By Superpower37

Disclaimers: I don't own the characters except for Josie.

Summary: What if Frank and Joe had a little sister that joined them on their cases? How would things be different?

Author's Note: This story is in AU, of course.

Chapeter1: Missing

"Frankie" Josie yelled launching herself into her brother's arms unexpectedly. Frank caught the 15 year old before she could fall.

"You're lucky that Frank caught you. If it were me, I'd let you fall" Joe Hardy snorted.

"Jee, thanks Joe. I love you sooo much" Josie said as she hopped off of Frank.

"You're welcome and I love you too" Joe said. Their mother and father walked into the room.

"Frank, Joe, Josie, there's a call for you guys on the phone" their mom said. Frank ran to the phone.

"There's another case in Boston" Frank said walking back into the room.

"What's the case" Josie asked.

"Well, a lawyer and his wife came home to find their two children gone" Frank said.

"How old were…are they" Josie asked. At that question, Joe whipped his head towards Frank.

"The oldest, Nathan is 21, and the youngest, Tracy is 19" Frank said reading off of a little paper.

"Go then" their mother said. Josie frowned.

"I thought we were going to spend some time together" she said.

"We will. Those people need you more" Laura said. Josie ran and hugged her mom.


"I promise"

"Let's go Josie" Frank said. Josie went to her room to get some clothes and books. She took her hot pink duffle bag and shoved her stuff in it. Before she left her room, she grabbed her cell phone and put it in the cell phone pocket.

"Ready Frankie" she said bouncing down the stairs. Frank sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Meet me in the car" he said.

"Okay" Josie said.

"Bye honey" Fenton and Laura said to Josie.

"Bye mommy, bye daddy" she said. They kissed her goodbye and closed the door behind her. Josie ran to the car where her brothers were anxiously waiting.

"Finally" Joe sighed as she got into the back and buckled her seat belt. As they pulled away, Frank, Joe, and Josie waved a farewell to their parents standing in the window.

"Are we going to get Iola, Chet, and Callie" Josie asked her brothers. Frank considered taking his girlfriend with him.

"I think that's a great idea" he said after a while. When they got to Callie Shaw's house, Frank went up and knocked her door.

"Frank" Callie shouted throwing her arms around Frank.

"I'm sorry that this is short notice, but do you want to come with us to Boston" Frank asked.

"Sure, I'd love to" Callie said. She went to her room, got some things, and told her parents. Frank brought her to the car a couple of minutes later. They were on the road again and headed towards Iola and Chet's house.

"I'll call Iola and ask her if she could come" Josie volunteered before Joe could say a word.

"Hello" Chet Morton said.

"Hey Chet. We were wondering if you and Iola wanted to come with on a mystery to Boston" Josie asked.

"Sure, I'll tell Iola right now and we can get our stuff ready" Chet said. Josie smiled.

"That'll be great! We'll be there in 10 minutes" she said.

"Okay! We're already packed. See you guys later" Chet said. They hung up the phone and Joe gave Josie a glare.

"I would've liked to make that call" Joe said. Josie rolled her eyes.

"Oh grow up Joe" she said. Joe sneered.

"Will you two quit it" Frank said getting fustrated.