiction about it.

Zelos wasn't quite sure why he was sat at the living room table with a collection of plastic construction bricks scattered across it but, he thought, it didn't matter because Sheena was having fun.

Colette had given her the bricks as a present for her birthday, saying that the chief of Mizuho ought to have something fun to play with so that she didn't take life too seriously all the time, something she thought might be an occupational hazard of being the village chief.

"So, what shall we make next? A house?" Sheena asked, putting the last model they had constructed together to one side.

"How about a boat?" Zelos suggested.

"Or a castle?"

"A bird?"

"A wolf?"

The trouble with this toy, Zelos thought, was that there were so many possibilities, so many things you could make with it, that it was sometimes difficult to decide what you wanted to make.

"How about a really big tower of blocks?" Sheena mused, thinking about how that would look.

"Isn't that a bit boring?" the swordsman asked.

"No, not if we build it with lots of different colours," the summoner shook her head.

"Alright, but no keeping all the pink ones to yourself, you know they're my favourites," Zelos said, scooping up an armful of bricks that seemed to contain quite a few pink ones before Sheena could get her hands on them.

They began to work on building the tower. Sheena became so engrossed in the task that she didn't notice that Zelos stopped adding to the tower after a while and started building something else. She did, however, notice when he offered her a present. A pink heart made out of the little bricks.