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"Okay I get it. I'm sorry." All six of the Uchiha children were huddled around a walkie talkie, listening intently to what was being said. "That was close." All of them nodded in agreement.

They had kidnapped their god-father earlier that day and forced him to do them a favor. Wear a wire while with their father so they could see what he was really thinking. No one would even suspect Naruto of being a spy, he even wasn't allowed to go on those kinds of missions because he had such a big mouth and was known of giving away secrets.

"Look, I love my family Naruto. I'm going to do what ever it takes to get them back, even if I die trying." Aiden shook his head and turned off the walkie talkie. "I still don't trust him. I don't want him near mom."

Hinata adjusted her clothe and ran her fingers through her hair. Feeling pleased with her appearance she began to walk out the door. It was early in the morning but the house was still empty as she had readied herself for work in the hospital.

'The boys must all have missions…' She thought to herself locking the door behind her. She heard some voices coming from behind the house and decided that she had a few minuets to spare to go check out who was there and what was going on.

It was Sasuke. And their children. She hid behind the corner of the house and activated her Byakugan to see what was going on. Was it a friendly meeting or merely just a repeat of what had happened the day her husband had returned?

Taiki played with the carpet a bit, not meeting any of his brothers gazes. They all of course knew something was up because Taiki was never quiet, a trait, unfortunately to them, he had gotten from their god-father.

"What is it?" Hizashi asked in a concerned tone. Ryu just shook his head, having been silently conversing with his twin. Kakashi knew exactly what was going on although he did not have the ability to talk to anyone without opening his mouth as his two youngest brothers were able to do with each other. He was just very good at reading the signals.

Taiki just grabbed his head in frustration. "Just shut up Ryu! You feel the same exact way I do." The youngest Uchiha narrowed his eyes. "Well if you would just tell them I wouldn't be bothering you. AND not just saying this is what I think because I know you're thinking it too like always."

"Dammit! Why do I have to be the one to tell them! Why don't you open your own damn mouth and say it!" He screamed out loud at his other. Everyone looked surprised, even Kakashi raised an eye brow.

Aiden was looking away from his father as he spoke; looking like he really didn't want to say what he was about to. "We've decided… We've decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself."

Hinata had to suppress a gasp. Were her ears playing tricks on her? She watched as Sasuke's eyes narrowed on the teen. He didn't believe it either. "But first you have to pass a little test."

Ryu crossed his arms over his chest after a moment with a challenging look. His twin just sighed. Seito laughed a little, thinking it was sort of funny but only to receive a glare from Aiden.

"What do you two want to tell us?" The second eldest asked, trying to sound like a good and supportive older sibling. "We… We want a father. A real father." None of them were really surprised except for Aiden.

He was very taken aback and didn't try and hide it. "What?" Taiki looked ashamed. "I'm sorry… Ryu is too." The unspeaking boy nodded, looking just as bad his brother now. "You guys don't have anything to apologize for." Seito said matter of factly. Hizashi nodded. "We all wanted… Him back at one point or another."

"Really?" Taiki gave a large smile as his brothers nodded, except of course Aiden who had fallen into his own little world deep inside his head. "I should do get the walkie talkie from Naruto… I don't trust him with something that valuable." He gave a laugh but his twin saw right through him and followed him out the door.

"You're upset." The younger twin stated. "No." Was the one word answer, said with a mix of emotions. Mostly being surprise and frustration. "You should know better then to lie to me." Aiden said nothing as Hizashi put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I just… Don't understand." He finally said, resting his head on his twin. "Don't understand what?" Hizashi asked, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that was currently Aiden.

Everyone was staring at the eldest Uchiha boy now. No one knew that this test was going to be. Everyone was surprised he was even giving Sasuke a chance at all. 'What does he have up his sleeve?'

"How can they still want him? Love him? THEY DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HIM!" His little out burst sent chills down his twin's spine. "He left them knowing that they wouldn't have any memories with him… I guess he loved them more, huh?"

A harsh fist met with Aiden's cheek but he didn't even seem to notice. He was too deep in thought. "You don't really believe that." Tears were threatening in Hizashi's eyes and he trembled with anger.

"I do." "No! You don't." The two boys starred at each other for a long time. Identical in every way on the outside, but their insides was a completely different story. The elder boy's face showed guilt for upsetting his twin so.

"When we were their age, you told me the only thing you wanted in the world, that your dream was to have that man back at home. Don't say you don't understand because you do. They're feeling what you used to. Aiden," Hizashi was calming down, feeling horrible was blowing up like that. It wasn't normal for him to get worked up like that.

"Let them have their dream of a father. I know it's over for us, but we have four younger brothers who could really need him." There was a long pause. "I really should get that walkie talkie from Naruto…"

"You won't be forgiven unless someone actually says it and I don't want you to think otherwise." A moment of silence filled with a heated glare from the teen to his father. "You have to prove yourself to us by doing something only a father could do. If you cannot, you must leave forever. You have to make Ryu talk."

Sasuke awoke that morning to a very unpleasant sight. Kakashi's face, only two centimeters away from his own. With a scream he fell off the bed and onto his ass. His old teacher hand been standing on the ceiling for quite some time; waiting for him to awake just for the purpose that had already been demonstrated.

"Dammit, don't you have anything better to do then bug me?" Sasuke growled rubbing his sore behind. For the past few days Kakashi had found nothing better to do then bug him. Apparently Sakura had lost her fun in that department so the older man had moved on to the next best thing, who conveniently was just in the room next door to him.

The white haired man just shrugged. "World peace puts me out of the job. I wish someone would just start a war or something." The masked man pouted a bit. Sasuke just shook his head. 'Since when has there been world peace around here?'

"Kakashi, what do you want?" Sasuke finally asked, noticing that he hadn't left yet. Normally it was annoy/ scare Sasuke, laugh, maybe take a picture, and then leave. It was strange for him to stay like this.

"Seito just stopped by. He says that you are to go to the house right away. It's… An emergency."

Ryu's eyes widened. 'Why me? Why me? No! Tell them no! I don't want any part of this. Make him change it!" The youngest boy was frantic. He couldn't talk, it wasn't fair. It was going to be his fault of Sasuke was forced to leave; it was going to be his fault.

"Ryu doesn't…" Taiki tried to tell Aiden but Sasuke was already in front of the scarred boy. The older man made himself level with his son and looked straight into his eyes with a criticizing look. "You're challenge has been accepted."

Hinata had been watching what was going on with great anticipation. As soon as she heard the word, "accepted", her heart had lurched. Her body collapsed to the floor, it wasn't fair.

"No!" She came from running behind the house tears running down her face. "You horrible, horrible boy!" She yelled (which was actually very quiet because she does not have the ability to be loud) slapping her eldest son. "How could you do this to me? I finally had him back…" She sounded pathetic and depressed. She had no faith that her son would ever speak again.

Seito and his own twin pried their mother away and she was sobbing on their shoulders. Aiden was shocked to say for the least. Taiki tried to comfort him but he pushed everyone but Hizashi away.

Saske wasn't paying attention. He was still silently looking into Ryu's eyes. The boy had long ago tried to look away but Sasuke had grabbed his chin and forced his head to stay still.

"He showed you something horrible. Your worst fear." The black haired man had spoken softly, as softly as THE Sasuke Uchiha could anyways. But still, everyone around them stopped making nay noise what so ever, to listen.

"He showed me my death once. I was frozen with a fear and he almost made it come true." Ryu's lip began to tremble a little. This wasn't fair! No one understood, he just couldn't talk. To put all of his on him, he hated them.

"I was going to die that day because he looked me in the eye and that was what I saw." A bit of anger showed in his normally monotone voice. He moved his head to whisper in his son's ear. "That fear is different now. Without your mother, you, your brothers, this damned place, I already am dead."

The boy's eyes widened. Sasuke moved his head back to where it had been before. "Fear can be over come my few things. Pain, hate… and love."

Naruto shook his head from the bushes. "He sounds like a fortune cookie! I thought Sasuke was cooler then that!" "Shut up Naruto!" Ino whispered punching her husband in the head. "Yeah, we're trying to watch!" Sakura added another lump onto the blonde's head.

'Love? I love. I love mom. I love Taiki… I love the others. I love Naruto even though he's a moron and Ino… And Uncle Neji. I love. Is that all it takes?' A glimmer of hope filled the thirteen year old.

Ryu opened his mouth. His throat hurt. It felt like there was a huge strain on it, just from opening his mouth. He attempted to make a noise, any noise would do. Nothing came out. He was trying to scream but only silence came out.

He snapped his jaws closed once again and removed his head from his father's hands to look away. 'Liar.'

Sasuke could hear Hinata sobbing even harder behind him. His own heart had shattered. But he was a ninja that honored his word. "You… win." He met no ones gaze as he turned away from them.

His wife was calling to him. Could he look at her again, knowing he had just gambled her away? No, he couldn't. He was only human after all.

"He lied. He's a liar. I don't want a liar for a father anyways." Taiki didn't answer at first. "Whatever you have to tell yourself." They were all hurting. And it was his fault.

Sasuke was slowing walking away; everyone was amazed at how he could still hold his head high. There was no sign to defeat in his retreating form. But that was because they were looking at his back. For the first time in years, Sasuke was shedding tears.

Right before Naruto could intervene, something shocking happened. "And you will be called… Ryu. One day I'm going to watch you grown into a wonderful person like your mother." "Liar." It was so quiet that even with their highly skilled ninja trained ears no one was really sure if they had heard anything.

"Ryu?" Kakashi had always been an excellent observer of events and people. He had known that Ryu wouldn't have talked from the beginning. Being proved wrong blew him away.

"Look, he's smart. He already can tell a jackass and a moron apart. One day I'm gonna watch you become smarter then that lazy ass Shikamaru." "Liar." This time he had spoke a little louder. Sasuke's eyes widened and he froze.

Hinata froze as well. She hadn't heard that voice in what seemed like forever. She looked up from Seito, whom she had been crying on and was overwhelmed with happiness.

The tears kept on falling but this time they were of joy. Aiden turned to Hizashi who nodded in return. "I guess you can stay." He spoke dumbfounded. 'You truly have it in you to be their father.'

"Hinata!" Sasuke yelled searching for his wife through the flames. 'Where could she be? Dammit!' The attack on the village and been unexpected and executed perfectly. There had been no warning, no one was being spared.

Two of his grandchildren had already been victims to the attack. But no, he couldn't think of that. Sasuke only could think of finding Hinata and getting her somewhere safe.

"Hinata!" He called once more, dodging a falling wooden beam. He had already searched the Huuyga manor, the Uchiha homes, and the place where they had been living for the past 5 years.

'She isn't here.' He thought angrily, leaving the burning building that had once been the hospital. Then, as he was running through the woods, still looking for his love, it hit him. 'She's their.'

His body was aging but he was still moving the fastest he had ever gone before. When he landed at the ground he felt like he had to throw up but was too proud a man to do so.

"Hinata…" He whispered, slowly limping towards her unmoving form. She was lying on a tree stump that seemed enormous enough to be a round table that could seat about eight people.

He leaned over her, gently caressing her cheek. 'She's so cold.' He observed with a strange calmness about her. "Sa-suke…" He gave her a slight smile and held her close, setting off the exploding note hidden in her clothe. "It's okay," he whispered. "As long as we're together, it's okay."

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