Synopsis: Q learns of the events during Nemesis.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek or any of the characters.

Spoilers: Star Trek: Nemesis

Infinite webs of thought spun through the mind of the being known only as Q (well, on one small planet in the gamma quadrant he was known as the God of Lies, but never mind that).

At any single moment, Q knew every subatomic particle in the universe within a parsec of his consciousness; and at will could view anyplace and anytime in the whole of the multiverse.

The human term stargazing seems so weak when used to describe Q's current engagement. However, "stargazing" was exactly what Q was doing at that moment.

Caught up in a rare state of awe, Q watched the multiverse progress. Q saw stars form and die in an instant and an eternity.

Then, all of Q's thoughts screeched to a halt. Q did a double take. Only one single thought ran through Q's mind at that instant. He saw a funeral serviceā€¦ for DATA! Data, the android who had saved Q's life when the continuum had made him human.

"Well, screw that!"


Time reversed itself. Data never died. Picard's clone never existed. Wedding vows had just been exchanged.

Q smiled. Once more all was well with the universe. And with that Q returned to stargazing.