Alrighty, so originally this A/N said that I'd written a lemon for this story and anyone who wanted it should review me with the request to get it. To be entirely fair, aside from the fact that I was paranoid beyond all belief about having this story deleted because of content it shouldn't have on this site, it was also to ensure that people would continue to review. Most people out there simply read a story and then don't bother to give any kind of feedback (good or bad) so I figured it'd be the perfect way to motivate people.

And it got me over 100 reviews to this little 'chapter'.

So, since I think I've cheated more than enough people out of some reviews, and also because some people didn't leave me with any way of actually getting the lemon to them, I've decided to post up a link here to the AFFnet version of this story, which has had the lemon in it ever sicne I finished it. As most of you probably know, links and such are deleted automatically by FFnet so naturally I've inserted some spaces to prevent tht from happening. Just remove the spaces that aren't supposed to be there and you're on your way.

ygo . adultfanfiction . net/story . php?no=600100100&chapter=18

I hope to continue getting reviews despite the fact that you guys no longer have to ask for the lemon, but I rather doubt I will. So, I'll say that I hope you've all enjoyed the story and that you'll enjoy the lemon (it was the first one I'd ever written so be warned) and check out some of my other work.