Something touched her lips gently and a familiar scent filled her nostrils. As the pressure on her lips grew, she willed her eyes to open. The sight that met her was not one she had expected. The arms around her did not belong to an angel. His lips left hers slowly.

He let go of her body and she nearly slumped into her chair.

"Joseph…" she whispered, taking a hold of the armrest on her straight-backed chair.

"You asked me to grant your request. I did," was his quiet answer.

"I meant a different request!" she protested. "I meant the request for my resignation!"

"I know," he said, walking to the door. "I apologize." And he left the office, and her.

She looked around slowly. The light that had shone on her eyelids had come from the window with the sun hanging low on the clear blue sky. She went to the window and looked out. A small smile crept onto her lips. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to stay here.

The End…

A/N: (Facepalm) I thought there was more left but there you go... Last chapter, extemely short but... Couldn't make her leave, could I? After all, in SA II she's still there... :P