Chapter 22
Plotting and The Grand Tour

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I watched Harry take a deep breath and look considering for a moment.

"Well, Ron.'' Harry began. ''You see, it's like this."

I leaned forward to listen to Harry's explanation hoping that it would shed some light on the situation and maybe prove me wrong. "Earlier in the semester I noticed that Ginny kept disappearing. I never really thought anything of it because I trust Gin completely. I know that she would never cheat on me, so it was no big deal." I nodded, understanding that Harry would never suspect Ginny of something like that. "One day though, my curiosity got the better of me so I got the invisibility cloak and followed her. She came here," He waved his hand to encompass the room. "To the Room of Requirement. I barely slipped in behind her before the door closed. I was shocked when I realized that there was another person in the room." My eyes widened at this and I became worried that Harry was about to tell me that my sister was meeting up with Malfoy too, or something even worse.

"It was Hermione." He sighed out as though even the thought hurt him. "She was crying. Sobbing actually." He rubbed the heel of his hand over the center of his chest. "I had never seen her so upset. It nearly killed me, Ron." I could understand that. We both loved Hermione very much and hated to see her hurt. "I knew that I couldn't comfort her without revealing the fact that I had been following Ginny. I figured that it would be a damn bad idea to incure the wrath of both of those Gryffindor women." He cracked a grin when he noticed my sympathetic wince. "I wanted nothing more than to wrap her in my arms and make it all better, but I curbed the desire in order to find out what the problem was. I figured maybe I could fix it in a round about way without her ever knowing." I nodded. That would have most likely been my line of thought as well.

"I listened as she poured her heart out to Ginny. It nearly broke me to listen to it, Ron. She told Ginny that she knew that this was all supposed to be simple revenge. She told Ginny how she had gotten to know Malfoy over the first few weeks and had realized some things about him. She said that he was a genuinely nice person who just was led in the wrong direction." He took off hiss glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose, and then replaced them. "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean, this was Hermione and she was saying all of these nice things about Malfoy. She said that they had become friends." I couldn't believe what I was hearing either.

"Hermione explained how after a while, she started having romantic feelings for him. She thanked Ginny for lending her a shoulder back then. Apparently she had been torn up about her growing feelings because she thought that it was wrong and we would hate her for it."

At this statement I felt ashamed. I had been angry when I had seen them. I had wanted to murder Malfoy and shake Hermione until her sense returned. Apparently Harry knew what I was thinking because he nodded sympathetically.

He cleared his throat and continued. "The entire time she was sobbing and Ginny was trying to find out what had happened to cause it. She kept asking if Malfoy had done something but Hermione kept shaking her head and trying to explain." Now, I knew that Harry had me. I needed to know what had happened. "Finally she said that she was in love with him." My eyes widened at this and I felt certain that they would pop out of my head. "She said that she felt guilty that she was lying to him. She cried about how he would never forgive her. She said that she had no idea how it had happened but that one day she just realized that she was in love with him. She said how he was always so sweet to her and how they had so much in common." I had no idea how the two of them could have anything in common.

"Hermione said that she was so in love with him, but that she hated seeing the love in his eyes because he wasn't in love with her. He was in love with Mya Jones. She told Ginny that she didn't know what to do. On the one hand she knew that she couldn't keep living a lie, but she didn't want to tell him either because she knew that it would end things between them. She said he might be able to get past the fact that she was who she is but that he would never forgive her for lying to him for so long."

For some unexplainable reason my heart was breaking for Hermione. I hated Malfoy but I didn't want Hermione to be hurt.

"I figured that I would be happy if things ended and they went back to hating each other. When she said that, Ron, I wnated nothing more than for him to forgive her when she told him. I can't stand Malfoy. You, of all people, know that, but I want Mione to be happy. I would have thought that she was under the influence of some love potion or something if I hadn't heard it from her myself. I saw her eyes though, Ron. She loves him. She honestly and truly loves him and it will break her heart if he can't see just how wonderful she is after all of this is revealed. I wish I knew what to do to make this better for her." I nodded. I understood that completely.

"Anyways... Ginny comforted her and they eventually left. I satyed in here trying to think of some way to fix this. To at least let her know that I supported her no matter what because she's my best friend. Finally I came up with a plan." This caught my interest.

"I struck a truce with Malfoy during the last Hogsmeade weekend." I stood up out of the chair at that.

"WHAT?!" I couldn't believe that Harry would do such a thing. I wanted to make Hermione feel better to, but I was thinking more along the lines of making her forget Malfoy after this was over NOT encouraging it.

Harry nodded. " I know but I wanted to do something to support Mione. I proposed the truce during the carriage ride. He accepted, Ron." At this statement I stopped my pacing and just stared at my best friend. "He told me that he needed a little help with something. He told me about Nott's attempted rape of Mione before the Halloween Ball." My hands curled into fists as my friend reminded me of my hatred for the boy who had tried to hurt Hermione like that. "He had promised Nott that he would get revenge for it. However, he told me that Nott would have an eye out for Malfoy or other Slytherins. He said that Nott would be expecting something Slytherin in retaliation. He would never be expecting me to get him for it. I mean, who would expect that Malfoy and I would join forces over something like this?"

I sat down in the chair and began to think it out. It made perfect sense. No one would expect Harry to beat the hell out of Nott for attacking Mya Jones. "Good plan." I admitted, grudgingly.

"So." Harry leaned forward and his eyes were glowing. "Wanna help?"

I smiled and leaned forward as well.

(Hermione's P.O.V.)

Blaise walked beside me up to the common room. I whispered the password and we went into Draco and my sanctuary. He smiled and looked around.

"So, this is it." I led him to the left. "The kitchenette is right through here. It's fully stocked so if you want to eat here instead of going to the Great Hall you can." He nodded. "The liquor cabinet is uder the bar and has Draco and my favorites. If you want a different kind you simply have to close the door to the cabinet and say what kind you want." He grinned at that revelation.

I walked to a door on the right beside the fireplace. "In here is the library." He followed me through the door and laughed out loud at all of the books. "Doubt you'll be spending any time in there over the break, but who knows. It's my favorite place."

Next I walked over to the door beside the kitchen. "This is the gym." I pushed the door open and let him walk in front of me. "It's fully loaded with wizarding and muggle machinery." He looked like any typical guy at that moment. He walked from machine to machine, running his hands over them and looking like he had just been given the world and a platter. I laughed at his expression which was one of sheer joy.

I led him from the gym and to the staircase. "The bathroom is the door in the middle. Just make sure to lock it when you're in there. I don't think you want me to walk in on you." He laughed at that.

"So," I said as we walked down the staircase and I ended in the middle of the common room. "That's basically all of it." I made a sweeping gesture with my arm. "What do you think?"

I watched as Blaise plopped down onto the couch and threw both of his arms over the back of it. It brought Draco to mind and that immediately brought a smile to my face. Shaking throughts of Draco away I walked over and sat down next to him. He turned as soon as the couch cushion dipped down with my weight. His arm fell off of the back of the couch and wrapped companionably around my shoulders.

The bold move shocked me coming from him. I instinctively knew that my eyes were wide when he turned that overly charming grin on me. He tightened his arm around my shoulders effectively pulling me in closer to his side.

"So, roomie, think that we're gonna have a good time over hols?" He asked, the grin never leaving his handsome face.

I could not help but return the grin. "Honestly, Blaise," I said as I nudged him with my shoulder, "I think that we're going to have an absolute blast."

I slapped my hand down on his thigh to get his attention. "So, whatcha wanna do?"

He thought about for a second before answering. "Well, we could always go down into the village. Since we're seventh years and it's hols the Professors can't say anything. Sound good?"

"Sure. Just give me a minute to get changed." I jumped up and ran up to my dormitory.

Shutting the door I hurried over and opened my armoire. I quickly sifted through the outfits in there and chose a pair of holey jeans and a nice, worn-in sweatshirt. I hopped out the door, pulling on my boots.

At the noise I was making Blaise looked up and began laughing. I couldn't blame him though. I was sure that I looked like an idiot hopping down the stairs on one foot while pulling on my fuzzy boots.

I grabbed my scarf from the back of the couch and wrapped it around my neck as Blaise and I headed out of the portrait hole.

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