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Sasuke awoke that morning with a pounding head-ache. He didn't open his eyes but rather squeezed them tighter together in an attempt to get back to sleep. There was something very warm wrapped in the covers he hugged close t his body but he didn't bother to figure out what it was.

'What did I do last night to make my head hurt so much?' He asked himself as he searched through his memories of the before. 'Kakashi had called us over his apartment for some mission…'

"So what kind of mission is this!" Naruto asked loudly as always. The masked ninja smiled. "Well it's not exactly a mission, more like a training exercise." Sakura began to doubt there teachers intentions a bit. "So what exactly do we have to do?" She asked.

"Clean my apartment." Sasuke only glared as his other teammates voiced there complaints. "What! Clean your own apartment you lazy-" Naruto was cut off by Sakura. "And what exactly would be the training in that?"

The copy cat ninja had an answer for all this strange ways. "Speed. Today we're working on how fast you can do delicate tasks while going as fast as you can. If a ninja is too slow then they will die and there team will fail and or also die." His serious tone put all three of them into the mood to do whatever he asked. "But try not to break anything. I'll be in my room taking a nap." They all fell over.

"I bet I can clean this place fast then you can Sasuke!" Naruto proclaimed grabbing a feathered duster. "You shouldn't even bother anymore Naruto; you're too slow to ever catch up with me." The raven haired teen was in a mood to defeat his hyper active rival once more as he gave him a competitive glance.

In less then 3 seconds the two were all over the room, dusting and vacuuming everything in sight. (Sakura was also helping but now going nearly as fast as the two boys had managed to go.)

When they were all done they collapsed on the couch, all breathing hard from the over exertion. Who would have thought Kakashi could live with large dust bunnies? "Aw man! I'm so thirsty; go get me a drink Sakura." The blonde ordered only to receive a blow to the head. "Go get your own drink! Do I look like your slave?"

As the two started arguing like normal Sasuke got up and went to the fridge and looked inside. It was almost empty except for boxes of boxes of bottles of unlabeled liquid being contained by the old fashion pop containers. Taking them out, he handed one to both Naruto and Sakura before opening his own.

"Oh wow Sasuke! You didn't have to go through all that trouble!" The pink haired girl praised him. "It wasn't." He answered rather rudely. He took a big swig from the bottle and almost spit it up from the horrible taste but instead kept his cool and swallowed, much opposite of Naruto who did spit it back out and over dramatically began to cough.

"Loser." Sasuke mumbled before taking another, much smaller, sip from the unknown drink. After awhile it didn't taste so bad. "I bet you I can drink more then you can!" Naruto declared jumping up abruptly from his seat on the couch.

'I'm such a loser! How did I not know that was beer from the start?' Sasuke mentally scolded himself hugging whatever it was wrapped in his sheets closer.

After a long hour of hard drinking someone knocked on Kakashi's door. Sakura, who was stumbling all over the place, went to go see who it was. "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhinataaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" the pink haired girl squealed hugging the newcomer.

"Ah… Sakura?" The girl questioned politely pulling away. She smelled the beer on the girl but being rather tired that evening couldn't place what it was. "Look Naruto! Sasuke! Hinata has come to join out little partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" She started to giggle uncontrollably. Naruto and Sasuke both were laying down in different sides of the room, Naruto was closer to the bathroom just incase.

Hinata went over to her crush and kneeled down next to him worried. "Are you okay Naruto?" His only response was that of rushing into the bathroom to throw up. "Oh my." The purple haired girl stood back up and surveyed the room. There were empty glass bottles all over the room.

"Hhhhhhhhhhere! Drink this, it's really good." Sakura gave her a bottle that the others hand not yet had the chance to drink yet. "Oh, thank you Sakura. Do you mind of I ask where Kakashi is? I was told to give this to him." She pulled out a scroll from her jacket's pocket.

As the pink haired girl took the scroll Hinata took a sip of her drink. It was the worst thing she had ever tasted and made a funny face. Sakura giggled. "Don't worry, it gets better." She followed the other girl to the couch and sat down.

Before Hinata could ask what was going on with everyone Naruto came back from the bathroom and passed out on the floor but by that time she had a few sips inside her and didn't really notice.

Sasuke heard the glass in his window break and someone gracefully jump though and roll. He quickly turned over and sat up to see who it was. Neji was standing before him with a kunai in hand, already attacking before Sasuke could realize what was going on.

He reached his hand out although he knew that that wouldn't be sufficient protection from the weapon but his head was pounding so hard he couldn't think straight. Neji stopped himself, only centimeters away from him while starring at his hand, or more specifically his finder.

Sasuke directed his own gaze there to see what he was looking at and saw a simple gold band around his ring finger. 'What?' A soft yawn came from behind him and he quickly got out of bed and turned so he stood next to the man who had just tried killing him and starred at what had just made that noise.

There in his bed laid a very naked Hinata slowly awakening from her slumber. A blush rose upon the teens face as he slowly looked over her body. 'So that's what she's been hiding under that jacket for all these years.' He thought to himself before trying to regain his composure.

He watched as she opened her eyes and froze in the middle of stretching. "Wha-?" She noticed both men starring at her and looked down. Her face turned completely red as she covered herself.

Both Neji and Sasuke turned around to give her privacy to get dressed. Sasuke noticed articled of her clothing all over the room. He mentally smiled to himself knowing that he had done that.

He rolled over so he was now on top. There were tears in her eyes but when he brought his lips down to hers she kissed back with as much force as he was giving off. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

Finally after a few minuets Hinata cleared her throat indicating she was dressed and the two men turned around. She had tears in her eyes once more and her hands were wrapped around herself. "Neji, Sasuke, what's going on?"

So this is chapter one! In this story Sasuke is 18, Hinata is 17, and Neji is 19. Naruto and Sakura are also the same age as Sasuke. Well I posted this first and then someone so gratefully told me I had been spelling Sasuke's name wrong. Talk about embarrassing! Well please review and tell me what you think!