Dying, falling, screaming, hating, hurting, burning...

I can't get comfortable, every time I do something new flares up, making me twist, and turn, fighting the pain burning deep inside me. I thrash in the sheets, cursing myself, cursing my 'brilliant' mind that screwed me over. Muscles snatch tight, pulling my head back, breaking a scream from my throat. I roll, catching my legs in the sheets, kicking at them in frustration and pain. There is so much pain, everywhere. It spreads from my arm, and my leg, spiraling up into my body like poison. It claws through my nerves, setting them alight.

I scream, and scream again, but that doesn't relieve the pain. It forces it in deeper, thrashing into my limbs, beating against my skin. Gasping, choking on saliva, and blood from my chewed mouth I retch, soiling my sheets further. Already they are covered in sweat, saliva, and blood. The contracting muscles start their own spasms, and I scream again, struggling madly in my sheets harder, kicking at them to stop the burning. Tears streak my cheeks, mingling with sweat as I fight against the pain, and lose steadily. My vision sparks, flashes dash across it.

Failing, tripping, cursing, loathing, agony, blazing...

My vision flashes in time to my thundering pulse, which threatens to beat my heart from my chest. My legs, and arms spasm angrily, clenching the flaring muscles. My back snatches at me, jerking me over, onto the source of pain. I wail hoarsely, arching away from the swirling source. More poisoned pain spirals through me, attacking every inch, tearing at every fiber. Jerking, screaming, jumping, I try to escape the forever beating pain. It taps a taboo with my pulse, beating a prayer to stop the circle of pain in me. There is no escape, and no prayer can ever save me from this.

Cold hands grab me, forcing the thrashings down, and calling loudly above my hoarse voice. Hand too large for anything, for anyone. I continue, unable to stop screaming, and trying to break away from the hands that hold me. I hear the voice calling for me, calling for me to calm down, to be calm. I scream again, and my back twists. The voice keeps calling to me, yelling for me to calm down. Just calm down. Just calm... something cool slips into my arm, something cold travels down me, numbing everything slowly. I lay still, gasping as everything slips away.

Succeeding, standing, praising, loving, solace, numb