Here with You

By Redandblack 4eva

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers. Disney does. The song isn't mine, either.

Rating: K

Ships: Wes/Jen

AN: Hi again. I was asked to do a sequel by MegGiry3003. Expect it sometime around next Friday. Easter Break is coming, so it will be easier to post. But, here is a quick little preview. (Hint: It's also a songfic. But I'm not putting the full song in the preview.)


Alone in the dark
Waiting for the sunrise
Feeling wide awake
Pretending you're there with me
Don't wanna close my eyes
Because I wanna keep believing
That we can be together
As far as I can see
I know you feel the same
Give us the chance to make it

Two months had passed since the Time Force team had left for the future. Wesley Collins and Eric Meyers were now the head of the Silver Guardians. Yet, life for the former red ranger was hard. He lost his chance to tell the one woman he loved, that he loved her. Even the letter that he wrote her didn't help his already hurt heart.

Through your eyes there's a window that goes to my heart
I can see me still loving you the rest of my life
Look inside, look inside through the window that goes to my heart

In that letter was everything that he wished that he told her. 'Jen, how I miss you,' Wes thought. His heart and head were hurting because she wasn't with him. He got off work early today.

"Hey! Wes, wait up! Where you off to?" Eric asked him, fully aware of were he was off to.

"The beach, to read the letter I wrote about two weeks ago," he said matter-a-factly.

"Chill, man. Just take care of yourself. It's not healthy to be brooding constantly," Eric said sounding concerned.

"I will, and thanks, Eric," Wes said taking off to his "spot" on the beach.

Well, here is the preview. Expect Chapter 1 of Here with You by next Thursday. Please review.

redandblack 4eva