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It was snowing outside, the beautiful white covered the house and the trees making it the most beautiful sight anyone could ask for in such a cold winter.But that wasn't nothing compared to the fire that came from the couple inside the cold snow-covered house...

He pressed her against the nearest wall and she let out a moan almost like a little scream that only made him get harder.He kissed hungrily ,almost hurting her already swollen lips.He took off his blouse while she tried desesperatly to take off hers, which he was more than glad to help.He led her to the bed kissing her gently.

His lips worked the way towards her nude breasts.The weather was cold but the room was suddenly hot.He massaged her breasts and heard her moan his name.He stopped to look into her violet eyes for a moment.They were full with passion, desire and lust, he wondered if he was really seeing her eyes or just a reflection of his.But his doubt was soon answered...

"Eriol...don't stop..."he continued his way down, trailling kisses on her belly and quickly undoing her pants.To his surprise she pushed him, staying on top.He smirked , she grinned.

She kissed him passionately, her hands travelling his body,getting to know him better, her lips started kissing him hungrily anywhere she could reach, his neck, his collarbone, his chest.She could hear him moan her name and it only increased the pleasure and he excitment.God, she wanted him so bad.

But he was tired of waiting for her and knocked her down on the bed again.The bulge on his pants was getting bigger and extremely uncomfortable in his thight pants.He was having quite a hard time undoing his belt but he didn't have to worry for much longer, because Tomoyo undid his belt for him, pulling him against her.

Eriol got rid of the last pieces of clothing there was still stopping them and took a moment to look at her in her full naked glory.She grinned at him , he kissed her passionately and sucked her breasts, and lost in the feeling he knew he couldn't wait any longer , Tomyo ,like reading his mind, spread her legs welcoming him.In a very fast movement e entered her.

"Eriol...fast...please"she said panting.He did as she asked.

He moaned her name, she was so tight around him, the faster he went the more he wanted her.His movements were desesperate and rushed, he didn't want to hurt her, but he couldn't help it...he wanted moe, and more.

"ah...Eriol...faster..."- he looked at her and obeyed , his lips crushing into hers, she moaned in his mouth and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold it for much longer.Her hands all over his body, his hands on her breasts, the tightness around him, he was going to burst.

She watched him , his every move...he looked absolutely beautiful , his face flushed, his blue eyes wide and bluer than ever, his mouth parted open panting, his hair...everything about him was perfect.But she shut her eyes suddenly feelong a wave of pleasure coming, he must it felt it too , because his movements inside her were getting faster, deeper, they were near the end.

The moans got louder and louder until one last long moan they both came...Eriol kissed her passionately , she smiled at him , looking incredibly tired.

"Did I hurt you?"-he asked as he rolled off her and caressed her face.

"No..."she said softly cuddling with him.He always made sure she was all right...she loved that about him.She loved everything about him.But he would never know."Where is Miss Mizuki?"she asked painfully.Sometimes she wondered if she liked to suffer.

He looked at her , but she wasn't looking at him...the both were trying to hide the many feelings that somehow , sometimes appeared in their eyes.

"She is back in England...don't know exactly why though."he said, trying to hide the fact that she was actually making arrangements to their wedding.

"You don't have to lie to me Eriol.When we first agreed to do this I said that I would accept your life with your beloved Kaho."she said, a little angry, looking at him.

"I know...I am sorry."he said and kissed her.He had forgotten about their agreement...it had been so long ago...


He rolled off her, now realizing what he had done...the first fight he had with Kaho in 12 years and he was already cheating on her, again.He looked a the raven haired goddess on his side.She stretched in a very sexy way and smiled at him.

"Do you regret what we just did?"she asked casually.He wondered for a second...only a tyny second.

"No..."he said staring at the ceiling.He couldn't help it.He first had revenge sex with Tomoyo for the fight he had with Kaho...and she only did it with him to forget Sakura and her upcoming wedding.But something about her was addicting...like a drug.He wanted more each and every time...he was completely lost in her.

" But...she came back...do you want to continue this?"she asked , her face on his chest listening his heartbeat.Her body so close to his...

"Yes..." that was definely his death sentence but he didn't care, at least if he created a limit..."With one condition...if one of us falls in love wih each other...we will immediatly end this.Because...I won't leave her."He looked at the pair of clear violet eyes intensily staring at him, wondering, questioning and finally , thankfully accepting.

"Ok..."and that was all they said before he kissed her and the hormones started kicking again.

End of Flashback

But back then they had no idea were this would lead them.He never thought that he would look foward to be with Tomoyo more than he would look forward to his own wedding.Actually the ring in his finger was starting to feel like a rope on his neck.Two years passed since they started heir thing and he didn't know exactly what it was but he had developed feelings for Tomoyo.

But how could he figure out if he had feelings for her or if was just sex?He could never know, and with his wedding in three months , he was definetly screwed.

"I know you are getting married soon Eriol..."she said not looking at him again"What is going to happen to us...to this, then?"To us...it felt like a couple talk...that was bad, really, really bad.He moved her so he could stare into her eyes.She looked down, staring a anything but his eyes.He lifted her chin with his index finger and he felt her shiver.He smiled.How could he end this?It was the most happy moment in his week.Their secret meeting made his hard working , studying , putting up with Kaho week much easier...how could he ever end this?

"I have no idea...But it is too soon to think...Let's enjoy while we can." he said and kissed her.

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