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"Shishou, my tummy hurts!" five year old Kyo came running to Kazuma. His face was pale and he was clutching his stomach.

Kazuma looked up from his newspaper at the child.

"I'll take your temper…" Kazuma stopped mid-sentence when he put his hand on Kyo's forehead. "You're burning up!"

Kazuma, who had now gone into panic modem rushed to the phone,

"Hatori! Hatori! Something's wrong with Kyo, fix him!" Kazuma shouted, hanging up before Hatori could answer.

"Shishou, what's wrong?" Kyo stared up at Kazuma with his large, orange eyes.

"You!" Kazuma whirled around, picking him up. He rushed him to the couch and laid him down. "Don't get up, you're sick!"

"You're acting weird," Kyo laughed.

While Kazuma was running around in circles, Hatori wandered through the door with his check up case in hand. Bounding behind him was none other than… Ayame.

"Over there!" Kazuma pointed to the laughing child.

"Hey, Ha'ri, maybe it's that flu we heard about! I heard that three kids already died from it," Ayame announced dramatically.

Kazuma whirled around, "WHAT?"

"Aya… you're not helping," Hatori stated, taking Kyo's temperature.

"It's true! It's especially dangerous among the Sohma children," Ayame continued, ignoring Hatori.

"Aya," Hatori said sternly, looking down Kyo's throat.

Kazuma ran over to Kyo and picked him up, "No! I won't let you die!"

Kyo started laughing again, "Ha'ri wasn't finished, Shishou."

Hatori stood up and threw a bottle of pills at Kazuma, "Give him one of these twice a day. It looks like a cold to me."

"You're sure?" Kazuma glared at him. He handed Kyo to him and demanded, "Double check."

Hatori sighed and sat the child back down, going over the routine again. Kyo was staring at him curiously,

"Ha'ri, why is Shishou freaking out?"

Hatori smiled at the small boy, "He's worried about you. How many times have you been sick before?"
Kyo held up a clenched fist proudly, "Zero!"

"That's why," Hatori patted his orange hair.

Hatori stood again and walked to the door, "A cold… come on Aya, we're leaving."

"Do we have to?" Ayame pouted.

Hatori grabbed him by the ear, "Let's go!"

As they left, Kazuma turned to Kyo, "Well, it's a good thing we didn't panic."

Kyo: You have no life.
MrsJennKenobi394: You're just mad because I won't stop writing about your childhood.
Kyo: Get a life.
MrsJennKenobi394: Huh? What's wrong?
Kyo: This statement has been censored due to obscene language and mentions of many unheard ways to use a toothpick.